C279 The Old Man Who Died

Lo Ya did not answer him. The purpose of this trip was to get rid of a large group of experts in the empire so that the insect swarm would not be hindered for a short period of time.

The old man stood opposite of Lo Ya. A black light suddenly flashed in his eyes. After which, a crack appeared in the air and a bone dragon flew out.

Red Dragon of the Undead, LV64, Extraordinary.

With the characteristics of the Undead race and the Dragon race, the blue flames in his eyes were many times stronger than the Undead Insect, so much so that it covered an area of a thousand meters in gloominess.

“I was fortunate enough to discover a dragon bone in my early years. I sent it into the mountain range at the end and refined it into an Undead creature. Don’t look at its small size. It is also a very troublesome opponent among the Super Common Class.”

The black energy in his eyes still did not retreat. A staff appeared in the old man’s hands. The tip of the staff was inlaid with a pitch-black gem.


With a buzzing sound, the bottom of the staff hit the ground. The bone dragon received the order. It flapped its wings and flew towards Lo Ya.


Black dragon breath spewed out from its mouth. It contained a terrifying high temperature. It was the Fire Magic that the red dragon was good at when it was alive.

Ice Wall!

Lo Ya’s response was also very simple. The ultra-Mortal Ice Wall that had been raised to Fifth Grade was especially thick by a few inches.

The earth trembled, and only the sound of intense vibrations could be heard by her ears. The ice wall quickly melted in a single breath. It was only when the bone dragon’s body crashed into it that it broke apart inch by inch.

“So powerful.”

The dragon race was not only formidable in terms of Magic, their physical Strength was also extremely powerful. Moreover, the monster in front of her was at level 64. Lo Ya did not dare to be careless. She decided that this battle would only release Fifth Grade skills.

“Lightning Storm!”

Every bolt of lightning in the luxurious version of Lightning Storm was as thick as a house. The tornado was compressed to a diameter of 10 meters and did not even leak out.

Of course, even if it did not leak out, the surrounding wind would naturally blow at a speed of nearly 100 meters per hour. The clouds instantly covered the sky. Countless ice blades and lightning mixed together, causing the bone dragon to howl in pain.

“This strike is a mixed Magic.”

Lo Ya looked at the bone dragon that could not even attack and felt very satisfied in her heart.

A battle like this was truly too easy. Five spiritual power was enough to release a Fifth Grade Magic once. It could also increase the strength of the ___ by increasing its consumption. Her attributes were already several hundred. If she released them all at once… How terrifying would that be?

“What a monster”

The old man and the surrounding spectators all sucked in a breath of cold air. In the end, they accidentally swallowed a piece of ice and immediately spat it out.

“Looks like I have to show some real skills to test my dark domain.”

The name of the skill could be used to increase the level of pretentiousness.

With a burst of colorful light from the staff, everything within 500 meters of the staff instantly fell into darkness. A black hole-like ball appeared, emitting a powerful gravitational force.

Of course, this thing couldn’t be a real black hole.

Lo Ya thought for a while and said, “Holy Light Domain.”

She used the Sacred Magic to imitate the opponent using the same move.

And it was two in one go.

One. It collided with the dark domain, frantically releasing holy energy. The other appeared in front of the old man.


The old man’s miserable scream was instantly swallowed by the sound of the surging energy.

Lo Ya did not hesitate and turned around to escape.


The Fifth Grade Magic shields that were thrown behind her barely managed to block the impact. When she turned around to look, she realized that the scene was a complete mess.

The old man… died!

“That was too fast, wasn’t it?”

Lo Ya seemed to have realized how strong she was.

Shi Shihua was to transform oneself into a higher level Epic creature. Most Epic creatures were focused on the evolution of their physical body, so it was impossible for them to have high intelligence. It was also impossible for them to grasp complicated Magic. Hence, Lo Ya could be said to be a complete variable.

Of course, Lo Ya would definitely lose if she went head to head with the real Epic creature. It was her fault that she could not be considered a true Epic creature. It was just that she had reached this level in some aspects.

“It seems that they have pretty much been dealt with. Even if there are a few extraordinary experts left, they are nothing to worry about.”

Lo Ya felt that after this time, the enemy did not dare to send experts to probe blindly.

She did not know what the Empire would do next. Anyway, Lo Ya could leave the front line in peace and return on a boat.

Of course, she felt that the fastest way was to ride the Wind God Winged Dragon.

They would get a few boats every few hundred kilometers on the sea. The Wind God Winged Insect would fly for a distance and rest on the boat. They would also eat some food to replenish their energy. This way, they might not need a day to return to the other side of the continent.

She felt that this method was very good, so she found a dragon and boarded it.

There was a patrol fleet of Insect Girl Clan on the sea, so they could set sail immediately.

A day and a half later, Lo Ya had already returned to the leader’s place of birth.

The Wind God Winged Insect’s flying speed had increased compared to before, and this distance could be said to be very easy.

Spreading her wings, Lo Ya began to slowly descend.

There were two black dragons flying in the distance. After seeing Lo Ya, the dragon nodded its head twice as a greeting.

Yes, because of the extraordinary aura, these dragons who did not have the extraordinary aura expressed their respect when they saw her.

This was the natural world, where the strong were respected. Even Lo Ya, this Small, could be worshipped by the high and mighty dragon race.

When it landed on the ground, it naturally fell into a circle surrounded by Little Insect Girl.

Everyone blinked their big cute eyes and squeezed towards Lo Ya. Their small faces were full of reliance.

Most of the young Little Insect Girl was still searching for food in the forest. The ones left behind were those who liked to roast meat. There were a total of six of them.

Lo Ya was really afraid that these guys would only know how to roast meat every day and end up roasting herself silly.

In her mind, she could not help but recall a certain Little Insect Girl’s expression when she placed her tail on the fire to roast. In the end, it made her cry in pain.


That kind of thing shouldn’t happen often.

Lo Ya lifted two of them and hugged them together. She prepared to bring these dirty little things to the nearby river to take a bath.

The new baby would not experience the initial difficulty of the tribe. Although they were all mini now, However, when they were playing in the forest or rushing on their way, the grey wolf hounds and the like would have to take a detour when they saw them. Whoever was a predator, who was a predator, and who was a predator, it was clear.


Jumping into the water, the little westerns habitually began to fish underwater.

Here, everyone had upgraded their skin outside the respiratory system and could now survive in the water.

In fact, after becoming Epic life form, they could rely on the energy within their bodies to maintain their vitality. They did not need to rely on the respiratory system at all.

Hence, the respiratory organs now were only auxiliary to Insect Girl.

“I keep feeling that the era of space is approaching.”

A little Little Insect Girl bit Lo Ya’s tail.

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