C266 The Powerful Venom

Although the firepower density has increased, the defenders still feel the pressure of the larger charge of the swarm.

As an ordinary soldier, Mille simply did not know how many enemies there were. In any case, apart from the 6th and 7th legions of the Forest Corps that were the first to engage in battle, the rest of the Forest Corps also faced the swarm on the defensive line.

The border that was about 1,500 kilometers long became the crossfire.

The enemy had launched a few large-scale charges along the way, attempting to break through the defensive line. Entering the heartland of the Empire. However, facing the Imperial Air Force and the main force of the army, they also realized that on such a battlefield, Concentration meant death.

The 250,000 insects had just been cleared off along the northern coastline of the Empire. Everyone knew how difficult it was to deal with the Insect Girl Clan.

This time, the defense did not last long. Soon, they entered a close combat state. A few warriors who were close to the peak Gold Level rushed out. Mille’s captain also unleashed his Diamond Level Strength.

In close combat, his teammates’ rifles were also providing support. All the bugs that rushed forward were blocked.

“Captain, these guys are all at the Diamond Level.” After killing two of them, the melee soldiers shouted at their teammates.

All of them were Diamond Level warriors. Even if they did not have any combat power, they were still very strong.

Most of the people who could join the army in the empire were outstanding, and most of them were above Silver Level. They could be considered rare experts in any country, but even so, With the help of combat power, they could barely suppress the swarm.

A soldier chanted a Magic incantation. Although he was not a soldier of the Magic Division, occasionally learning a simple Magic was something many soldiers did.

He used the Slow Spell.

This was a type of slow spell. At this moment, the Support Magic had been of great help. The speed of the Sickle Insect slowed down. They were immediately killed on the spot. Because of the level and speed suppression, it was very normal for soldiers to be hit by sickles. Even with the obstruction of battle energy, it was inevitable that they would be injured.

Mille liked close combat, so he also joined in the battle.

After a fight, the swarm of insects seemed to feel that something was not right and began to retreat.

This wave of attack was successfully blocked.

“Everyone, don’t relax. The enemy’s retreat isn’t because they are afraid, but because they are looking for countermeasures. There will most likely be fierce attacks next time.” The captain said to everyone.

These words made the hearts of the soldiers tremble.

These opponents were indeed difficult to deal with. If one attack failed, After that, they would immediately change their tactics and use the most suitable method to quickly break through. If the defense of the mountain was too strong, then Insect Girl Clan would mobilize their most powerful military unit – Launcher Insect to launch long-range attacks.

However, this time, Insect Girl Clan did not use that kind of tactic. Instead, while everyone was nervously watching the mountain, they sent out a tiny Corrosive Jet Bug to approach the vicinity.

The Corrosive Spray Bug wanted to hide its body. As long as it got close to the rock behind the target, it could only reveal its small head and spray it with long range venom.

Unless the soldiers of the Empire were as good as gods and could hit a snake head that reacted quickly and moved extremely fast from a few hundred meters away, it would be extremely difficult to hit the target.

As the small snake hid behind a huge rock, the Insect Girl Clan immediately ordered the four Bullet Insect to start firing.

As the continuous cannon fire fell, a large group of Sickle Insect began to charge from two kilometers away.

Mille and the other warriors felt that the density of the cannon fire was much higher than the frontline, so they had to lower their heads to avoid getting hurt.

But at this moment, a soldier suddenly let out a miserable cry. Turning his head, he saw that his skin was melting at a visible rate. Smoke rose with a sizzling sound, and he quickly lost his life in front of everyone’s shocked eyes.

Whoosh ~

Another stream of venom sprayed out. At this time, the two warriors in front and behind were hit. The first one was directly hit in the head. His entire head seemed to have a violent chemical reaction. In the blink of an eye, it caved in. The warrior behind him was relatively better off, but there were also many areas where his skin had melted.

“Not good. Everyone, quickly use your combat power.”

Rays of light were released and new corrosive venom splashed on the captain of Squad 8. His face immediately changed. He knew that the consumption of his combat power had increased by many times.

“What is this?”

Compared to ordinary venom, this skill was called Hanging.

The soldiers could not be bothered with the cannon fire. They raised their heads to look at the corrosive venom flying towards them. In the end, they did not even see the shadow of the target.

“Spinner, attack the back of the rock.” The captain immediately shouted at the soldiers behind him.

Coincidentally, a grenade landed beside the Launcher. After a loud bang, one of the Launchers was blasted two meters away. His face was full of shrapnel and he was clearly half-dead.

The others did not dare to stop and immediately threw the small crystal bomb into the cannon barrel.

Bang! Bang!

The first two shots had poor accuracy. Finally, after adjusting the angle of the cannonballs, they landed behind the rocks at a tilted angle.

The explosion happened. Just as everyone was wondering if they had successfully hit the rocks, the snakehead suddenly popped out. It was another shot of venom.

The soldiers could no longer care about that. They started firing at the Sickle Insect that was charging at them from afar.

The grenade that fell from the sky would occasionally blow up the people on the mountain. The losses of this wave of resistance were beyond imagination.

Mille’s captain saw that the situation was not good. He raised his weapon and charged forward.

“Everyone follow me and kill that snake.”

The other dozen or so soldiers also got up, braving the cannon fire and launching a counter-charge. Everyone’s speed was very fast. When they were 200 meters away from the defensive position, they had already met with the Sickle Insect at the front.

The Diamond Level captain killed a Sickle Insect with a slash of his sword. However, he saw another one jump up from the side. He used his sickle to pierce through another Silver Level warrior. A stream of venom sprayed out, and that warrior immediately died in a miserable shriek.

Compared to any previous battle, what he had experienced now could be considered cruel.

Even Gold Level soldiers could only resist the corrosion of the venom for two minutes at most. Facing an endless stream of sneak attacks, it could be said that these warriors could not withstand it at all.

The Diamond Level captain ignored the Sickle Insect beside him and continued to charge towards the target’s rock. Along the way, he killed a bug that tried to stop him, and he was injured as well.

However, when he arrived behind the rock, he found nothing.

“Where’s the snake?”

Having escaped through the ground, the captain quickly thought of this problem.

“Retreat, retreat to the position!”

The artillery on the position had been taken care of by the venom, and their combat strength had been greatly reduced. Half of the cannons had been destroyed by the enemy’s grenade. Now, the position could be said to be unsustainable.

The captain of Squad 8, who was squatting in the position, received an order from his superior: Fight with your life on the line and stall for time!

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