C273 A Massive Force

Empire capital, Holy City.

After a grand ceremony, 3 million fully armed soldiers left the city and headed towards the southwestern region.

As the swarm gradually approached the capital region, the reaction of the Empire became more and more intense. The number of people who registered to join the army reached 15 million, and there were even people who donated all of their property.

If it was just based on numbers, the scale of this war was still on the Empire’s side. However, everyone knew that the main army of the swarm was a group of Diamond Level warriors. Those like the Wolf Cavalry who rarely invested in this war had even reached the Space Level. Although ordinary registered soldiers could be equipped with firearms and weapons to fight with the Insect Girl Clan, their low quality would also become an important factor in the loss of combat strength.

Lo Ya’s current army at the Empire’s front line was a total of six legion corps and 1.8 million bugs.

These legion corps were arranged into three legion corps groups, planning to attack the enemy’s capital from three directions.

Magic Goddess acted as if she was sleeping, not caring about their country’s matters at all, so Lo Ya’s tactic this time was very direct.

He planned to let the 1st and 2nd legion of the A legion corps attack the left wing of the Empire’s capital from the southwest, focusing on the 1st and 2nd legion of the Empire’s Guards Legion Corps after the enemy reorganized. This would be a huge battle of 600,000 against 1.9 million.

As for the 3rd and 4th legion of the B legion corps, they would head north from the south and break through the 3rd legion of the Empire’s Guards Legion Corps that stood in their way. The scale of this battle was 600,000 against 800,000.

The 5th and 6th legion corps of the C legion corps would attack from the east, but the situation here was more complicated. On one hand, they had to deal with the 400,000 people of the two main legions from the northeast of the Empire, and on the other hand, they had to face the 150 thousand second-tier legions from the northeast of the enemy. Apart from that, the 500 thousand main force defending the city was also a very troublesome enemy.

In the two months of war, the Empire had invested 1000 heavy cannons. More than 5000 small-caliber cannons and launchers. Before the final battle, They even emptied their resources and took out the weapons they had produced during this period of time.

Apart from the losses, the number of weapons the enemy currently had was still terrifying.

The Insect Girl Clan on Lo Ya’s side had also gathered an extraordinary number of artillery in the last batch of transportation. Because they had decided to rely on super-large firepower to open up the enemy’s defensive perimeter and consume a large amount of Life Strength (In fact, they did not really want to take down the capital). Lo Ya had stored countless bullets and cannonballs.

In two months, the number of cannonballs and beetles had increased to 1,000. An average of 40,000 rockets, 40,000 armor-piercing missiles, and 100,000 Bullet Insect grenades were produced every day.

This did not include the cannonballs produced by the cannonballs.

Due to the continuous increase in the firepower of the Empire, Lo Ya also suffered from severe lack of firepower and fear. Hence, not only did they transport 3000 Bullet Insect and 600 Launcher Insect from the territory, but they also produced a considerable amount from the frontlines.

After two months of accumulation, up until now, the Insect Girl Clan could invest 5000 Bullet Insect and 1200 Launcher Insect into the artillery.

As for the air force, the Insect Girl Clan, which had a firm grasp of air control, invested 3,000 Wind God Winged Insect (most of which came from the territory). The Empire had 600 airships, which barely caught up with the Insect Girl Clan’s production.

Both parties were not clear about the real Strength on the other side. Lo Ya’s confidence was that the rate of reproduction in Fresnel Forest was increasing, and the Empire’s confidence was that the total mobilization of war had increased the productivity to abnormal levels.

Of course, on Insect Girl’s side, there were as much as 10 million Beetle Army troops supporting the battlefield. There was also the 500 thousand low level cannon fodder Undead Insect, which made up for the lack of firepower of the insect swarm.

To Lo Ya, the enemy had invested a lot of new weapons during this period of time, which were very deadly.

Especially the few third-generation airships, which made the evolved Wind God Winged Insect feel pressure. As for the army, they loaded the heavy cannons onto the huge chariots. Using them. The Magic and the electromagnetic engine were used to create the otherworldly version of the tank.

The number of these tanks might be extraordinary, because they used a lot of steel that was originally used to produce warships. They used the Magic to mold them, forming a mage version of the assembly line.

According to the intelligence, in the first month, the Empire produced 20 experimental vehicles. In the second month, the output was expanded to 160 official vehicles, and in the third month, it increased to 300. The cannons among them were also miniaturized, but they did not reduce the power. The ordinary bugs were of no help.

Up until now, Lo Ya had only seen this kind of chariot twice. The current solution was not only to let a pile of Explosive Beetle explode underground to launch a sneak attack, but also to let the Launcher Insect use armor-piercing bullets to attack.

But armor-piercing bullets in order to pierce through these tens of tons of heavy and flexible things, they had to be within three kilometers. This distance was also the enemy’s relatively more efficient combat range.

But it was very obvious that the Insect Girl Clan’s Launcher Insect was also a costly bug. At present, it was a little too much to bear, so it became a canon and a tank. Hence, Lo Ya had no choice but to split a quarter of the Sickle Insect production in the territory to produce the Launcher Insect. This meant that she would be able to produce about 30 Sickle Insect per day (the cost of the previous Launcher Insect was 300 times the cost), which was about 1,000 a month. In addition, they also had the fleet transport these insects to the frontlines.

On the surface of the sea, the production speed of battleships had already completely suppressed the enemy, so the second battlefield was about to open up.

Lo Ya had already gathered 600,000 bugs at the southernmost tip of the Great Forest, waiting for the fleet to transport them and launch an attack on the Empire’s coastal defense line.

Once the battle started, it would force the Empire to move a portion of the troops that were used to support the southwest front to the north.

Lo Ya finally experienced the intense consumption of war. Not to mention the air force, just one artillery soldier was enough to give her a headache. The production capacity in the territory was already so high, but it was still not enough to supply basic firepower.

After this war, who knew how many bugs would survive. No matter what, the empire would only hurt more than her.

Furthermore, the Empire’s technology and production progress were gradual and gradual, but Insect Girl’s side was different. If there was a large-scale evolution, it would instantly form a terrifying advantage.

This was Insect Girl’s confidence when facing any race.

At the beginning of September, Empire of Insect Girl’s A legion corps was the first to launch a general attack.

200 Launcher Insect first used rockets to bombard the enemy’s position. Following that, the large group of Undead Insect cannon fodder led by the large group launched an unprecedented large-scale assault under the support of 1,000 Wind God Winged Insect.

The sudden attack caught the defending enemy off-guard. In a short day, the bug swarm had dropped 300,000 Explosive Beetle. The Bullet Insect also fired around 100,000 grenades.

The Empire quickly made an effective counterattack. They sent 200 airships and more than 100 cannons on the ground to counterattack. Both sides engaged in an intense artillery battle. Because the Insect Girl Clan’s firepower was stronger, they gained the upper hand.

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