C271 Seize the City

If Bray had been to Earth and had seen some of World War II movies, he would have found that the way he fought was very close to that era.

It was just that the high combat quality of the insects had made the progress of the battle much faster. Not only did the soldiers have to be wary of the dangers on the ground, but they also had to be careful of the insects jumping between houses and attacking from top to bottom.

Therefore, a building could not be defended by just two or three soldiers.

When the Insect Girl Clan attacked, they really treated the original Undead Insect as cannon fodder. Those insects that had been eliminated a long time ago were now produced by an exception and thrown into the battlefield, in order to reduce the loss of the main military force.

If they could use weapons to kill, why would they fight with their lives on the line?

Lo Ya had such an idea. She gave the insects a large number of cheap firearms and insects and achieved continuous production of single rifles.

Because there were no good weapons like the Empire’s semi-automatic rifles, every insect strived to have a high accuracy rate. They had to wait until the location of the enemy was determined before firing.

In fact, in this war, Insect Girl Clan’s overall losses were greater than the Empire’s. However, most of them were skeletons that were not even at the Black Iron Level. Even if a few died, they might not be able to catch up to the cost of one Sickle Insect.

“I knew it was not easy to fight in the streets.”

This was what Lo Ya confirmed after observing the battlefield for a long time.

The enemy did not have a bomb shelter, and there were very few underground rooms. Logically speaking, bombing could reduce a lot of resistance, but who knew there were still so many people?

In this war, the Strength invested by the Insect Girl Clan was not weak. Within such a small area, it was equivalent to having over a hundred heavy cannons and over a thousand mortars. On average, there was at least one cannon within a few square kilometers.

The battle continued until the night of the 7th day. Seven divisions of the Insect Girl Clan had already entered the city.

In order to speed up the occupation, the 8th and 9th divisions of the 2nd legion attacked from the northeast, which was the back of the enemy forces.

During this period of time, Wind God Winged Insect flew across the sky and threw down countless Explosive Beetle. Some of the beetles did not even explode. Instead, they burrowed into the ruins and underground of the city to ambush the people hiding inside.

Most of the civilians in this war had withdrawn two days before the war began. The remaining portion had no choice but to take countermeasures against the high pressure. This siege was enough to torture many young children and elderly people.

In Insect Girl Clan, the 1st legion and 2nd legion were mainly responsible for attacking the city. The other two legions’ mission was to stop the enemy and attack in other directions at the same time.

More than 100 kilometers to the east of the city was another city with a population of 300,000. It was also the target of the 3rd legion.

However, it seemed like the bug army was surrounded by a net of hundreds of kilometers. Although they surrounded the enemy, they were also caught in the main attack of the other three legions.

Behind them were half of the 1st and 2nd legion of the 2nd legion, a total of 150 thousand bugs. These bugs were currently responsible for production and logistics. Once the situation on the frontlines was unfavorable, they could also attack from the side. Disturb the enemy’s strategy.

After all, it was a war that involved tens of thousands of units. When commanding, a simple finger on the map could break the legs of the bugs below.

Because this battlefield was so difficult to fight against four imperial legions, Lo Ya did not dare to open up a second battlefield. Although there were more than ten thousand Sickle Insect lying in ambush under the surface of the sea, she did not dare to let them come out.

The siege battle continued for ten days, and the entire city was finally completely occupied. The 2nd legion lost 110,000 ungraded Undead Insect and more than 10,000 Sickle Insect in the war, killing more than 60,000 resisting human soldiers. 20,000 civilians tried to resist.

The results were very fruitful because most of the dead were bones that Lo Ya used as cannon fodder.

After the city was taken over, the overall strength of the 2nd legion did not lose too much. They immediately went west and attacked the 33rd legion of the forest that rushed over.

Up until now, the powerful Forest Legion only had 30 thousand people left, and four of them did not fully join the battle.

The general commander of the Forest Legion did not dare to let the remaining troops enter the battle, because he could not feel the decrease in the combat strength of the bug swarm. But if they did not resist, the Insect Girl Clan would definitely march straight into the heartland of the empire. Threatening! More and more people.

The fall of Ke Yu City caused hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians to fall into the hands of the insects. This was an unimaginable loss to the Empire.

At this point in the battle, both sides were very nervous.

Insect Girl was worried that there would be more troops coming from the heartland of the Empire, causing the insects at the front line to not be able to hold on. The Empire was afraid that the front line of the insects would continue to push forward.

Currently, Insect Girl’s huge fleet had already transported another batch of army troops over.

The remaining portion of the 2nd legion that was originally prepared to attack the coast was also moved here. Once it was thrown in, it could increase the speed of the frontlines.

Because of the increase in the number of ships, this batch had a total of 350 thousand troops.

Apart from filling up the 2nd legion, they also sent two 100 thousand legions from the 3rd legion. They would immediately be thrown into battle the moment they came.

This meant that the total number of troops that the frontlines insisted on fighting against the Empire had increased to 800 thousand.

In fact, apart from the Forest Legion, the other four legions of the Empire had been completely wiped out. The other three legions had also suffered some injuries. The Lightning 1st and 2nd legions were all wiped out, while the other few were heavily injured.

This result caused a huge reaction within the empire. After the war, they had continuously lost. They had lost close to 300,000 people, and a large city had fallen. All of this ignited the anger of the people.

The Empire had recruited two million soldiers in a short month. These soldiers only needed to go through less training before they would immediately be sent to the battlefield.

Considering the possibility of Insect Girl Clan opening up a landing site, the empire also planned to increase the scale of the defensive fortifications along the coast and build more anti-aircraft cannons and bunker machine guns.

Currently, the total number of insects invested in this war was less than a third of the total size of Insect Girl Clan.

In fact, far within the territory, there were still more than 2 million bugs, half of which were hunting in Fresnel Forest.

The rate of reproduction had always exceeded the consumption rate. Moreover, the larger the scale of this war, the more insects there were. This terrifying snowball had started rolling, and the entire world had fallen into war.

Not long ago, the entire island of the Yir Kingdom had fallen into the hands of Insect Girl Clan. This sped up the construction of the insect ships, and also allowed Lo Ya to allocate more resources to the empire battlefield.

Now, as long as it was the original forces of this world, there was no one who didn’t know the terror of the Insect Girl Clan.

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