C270 Call for Artillery Fire and Fight

Before the swarm attacked the city, their residence had been modified, and a thick layer of steel had been added to the wall, turning it into a strong fortification.

In fact, if not for the fact that there were too few people, they could have sent a few people to the upper window and fired machine guns and bullets through the small gaps in the window, effectively killing the swarm.

Now, it was possible that the enemy had been unable to attack many times and had given up on attacking. Therefore, it had been a long time since they had seen the new swarm of bugs at the opening of the tunnel.

“Captain, how about I go up and take a look at the situation?” After finishing his work, Bray turned to ask his commanding officer.

“Go ahead, hurry up.”


Breed picked up his rifle and walked up the stairs behind him, arriving at the upper level of Hunan.

There were only a few five-centimeter wide, twenty-centimeter long holes that could be seen outside. Steel plates were installed in other places, which could effectively resist artillery and bullets.

He raised his weapon and aimed at the opening, only to see a scene more than 300 meters away.

A huge Launcher Insect was slowly rising from the launcher, aiming the black cannon muzzle in that direction.

“Not good.”

Knowing that the enemy’s artillery was about to bombard this place, the Launcher Insect’s weapon was different from the Bullet Insect’s. An armor-piercing bullet would definitely be fired at such a distance, let alone a house with steel plates. Even some simple bunker fortifications would not be able to withstand it.

He immediately fired a few shots at his target.

His marksmanship was very accurate. The monster was immediately shot and injured, but it did not suffer any fatal injuries.

Bray immediately left the place and ran down the stairs.

“Captain, they are heading here…”


The entire building shook violently. With a loud sound, the upper layer of the building collapsed. The shock waves and cement blocks surged down from the roof of the building.

“Cough, cough…”

Everyone present coughed violently.

The second floor of the house was almost completely destroyed. Light shot down from above, allowing everyone to see the area they were hiding in at a glance.

“Follow me out of here”

The captain was the first to get up and lead the soldiers to rush towards the building beside them.

Because the moment the building collapsed, two Sickle Insect had already jumped down from the roof above.

Tap, tap, tap…

The weapon in Bray’s hand fired a few shots at the nearest Sickle Insect, and fortunately hit its body. The bullets rolled inside the insect’s body, forming three huge empty holes. But perhaps it was also because of bad luck that these few bullets did not kill the other party immediately.

Two bullets also shot out from the Sickle Insect’s limbs, hitting a machine gun soldier’s back.

Bulletproof armor could not block this kind of direct shot from such a distance. The soldiers could only run while fighting, and could not take care of the soldier who was not sure if he was dead or alive.

Everyone quickly escaped to another half of the collapsed house. They hurriedly turned around and aimed the gun at the incoming Sickle Insect.

Taking advantage of the time when his companions were fighting, Bray took a small circle behind the wall and came to the other side of the room to confirm if there was any danger.

In this kind of dangerous street battle, the enemy might come from all directions. Therefore, the soldiers were most worried about being attacked from the back or some hidden places.

“Captain, I see other companions.”

One of the riflemen hurriedly shouted. Bray looked in the direction he pointed, and sure enough, there was another team resisting in the house opposite the path.

After the captain shot a few times in a row and cooperated with the machine gunner to get rid of an Undead Insect on the opposite side, he immediately led the soldiers to run over there.

The Musketeer No. 1 in charge of covering was releasing all his ammunition, trying to use fierce firepower to block the insects’ attacks.

Everyone rolled and crawled as they rushed to the side of the target’s house. They jumped in through the window and discovered that there were only four people here.

“Great, we can’t hold on much longer.”

The soldiers inside looked very excited. They were facing a few insects in the southeast direction. The Sickle Insect had occupied the houses on the opposite side. They would often only reveal one limb and shoot in their direction. They clearly did not use their eyes to look, but their marksmanship was very accurate.

“Pay attention to the other directions.” Bray’s captain was obviously very experienced in similar battles. “These bugs can share vision, which means that as long as one bug sees you, they will be able to see you. Then the other bugs don’t need to look to know your exact location. ”

“Is that so?”

How terrifying.

After the two sides exchanged fire for more than 20 seconds, the enemy’s firepower suddenly decreased. This meant that the Sickle Insect also began to load new bullets.

At this time, Bray rushed to the second floor and discovered that there were four soldiers firing above. Furthermore, this building was a little taller than the surroundings, so he could use his field of vision to observe the surrounding situation.

Of course, he had to pray that the enemy would not bombard this place.

“There are four skeletons and two insects in the 3 o’clock direction. They are lying there and shooting. Quickly call for artillery support.”

Lying next to a pile of communication papers, a soldier shouted at the soldier beside him.

The person next to him moved very quickly. He took out a pen and drew a few lines on the paper. Then he tore the paper apart. Those symbols represented distance, coordinates, and other information. They represented the request for artillery fire. This meant that this team in front of him had the authority to request for at least one heavy artillery fire.

Less than 20 seconds later, a loud explosion covered a house more than 100 meters away.

The thick smoke engulfed their vision and the two-story building instantly collapsed. Only one of the bugs escaped and the rest were crushed to death.

“ Yay!”

The warrior waved his fist excitedly.

“Don’t relax, pay attention to the other directions.”

Just as everyone was talking, the entire building collapsed with a loud bang.

A wave of air swept over. Bray’s body hit the wall, and there was a buzzing sound in his ears. When he came back to his senses, he found that half of the building had collapsed, and there were steel bars that had been dragged down beside his feet.

“Damn it.”

He hurriedly got up and jumped down from the window behind him, only to find that there were still five other soldiers who had survived just like him. They raised their weapons high and fired at the Undead Insect that was charging towards them. As they fought, they used the house to cover their retreat.

“Captain, you’re still alive?”

Seeing his captain jump out from behind the window with a face full of blood, he let out an excited cry.

“The enemy’s artillery support speed is even faster than ours.”

The captain spat out blood as he pulled open the bomb in his pocket and threw it into the distance.

Everyone was an expert with a shocking Strength. With a casual toss of the grenade, it was more than 200 meters away.

Not knowing if he could blow up a target or not, the captain did not bother to check it out. He brought Bray and ran towards the northeast side of the city.

Now, half of the city had fallen. Perhaps there were still soldiers resisting in the areas that had been occupied, but they were destined to not be able to take back the city.

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