C276 Poetic and Controllable Evolution

On September 4th, Insect Girl’s main force, the B legion corps, was the fastest to attack, and they were approaching 50 kilometers south of the Holy City.

The A legion corps faced enemies from many directions, and they were in a stalemate. The C legion corps’ attack was a setback.

The result of this battle was actually within Lo Ya’s estimation. She followed the battle pattern at the scene. From the B legion corps, there was a 100,000-bug legion advancing from the southwest to the east. Go! Support. C legion corps group. At the same time, the rear urgently mobilized 500 charging bugs, accompanied by the B legion corps. They broke through the enemy troops guarding the south of the Holy City and headed west. Support the A legion corps.

The enemy forces were too large, and it was very difficult for the Insect Girl Clan to take them down. Moreover, if they were not careful, they would be killed by the enemy’s exaggerated numbers. Hence, Lo Ya’s plan had always been to destroy the enemy’s Life Strength.

From the start of the war until now, the Empire had not produced any troops that surrendered. Hence, Lo Ya did not expect the enemy to be as easy to fight as other countries.

She did not pay attention to the details of the war anymore. She only looked at the number of people left in the main battlefield and how many kilometers they had occupied.

In the details, there was the command of Brain Insect, and Lo Ya’s own task was to make as many insects that did not go to the front line eat as possible to increase the military strength.

The current war was on the scale of hundreds of thousands. Lo Ya could no longer feel the reluctance of hundreds of insects when she fought with Gaeta Insect Swarm.

“Speaking of which, most of the territory of the Empire has not been seized. It is too urgent to directly attack the capital.”

Lo Ya’s gaze was shared with the fleet that had already docked. At this moment, Nearly three battleships, 25 frigate, and 90 level 1 to 3 Battleship Insect. They would lead 350,000 insects on ordinary transport ships to land on the northeastern coast of the Empire’s mainland.

This landing general would directly face the enemy’s emergency defense line that had been set up for several months.

Of course, because the main force moved south, the Empire’s forces that would be facing this landing battle would not be too strong. This meant that the disembarkation itself would be relatively easy.

Lo Ya would immediately send a batch of new bugs to attack the Eastern Continent after landing, which would ignite the flames of war within the Empire.

This would be a protracted war.

The troops attacking the Holy City would immediately retreat after destroying a large group of Empire soldiers, continuing to consume the enemy troops on this side.

Using time to exchange for their own strength was Lo Ya’s true goal.

As time passed, the Insect Girl Clan’s military expansion would only become faster and faster. Even if it was ten million insects, it would only be a matter of time.

Currently, Lo Ya was more concerned about the high-end Strength.

On the one hand, the Empire’s battlefield was filled with the appearance of super class experts. Every time they walked one round into the swarm, they would sweep them away.

On the other hand, Fresnel Forest was also facing more threats from the Extraordinary Magical Beasts.

Many of the Devil Beast Lord in the depths of the forest had also realized the terror of the Insect Girl Clan. They began to work together in an attempt to resist the invasion of the swarm.

In order to reduce their losses, Lo Ya had no choice but to slow down the attack speed of this place and started to purely consume the living creatures in the territory.

The recent levels of the young Little Insect Girl had also reached level 40 and above. It might not take long for the entire territory to have 30 or more super class cuties.

These cuties were not suitable to rush up and fight with the extraordinary magical beasts.

Not to mention whether their intelligence would be crushed, even if they really fought, Insect Girl’s skills might not have an advantage.

Even though the strongest Cold Water Domain had the ability of a Fifth Grade, it could only be used for group attacks.

“Right, I haven’t entered the editor for a long time.”

Lo Ya saw that her Evolution points had unknowingly reached fifty thousand, so she decided to light up the tree that was even higher.

The more she accumulated, the more branches appeared on the big tree. That was why she had delayed it for so long.

“Let me see.”

The wiggling tail floated in the dark space. Under the starry sky, the tree had lit up a lot of small dots.

Further up was this…

[Shi Hua: Each individual insect swarm can be allocated a certain amount of strength to Insect Girl. The more individuals there are, the stronger Insect Girl’s strength will be. She will also be allowed to obtain the characteristics of epic-level creatures. Editor Consumption: 20,000 Evolution points. ]

Control evolution: After a long period of development, Insect Girl has completely decided the direction of her evolution. Under the influence of controllable evolution, the main consciousness can determine the direction of her future development. And… Allowing all individual genes to independently search for a match that can complete the evolution objective. Note: A huge variable will still appear in controllable evolution, and it can only determine the general direction. Editor Consumption: 30000 Evolution points ]

“Wow, giving me a pillow when I’m sleepy.”

Lo Ya fiercely waved her tail.

Wasn’t Shi Hua a good way to solve the shortage of high-end combat power?

Controlled evolution, this was even better. Lo Ya would probably have whatever she wanted in the future. But since it was evolution, the speed of producing new bug seeds shouldn’t be too fast.

Lo Ya felt that some places in the Insect Girl Clan were remote, or it could be said that it was not suitable to start a war with the Empire.

Especially when it came to charging insects, how could it be possible without long-range means.

Furthermore, it was a waste to equip the Chong Bug with firearms. How could the Insect Girl Clan take such a lowly path of war?

“Consumption, evolution.”

50,000 points were used up. The moment he left the editor…

The huge and shocking Strength merged into Lo Ya’s body.

Shi Shihua immediately saw the effect.

Lo Ya found that the introduction on the species panel had also turned into an Epic life form.

[Epic life form: The highest level of existence in a transcendent life. Once it reaches this level, it means that it has become the pinnacle of a biological civilization on a planet. ]

“Isn’t it too easy?”

Lo Ya did not know how strong she was. It was as if all the skills on her Stats Window had disappeared and changed into something else.

The water skills had all turned into water control. The fire skills were fire control.

“In other words, I can simulate any ability?”

Lo Ya wriggled to an empty space. With a thought, she imagined a heavenly fire falling from the sky.

As expected…

A terrifying pillar of fire extended down from the sky and lit up the big tree in front of her.

“It doesn’t seem to be much stronger than before, but the consumption of Spirit is many times smaller, and its ability can be displayed in any way.”

In fact, the leap could be said to be a qualitative change. It greatly increased Little Insect Girl’s breaking power.

Lo Ya could even raise an earth wall that was dozens of meters tall.

But it was only limited to this.

“Maybe I still need to raise it.”

Their levels were still there, which meant that they could still increase their combat power by killing other creatures. The biggest change was that their usage of Magic elements had reached an astonishing level.

With just a thought, they could mobilize elements to do many things that they could not do in the past.

As for “controllable evolution…”

Lo Ya looked up at the starry sky and muttered to herself, “Let’s use that as the goal.”

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