C286 The Secret of the Game

As if sensing something, the originally motionless chessboard suddenly trembled, then slowly rose. Lo Ya immediately spread out the wings on her back and flew into the air.

But a gentle wave of energy pressed down from above and made her return to the position of chess.

“Looks like escaping is impossible.” Lo Ya confirmed this point and decided to deal with this damn game of chess.

All the chess pieces were placed in the corresponding red opening area. This was a different starting point. It could be seen that above the entire water area, there was a circle of more than 200 square squares that allowed the chess pieces to pass. Some of the squares were painted with flames, some with thunderbolts. There were also some with strange patterns.

There were a total of ten starting areas, which meant that there were ten pieces of chess. Each chess piece had a difference of 20 squares, so there were actually a total of 210 empty spaces that could be walked. However, after circling around a round of Aeroplane Chess, The chess pieces had to change directions and head towards the grids in the center of the map.

“The so-called failure is that the chess piece was destroyed on the road. Or the first one to reach the finish line. We’ve played this game before, no matter how many dice you throw, The other chess pieces can only walk at 2 steps, just enough to reach the empty seat without punishment.”

As Crystal Dragon God explained, the eyes of one of the chess pieces lit up with a red light. The corresponding dice jumped a few times on the spot, turned to the 2 position, and moved forward 2 squares.

Next was the second, the third…

The last 10 was Lo Ya’s turn.

“Oh, does this all depend on luck? There are so many punishment items…”

Looking at the dense and terrifying patterns, she felt that unless she had an eruption of European Qi, she would not be able to win.

She casually threw it away.

4 points.


For some reason, the entire tower trembled.

In the next moment, the top of the tower suddenly opened up, and the game venue actually slowly rose up to an unknown number of kilometers in the sky, until one could vaguely see the giant pillar that supported the world.

“In the game, unless it is a punishment death, the creatures in the world will not die”

In her eyes, the giant suddenly took two steps forward.

The originally dense fog actually became much lighter, allowing Lo Ya to see the indomitable spirit. It was a terrifying figure that could be called a myth. That step of his was probably tens of thousands of kilometers away, and the staff in his hand did not seem to be affected by inertia. He also moved forward with his arm.

One, two, three, four…

Lo Ya glanced at the chessboard and found that she was walking on a grid painted with black fog.


A card popped out from a small crack on the side.

[Death’s Abyss: Answer the question and give the correct answer, 100 game coins.] If the answer fails, 100 game coins will be deducted, or you will be punished by the Abyss, the game is over. ]

[Question: How many pairs of DNA do humans have? 】

Lo Ya,… “”

This kind of question.

“Twenty-three pairs.” Almost without thinking.


All the Gods looked at her in surprise.

First of all, it was confirmed that this world did not have the biochemistry and chemistry of the previous world, so basically no one could answer this kind of question.

Yes, the people of this world didn’t even know what genes were.

Perhaps only Lo Ya could know the answer.

Other chess pieces.

Very quickly, it was Lo Ya’s turn again. She casually tossed it.

Three o’clock.

Then, the giant and the chessboard moved forward at the same time and landed on an arrowhead.

The card popped out.

Forward 20 grids.

Perhaps they were too lucky, the Gods all smiled.

The giant started to walk forward step by step, and it looked like it was going to bump into the giant in front of it.

Then it raised its staff, and a ray of light suddenly shot out from its eyes, shattering the distant target from far away.

“If it’s surpassed, does that mean it’s destroyed?”

Endless fog, desolate heaven and earth, the scene created by this ray of light in the distance could be said to be the creation of heaven and earth. However, because it was too far away, after a long time, a low rumbling sound could be heard.

The giant continued forward, and only stopped after killing the second giant.

[Obtained Meteor Shower Card.] 】

[Meteor Shower: Determine a chess piece and slowly destroy it with a fireball.] 】

“Meteor Shower?” Lo Ya pondered for a few seconds and felt that there was a strange problem.

She remembered that when she played the simulation of the city, the first thing she did was to build the city. The second thing she did was to activate God Mode and create all kinds of disasters. She observed the suffering and struggles of countless creatures in the city and enjoyed walking towards extinction.

If there was such a game, the world that was created would become real life. Disaster could also be created. While creating disasters, the players would descend upon the world. Observing the emotions of these people, communicating with the indigenous people in the form of a god, It would definitely be very interesting.

However, there was a very strange problem here. Crystal Dragon God had told her before that she did not know how she became a god.

The Gods did not know why she was a God. This was a contradiction between playing games and becoming a God.

“So annoying. I keep feeling like I fell into a pit.”

Lo Ya looked at these Gods and felt that there was a strange plot in them.

After that… Keep throwing.

The same question was whether there were fire elements in the world.

Lo Ya originally wanted to choose yes, but she suddenly felt that this element was referring to the elements on the periodic table, and not the Magic elements, so she chose no. ”

” Do you choose or not? ” The God of the Game glared at her.

But what surprised these Gods was that the answer was correct.

“As expected, this is a technological issue” Lo Ya nodded secretly.

The following problems also came. It was all a little absurd.

For example, what was the mass of static light?

Needless to say, it was definitely 0.

Another example: What is the number of elements the carbon that constitutes the human body?

This question stunned all the Gods present, because in their understanding, the basic elements of matter did not have carbon.

However, Lo Ya filled in the correct answer: Number 6.

Just like that, unknowingly, the chess piece came to the end and announced victory.

“Little guy, how many things did you hide from us? Why do you know all of this?” Crystal Dragon God carried Lo Ya up.

“This is common sense.” Lo Ya said.

“Common sense that even God doesn’t know?”

Lo Ya exhaled. How should she explain the things on Earth?

There was something wrong with this distorted world knowing about these technological situations.

At this moment, a projection suddenly appeared in the sky above the chessboard. Inside the projection was a space similar to a laboratory.

A man in a white coat sat on a chair and faced Lo Ya.

The other party spoke.

“First of all, congratulations to you, the genius who was distorted by the world. In this world where the laws were destroyed. You have discovered the true laws of this universe. As the victor, you have the opportunity to know some of the secrets of this world. This is your privilege ”

The language that entered her ears was automatically translated into the common language of the world that Lo Ya was familiar with.

Step Into A Different WORLD!

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