C269 Cannon Beetles

From the marshal’s point of view, it’s incredible. Everyone knew that the Empire had been developing rapidly in recent years. The higher ups of the command center were even prepared to fight to the depths of Constellation. It was to completely eliminate the terrifying beast forces that threatened humanity and seize the abyss fissure suitable for cultivation.

But even so, the emperor still believed that the four legions could not stop the attack of the swarm of insects. The reason really puzzled him.

“In short, don’t underestimate the enemy forces.” He looked at the three commanders, and his tone was incomparably solemn. ” From now on, he would do anything to protect Ke Yu City. The Empire’s rear will soon take action. All you need to do is carry out the order.”

” Understood! ”

The three Legion Generals saluted.

The Battle of Ke Yu City had almost become a meat grinder. This large city in the southeast of the Empire displayed the cruelest side of war. Day after night of slaughter and endless rumbles pierced through the entire battle.

Early in the morning of July 6th, 10 hours had passed since the three bug swarms broke into the city. The occasional cannon fire and continuous gunfire still formed the main rhythm of the battle.

The Empire soldiers realized that the Sickle Insect, who originally liked to engage in close combat and charge forward at all costs, had started to become cunning. They learned to use the terrain to ambush, and they used more insect shell rifles to shoot from afar. Other than the slower firing speed and weaker firepower of the enemy’s guns, It was not too weak and could also kill human warriors.

The large group of Undead Insect, together with the Sickle Insect, were almost all equipped with firearms. Their mission was to carry out the attack of the firearms, or to help the artillery carry the cannonballs.

The mutation speed of the Insect Girl Clan was very terrifying. Due to the limited production of Bullet Insect and Launcher Insect cannonballs, there was a limit to the production rate. It had evolved into a type of highly efficient artillery shell to produce insects. Their appearance was like a giant version of a beetle, three meters long. Two meters wide, half a meter tall, their lower body was made up of 12 pairs of flexible appendages. They could run fast.

Each shell beetle had the ability to spray corrosive venom, and their shooting range was 300 meters. However, their mission was not to fight, but to produce Bullet Insect grenades at a speed of 30 rounds per hour. Or to produce Launcher Insect armor-piercing missiles or rockets at the speed of 5 rounds per hour.

The shell beetle itself had the ability to move, and its back could be fixed with 20 normal cannonballs or 5 Launcher Insect cannonballs. And once the cannonballs produced could not be moved out, there would not be new ammunition produced. Therefore, Lo Ya would consider letting other insects help transport some ammunition.

In this kind of war, Insect Girl Clan suffered a lot of logistical losses because they did not have vehicles to carry out transport tasks and relied on the insects to carry them.

The Undead Insect before the evolution did not have much strength, but its skeleton. It could not carry much either. As for the other bugs, there was no need to talk about them. Even if they were in the mountains, they would not be able to move much. Without the nimble hands of humans, it wouldn’t be convenient for them to do anything.

Thus, when the insects attacked, a portion of them would usually carry out logistical preparations. For example, they could not help the artillery to transport ammunition and so on, so they could not go into battle in time.

Lo Ya’s temporary solution was to use the Magic she had seized to drive the small car and then use the bug power to drag it. When passing through the mountain area, although the transport power had increased, it had also slowed down quite a bit.

Usually, in order to not bring too much burden to the logistics, the Brain Insect would use up the newly produced artillery shells that they could not transport.

The result of this was that the firepower of the bug swarm was abnormally fierce.

Of course, it was a waste to just use up the ammunition blindly, so Lo Ya organized a group of insects that did not go to the battlefield and transported all the artillery shells to a safe place to bury and store them, in case there were no problems.

In the future, the scale of the war would definitely be bigger and bigger. It was definitely not enough to rely on the insects to produce artillery shells every day. After all, a Launcher Insect or Bullet Insect could only produce a few dozen artillery shells a day. If they were to launch at full force, It would be used up in a short period of time.

Now that they had cannonballs and beetles, it meant that their production had increased by many times.

Of course, as logistics insects, they weren’t cheap. The cost of each one was equivalent to 60 Sickle Insect. In the beginning, it would definitely be fully manufactured because the number of beetles was too small. An average of 3 days would be doubled, and it would take 21 days to break through 100.

Lo Ya planned to produce 100 beetles in the first month. After all, the number of artillery soldiers was not too large. It was a good thing to distribute a beetle among a few cannons to help produce artillery shells on the battlefield.

In the current siege battle, the artillery shells were mainly stored in the first few months. Most of them were transported to the main road through the fleet and relied on the efforts of the insects. They traveled over thousands of kilometers before being transported to the battlefield.

Although there were many of them, in fact, in less than a week, the ammunition consumption had already reached several hundred tons. This kind of intense war lasted for a few more weeks before it was almost used up.

Currently, there were only a total of eight cannonballs and beetles, and they were producing cannonballs at the same time. They were also trying their best to reproduce. As they were afraid of being ambushed by the enemy’s Air Force and artillery, they were currently hiding in the forest 20 kilometers away from the battlefield. Once new cannonballs appeared, they would be transported to the front line by the Sickle Insect.

Lo Ya mined two crystal mines in the forest that were rich in reserves. It was enough to keep the bug swarm depleted.

July 6th, 9 a.m., Central District of Ke Yu City, residential area.

The Empire’s soldier, Bray, leaned against the building and loaded the used magazines with bullets.

Here, there were only 9 soldiers left with him. Because the location was not bad, they were at a high place, and there was only a small passage that could enter here. So the soldiers were stunned at this place for an hour.

Yes, the swarm had already attacked this place for an hour.

Three machine guns and seven consecutive rifles became the last weapons that everyone could rely on. The fire net they formed blocked the insects one after another. Up until now, no monsters could break through this area.

“Damn spiders.”

The comrade beside him stepped on a creature that was lying by his feet. Then he took out the tobacco from his pocket and leaned on the ground to take a breath.

For the past few days, everyone had gotten used to taking turns guarding and resting. They kept three machine guns aimed at the opening below. If anything happened, they would immediately open fire.

Because the Sickle Insect’s charging speed was very fast, once they reacted a little slower, it meant that the enemy had charged into the underground room, resulting in irreparable consequences.

After Bu Lei loaded the bullets, he took out a biscuit from the box and took two bites. Then, he opened the lid of the explosive bullets one by one. Fortunately, he threw them at the critical moment.

This battle was not interesting to them at all. All they could do was shoot and wait again and again.

“By the way, our area has been occupied, right?” A soldier beside him asked.

“Who knows?” The captain blew out a smoke ring and said calmly, “There are over 100 Magic Heavy Cannons in this city. Most of them are around here. I don’t believe that these insects can attack this place so quickly.”

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