C268 The Marshal’s Worry

After the first two days of breeding, the low intensity of the battle kept the Insect Girl Clan at three hundred thousand. Along with half of the reinforcements from the 2nd legion, the main attacking force in the forest had reached 450 thousand.

On the Empire’s side, the Ocean Legion that was heading south also joined in the attack. Although the Empire had tried to counterattack many times, the results were not good. In the dense rainforest, without a defensive position, humans could not compare to powerful insects.

But what made Lo Ya feel pressured was that the entire marine legion was equipped with firearms. Moreover, the power of the rifles and weapons had undergone a qualitative change. It was no longer the same as before. Dozens of shots could only kill one insect.

This kind of thing. This situation caused the Insect Girl Clan’s casualties to increase greatly, and also forced the swarm to enter the mode of long-range firearms attacks.

In order to obtain victory, a large number of armed Undead Insect joined the frontlines. Although the basic level of the Undead Insect had increased a lot, Lo Ya still insisted on producing low costs like Black Iron Level. She only allowed them to use firearms and insects to fire bullets to counterattack.

The skeleton of the skeleton was small. Even if a few bones were broken, they would not die immediately. The only way to kill them was to blow up their heads.

They did not have soul fires, and the firing speed of rifles was extremely slow. However, the cost was low. After the number increased, it could be considered as increasing the firepower of the swarm.

The battle between the two sides gradually became the kind of gunfire, machine guns covering the impact, and the position facing off against each other.

As the Empire’s air force cruisers increased in number, Insect Girl Clan also sent over 2000 Wind God Winged Insect to join the battlefield one after another. Almost every day, dozens of losses could be compensated by reproduction. But even so, It was still too much for the swarm.

According to the intelligence gathered by the Nourishing Insect, the Empire began to carry out a large conscription within the empire. This super powerful human country with a population of 70 million was facing the threat of the insect swarm. It directly activated the war machine. Almost all the industrial factories were confiscated as state, and people donated their grain, steel, and other supplies. Rich people. They donated money.

Magic Goddess had never said anything in public, but she gave blessings to many believers and created a large number of strong people.

When Lo Ya heard about this, she felt a little envious for some reason.

“When did Crystal Dragon God also give me blessings?”

Because of Magic Goddess, the Magic abilities of the Insect Girl Clan were weakened to different degrees. Although it was not big, it made Lo Ya a little nervous.

The Empire’s industrial production was too strong!

Or rather, the Magic technology was too strong!

The Magic could achieve so-called automation in many aspects. Some skills that simulated the earth wall could instantly build a house.

If they could handle the details, then many weapons could be manufactured like an assembly line.

In fact, the Empire had only gradually grasped this technology in the past few decades. This was a huge breakthrough in the industrial field.

The Insect Girl Clan was now in a decisive battle with this rising country.

On the evening of July 5th, the 1st legion, 2nd legion, successfully invaded Koyu City.

This was the first big city that the bug swarm had invaded.

Before the attack, Lo Ya mobilized all the artillery in the entire legion. Including the 10 howitzer regiments, a total of 1,200 Bullet Insect and 10 long-range artillery regiments, a total of 300 Launcher Insect.

Before they even got close to the city, Lo Ya used 3000 rocket launchers to perform a sudden land wash.

The explosion caused by these weapons caused the entire city to sink into a terrifying sea of fire. The explosion was like the end of the world. Commoners who lacked experience could only cry in pain when faced with such a situation. There was nothing they could do.

The city was too big. There were more than 1 million people in it. The Empire’s buildings were generally very tall, but they were all buildings with a total of 10 floors and below. The huge area covered allowed the city’s length to reach more than 40 kilometers and its width to reach an astonishing 20 kilometers.

After the 3,000 rockets were fired, the army of insects forced the enemy into the city, followed by a bombardment that lasted for several days.

In fact, on the second day of the bombardment, Brain Insect No. 4 ordered the insects to attack, but they were met with intense resistance.

Hence, the bombardment and the air force bombardment were launched at the same time. It was not until most of the buildings in the city were razed to the ground that the Sickle Insect and Undead Insect squads, under the cover of the artillery squads, advanced inward bit by bit.

For this battle, Lo Ya had spent a lot of money and used up too many cannonballs.

But the effect was also not bad. Many enemies died under the buildings aggrievedly. Corpses were scattered all over the street. A few of them had already started to stink.

The armor-piercing bullets of the Launcher Insect became the weapons used to attack the fortifications in the city. The people of the Empire used cement to build many high walls. There were small holes in between them, used to shoot bullets. Once one encountered such a building, the Launcher Insect would be four to five kilometers away. The cannon would be fired in this direction.

The power of the cannon was close to that of the 200mm caliber cannon from his previous life. This city protection battle was absolutely cruel to the 100,000 Forest Legion soldiers guarding this place.

The Ocean Legion in the northwest and the Storm Legion in the east wanted to come and provide support, but they were stopped by the 1st and 3rd legions of the insect swarm on both sides.

The three Brain Insect relied on the terrain advantage to fight many ambushes. In addition, in order to cooperate with the city’s attack, the Wind God Winged Insect came out in full force. Over a thousand bugs forcibly seized the air rights for a few days, making the empire that did not dare to exhaust the airship to no avail.

At this moment, at the command center of the southern front of the Empire.

“What the hell is going on? Three legions can’t even defend a city? Have you dismantled all the weapons I gave you? First, they fired continuously. Next, they fired Royal Heavy Cannons. This was the most powerful Strength in the Empire since ancient times. If it was in the past, even Fresnel Forest would have been flattened by you!”

The empire’s marshal, the commander of the southern front line, Jer Lu, looked coldly at the three generals in front of him.

They came from the Forest Corps, the Storm Corps, and the Lightning Corps.

The three generals looked at each other in dismay. Very quickly, the commander of the Forest Legion said, “Lord Marshal, we discovered that the enemy’s basic combat strength is getting stronger.”

The Marshal’s gaze fell upon him.

“Other than the fact that the enemy can suddenly go berserk during battle, they have gained enough strength to resist combat power warriors. There were also a few small-scale collective evolutions. The reason is unknown, but we are certain that this evolution works for the entire group. ”

” What’s the extent of evolution? ”

“It only increases the basic physical fitness and does not pose an intrinsic threat to combat power warriors.”

The marshal frowned.

The emperor’s orders were only to stall for time and did not allow them to defeat the enemy at all. Of course, the marshal who heard the order at the beginning did not think of completely obeying it. He still wanted credit. Hence, he hoped that the 600,000 troops under him could easily defeat the enemies from the neighboring countries in the northwest.

He did not expect that even the Ocean Legion’s transfer authority was given to him, and that he would still be sent to the first city by the enemy.

The soldiers were all fearless of death. This was a fact he was certain of. He also did not believe that the reason for the failure was that the Empire’s army was weak.

“I finally understand why His Majesty called me to defend and not to attack.”

Because the Emperor did not think that these few people could block the advance of the swarm.

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