C278 Super Strong Solo Challenge

The commander immediately felt the terror of the icicle.

It was a whole level higher. He had clearly entered the Extraordinary Level for two whole years, but he had never thought that there would be such a terrifying expert in this world.

It was just an icicle.

“Run!” He hurriedly shouted at his adjutant.

He had already unleashed his trump card. On one hand, he had condensed an Ice Magic Shield that was covered in Strength all over his body.

“My luck is pretty good. Ice versus ice. It allows me to know the difference between me and an extraordinary expert!” Lo Ya was a little happy in her heart.

It was impossible for her to not retreat in a direct confrontation with an extraordinary person in the past.

The moment the icicle touched the shield, a majestic energy burst out from one point.


Hearing the commander’s roar, the adjutant, who was fleeing with all his might, had already rushed out of the room. His strength was not weak either. With the eruption of the Space Level Combat Power, his feet were like a nozzle that was installed on them, instantly leaving the room by 50 meters.

However, in that instant, the fluctuation of the explosion still instantly broke through the room and bombarded his body.

The flowers and plants on the ground were covered with cold air. He was knocked dozens of meters away by the shockwave. The low temperature became extremely bone-piercing when the wind blew. Even his skin was covered with a layer of frost.


The adjutant roared in pain.

Although all the combat power in his body was concentrated on his back, the instant pain still made him lose his mind.

What was even more terrifying was that the residual waves that spread out from the center of the battlefield did not weaken. Instead, they instantly strengthened in a short two seconds.

Lo Ya released the energy within the icicle and caused an explosion.

The commander used Transcendent combat power and expanded the ice shield to be half a meter thick. This was a Fourth Grade skill. It could not be measured by its appearance.

However, the double protection was incredibly weak against Lo Ya’s Fifth Grade ice cones.

His body was sent flying. The moment he landed on the ground, he felt that Lo Ya still held back.

How could Little Insect Girl’s tiny body explode with such a powerful Strength?

Buzz ~ ~

Lo Ya spread her hands and transformed her legs. She held a shrunken version of the steel knife in her hands and rushed out.

After Shi Shi Hua, she already had the foundation of a Dou Technique, so her close combat ability had also increased greatly. This time, she found an opponent to test her own combat strength.

The commander immediately stood up, endured the pain, and kicked the weapon under his feet.

The weapons of both sides collided in midair.


The cold wind did not stop, the sharp blades flashed with a fiery light in the air.

A huge Strength came from his hand. Before he could feel anything, Lo Ya’s second blade came from another direction.

“So fast!”

It was so fast that he had to fight with all his strength.

The weapons kept colliding in midair, and every time they collided, the aftershocks would form a circle of ice fog around them. Both sides were fighting in the ice and snow created by the ice skill, causing the adjutant on the ground to stare in a daze.

“So that’s how it is. You’re much stronger in terms of technique than me.”

Lo Ya seemed to have understood something. The reason why she was able to fight back and forth with the other party was because her Strength was bigger and faster. But the commander used a relatively simple method to easily resolve her advantage.

“Explosive Sword Strike!”

The man in front of him silently chanted, and the weapon in his hand suddenly accelerated, shooting out a star-like stream of light, and crashed into the blade that Lo Ya chopped down.

Clank –

Under the tremendous force, she had no choice but to retreat dozens of steps.


The illusion was activated.

A circle of Lo Ya surrounded the other party.

Transcendents could clearly sense the falsehood within, but due to the suppression of their realms, he was unable to clearly distinguish it.

Ten Lo Ya attacked at the same time.

“Spinning sword.”

They could only use an area-of-effect attack.

Lo Ya narrowed her eyes and raised her weapon high into the sky.

Explosive Sword Strike!


Seeing that the other party was using the move that he had painstakingly researched, the commanding officer was instantly shocked and his speed increased.


After the explosion, Lo Ya somersaulted backwards and landed on the ground, both her legs firmly standing on the ground.

Her feet had already caved in one after another from the impact of the energy from both sides. The surrounding 300 meters were covered with ice. The cold fog drifted in the air, and there were even small pieces of ice within.

When the smoke dispersed, the target had already fallen to the ground.

“Shi Shihua is really amazing, to be able to easily learn martial skills.”

Because she could see through the energy operation of the target at a glance, Lo Ya’s battle became exceptionally easy.

She directly ignored the adjutant not far away and turned around to run to her next target.

Due to the instructions of the Wind God Winged Insect in the sky, this process was not difficult.

The adjutant stood up in a daze and discovered that many people around the camp were also shocked.

Yes, this was a mighty one from the Insect Girl Clan. He had easily entered the enemy camp and killed the Transcendents in a short period of time before leaving in a calm manner.

Could this be considered as taking the enemy’s head among ten thousand troops?

“Quick, report back. Damn it, the enemy has a peerless expert!”

A few hours later, at the headquarters of the Southern Frontline.

The marshal looked at the report in front of the table with a cold expression.

“The enemy only sent one person to kill all four of our legion commanders and nine Transcendent supervisors? In less than half a day? ”

“Yes.” The officials below spoke with a heavy voice.

“Do you think that the opponent is an epic creature that is several kilometers in size?”

The people below could not refute this.

In fact, the marshal knew that even he could not finish off so many powerful opponents in such a short period of time.

From the reports of some soldiers, the battle took a very short period of time. All within a minute. The opponent had used several types of Magic abilities, and could also use battle skills. Moreover, he had retained a large portion of his strength. Otherwise, he might have been able to kill Extraordinaires in an instant.

“Looks like it’s not enough to just let the young military officers go on stage. The Extraordinaires of the older generation should also go out and meet these bugs.”

An old man sitting in the corner chuckled and looked out the door thoughtfully.

Only then did he realize that a cute girl that was only over 30 centimeters tall had walked in from outside the door.

“Okay, one on one.”

It was Lo Ya.

Little cutie did not have the demeanor of a strong person. She only had beauty and cuteness.

It was precisely because of this that the enemies found it even harder to accept.

“Your Excellency, let me handle this battle.” The old man stood up unhurriedly. His tone seemed to be pleading, but in reality, he was giving orders.

“Please. ” The marshal nodded.

Lo Ya followed him to the square near the military camp.

“To be honest, I don’t know much about your race. I don’t even know much about your higher-ups.”

Lo Ya curled her lips and thought, Little Insect Girl and the rest have been playing around all day. You can see ghosts.

There were only three little fellows who were in charge now, namely Lo Ya, Lo Xin and Chiang Ya.

Although Lo Yu was very stupid, she was old after all, so she started to be more obedient and help out a little. As usual, Lo Lo did not understand anything and always helped.

Other adults like Lo Yin, Lo Wen, Lo Lee and Lo Bing could actually help out a little, but Lo Ya was not at ease.

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