C274 Tank Major Battle

“We can’t retreat! All of you, hold on! Damn it!”

Under the suppression of the Insect Bullets and the ‘mortars’, the soldiers in the formation couldn’t even lift their heads.

There were whistling cannonballs everywhere, and continuous gunshots everywhere. The gunners continued to release their ammunition, while Undead Insect used the insect guns on his arms to shoot. Due to the upgrade two days ago, each of the insects’ firing speed had now reached 1 minute and 10 shots. The two guns had a total of 1 shot every 3 seconds.

Although the firing speed was still not good, it was more stable than before, and the reloading speed was also very fast. As long as he pressed his hand on the bullet worm, the gun worm would automatically open its belly and swallow it in an instant. Pcht… Pcht… Pcht… Pcht… Pcht… Pcht…

Therefore, it did not take time for the bug swarm to change bullets.

The current rifle of the Empire had been upgraded to assault rifle aiming, and its power was a little weaker than before. However, it also had an effective range of 800 meters. 20 bullets could be fired in 15 seconds. The skilled soldiers needed 3 seconds to change their ammunition, and the slower ones would not take more than 5 seconds.

In terms of firepower and suppression, the Empire was indeed stronger. They still had 10 men and a machine gun, which formed a crossfire. It was like the hell of a swarm charge.

Therefore, every time they launched a large-scale attack, the bugs would be completed with the support of artillery.

The firing speed of the Bullet Insect and the reserve of cannonballs completely destroyed the Empire. Hence, both sides could be said to have an advantage in this war. As for who was more comfortable, it was hard to say.

9th month, 2nd day, the B and C legion corps also launched their attacks one after another. The scale of the war was expanded to the largest.

The artillery forces of both sides opened fire, and all kinds of heavy weapons were used. The Empire saw that the B legion corps’ attack speed was too fast, so they directly moved 3 tanks. A total of 300 tanks charged towards the position of Insect Girl Clan.

When the air force was fighting, Wind God Winged Insect immediately received news of the enemy’s attack. The Brain Insect immediately gave the order to mobilize all the Launcher Insect in the surroundings.

In order to keep the firepower at a higher level, the Launcher Insect that rushed to the battlefield kept firing their ammunition along the way.

When the swarm of insects on both sides was a few kilometers away, the artillery shells and beetles that were in charge of following them left, leaving only the Undead Insect and Sickle Insect that were in charge of covering and transporting them to cooperate with the Launcher Insect and enter the battlefield.

Currently, the Launcher Insect was still only three meters long, and its height was not high either. It was even smaller than the enemy’s tank, and its low body could effectively conceal itself. Its movements were also Agility. Hence, it was very flexible when it was used in artillery battles.

At this moment, the 1st Tank Group, which was the first to discover the Insect Group Artillery Soldiers, immediately entered combat mode. On one of the chariots, a few of the crew members saw their target. They hurriedly adjusted the cannon barrel and prepared to kill the high-speed moving Launcher Insect that was two kilometers away.

However, the enemy’s speed was even faster, and they quickly aimed at their target. After a burst of white smoke came from behind them, two armor-piercing bullets shot through the air.

Boom! Boom!

The closest shot deviated by a meter. Even so, the soldiers inside the vehicle felt a tremor. Several soldiers who were following them were all killed on the spot, not even their corpses were left behind.

“Damn it, those monsters are so fast?”

This was the first time they knew that the enemy’s artillery could also have the effect of a tank. The gunner of the vehicle was also stunned.

Without much hesitation, he adjusted the angle and saw that it was almost the same. He immediately cooperated with the movers by his side and fired the cannonballs.


The car shook, and very soon, a cloud of black smoke soared into the sky from afar.

“Damn it.”

Logically speaking, it should have hit the target. However, the Launcher Insect had already distanced itself from the original spot before it was attacked, causing this cannonball to not have the desired effect.

Just as he was about to fire the next cannonball, another tank beside him suddenly made a loud noise. The top of the tank, along with the entire turret, fell to the ground.

When the people in the car saw this scene, their eyes all widened.

What a powerful force!

Almost all of them had the same thought.

Currently, the firepower of the Launcher Insect was on par with the artillery of the empire. Hence, the outcome of this battle depended entirely on the accuracy of the target. Whoever hit the opponent first would be able to survive and die after being hit.

The passengers on the chariot were all very nervous. After all, a slight carelessness could cost them their lives in the bombardment.

The Launcher Insect in the distance fired two more cannonballs at them. However, it did not target the tank that they were in. Instead, it destroyed another one that was more than 20 meters away.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the gunner adjusted the firing angle. Under the command of the observer, he shot through the opponent with artillery fire.


The soldiers in the car cheered.

However, the pressure did not decrease. They did not know how many enemies there were. Perhaps the enemy’s attack could instantly kill four people in the car.

“Captain, why do I feel like those bugs are imitating us? Whatever weapon we have, they will appear. Is it that difficult for these monsters to control their evolution?”

The convoy began to move forward and gradually climbed up a slope. After passing this slope, it would be a wide plain.

Although it was easier to lock onto and hit the enemy in open areas, it was also easier for them to be exposed to the enemy’s muzzles.

There were many chariots of their companions around them. Seeing them made the soldiers in the convoy feel much more relaxed.

“Bohr, don’t be afraid. The enemy won’t hit us.” The captain glanced at the nervous gunner and comforted him gently.

“Understood. We can live to the end.” Bohr secretly mustered up his courage.

The tank slowly drove to the top of the slope, then tilted forward and began to drive down the other side of the slope.

On this slope that was hundreds of meters long, there were four other tanks on their side.

Almost all of the armed infantrymen ran between the tanks. Their mission was to follow the tanks and move forward. At the same time, they were to eliminate any enemies that could threaten the tanks.

“Do you know how to coordinate the infantry and tanks so quickly?” Lo Ya, who was observing the battlefield, muttered softly.

Of course, the soldiers did not hear that.

This huge battle was carried out on a rather large piece of land. Every soldier could feel their own insignificance.

When Bohr saw the Launcher Insect that was accompanied by many insects a few kilometers away, he said in surprise, “Captain, they are learning our tactics.”

Unexpectedly, the captain shook his head and said, “They are not learning from us. These fellows are better at fighting than us.”

Bohr understood what the captain meant.

It was the empire learning the Insect Girl Clan.

Although the Empire’s war mode seemed to be constantly changing, the swarm was still a step faster than them. This made them use some reasonable tactics. The other side had already used them a long time ago.

The war chariot was now aiming at a distant Launcher Insect. It was 2.6 kilometers away. The accuracy of this distance depended entirely on luck, so it could not be expected to hit in a short period of time.

The previous few shots were definitely beyond their ability.

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