C264 The Confrontation Between Teams

In the age of technology explosions, every few years was a new picture. Especially war, it was the best way to push forward the advancement of cutting-edge technology.

But even so, no civilian liked to use this method to push forward the progress of society.

Because that means cruelty, which means failure, death, and pain.

The area where Mille was defending had always been very quiet, but the bombing and killing happened not far away.

He loaded the gun and knew that he was only holding an ordinary single rifle.

The officer said that this kind of weapon did not have much effect on the strong. Because the firing speed was too slow, if the shot missed, the enemy could rush over a long distance and arrive in front of him. Thus, each team could be allocated a small number of machine guns as weapons.

At first, the Empire allocated 20 people to one machine gun, but after a few months, The increase in production directly increased the density of weapons to 10 people a machine gun. Not long ago, even the single gun used by ordinary soldiers had been issued multiple times. It could be loaded into a magazine of 10 bullets at a time, and after loading, it could be fired continuously. It could be fired almost once per second. After shooting, he only needed to change to the second magazine.

Because of the exquisite design, it only took less than two seconds for normal weapons to change the magazine. This meant that the firepower density would increase significantly in the following time.

“Everyone, get ready. The enemy is about to attack.”

Not knowing when, the distant bombardment had already ended. Under Mille’s gaze, a group of enemies appeared in his line of sight.

They were monsters that were even bigger than humans. Their eyes were scarlet, and they had two sharp black sickles.

Humans were like paper in front of these monsters. Even their hard armor could not withstand a single attack.

More than ten soldiers fled while firing at the rear, trying to escape to the camp. However, looking at the situation, their situation was not too good.

“Bomb squad, get ready!”

In order to deal with the high density cannons of Insect Girl Clan, the Empire had also equipped the corresponding crystal explosive launchers. It was a small machine that used microcrystals and springs to provide instantaneous power. It was even smaller than a mortars. However, the firing speed was quite fast. Theoretically, as long as the grenade was thrown inside, It could be instantly fired.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Several of the surrounding soldiers dropped their rifles to the ground. Then, they picked up the explosives in the boxes beside them and threw them into the launchers one by one.

With a series of crisp sounds, a small amount of white smoke filled the air. The cannonballs instantly flew over two kilometers and landed among the insects that were charging in different directions.

Boom! Boom!

A loud sound similar to the explosion of a grenade could be heard. The airwave swept away the surrounding weeds, and countless tiny shrapnel danced in the air.

The two Sickle Insect were injured by the explosion a few steps away. They rolled half a circle on the spot, but they crawled up with injuries all over their bodies and continued to charge.

“These damn monsters, machine gun squad.”

The three machine guns in the bunker opened fire at the same time. The two Sickle Insect in front of them were severely injured after shooting for more than one kilometer. However, they still did not stop, trying to get within 800 meters. Shoot the bullets in their hands.

Yes, these bugs were all equipped with powerful artillery insects that could attack from afar.

The few people who tried to escape to the defense line were quickly killed by the Sickle Insect. This made Mille, who was lying on the ground, very nervous. He raised his weapon. Aiming at the closest Sickle Insect, his spear accurately hit the opponent’s head.

After firing, he did not bother to observe and immediately loaded the next bullet. When he aimed again, he discovered that the insect that had been hit by many bullets was close to 400 meters.


He didn’t know if this shot had hit its vitals, but the target fell to the ground.

“God, do you want to play with me? Are these bugs monsters?”

The captain’s voice did not reduce the pressure on everyone.

The projector was still firing the explosives. Some of the grenades that were close enough had indeed destroyed the target in one shot, but most of the bugs were still charging forward fearlessly.

The machine gun had a very good suppressive effect during the battle.

When the distance was close, the power of the bullets increased greatly, and the accuracy also increased. Facing the cross-fire suppression of more than 2 machine guns, the Sickle Insect squad that was attacking lost 3. They stopped attacking and hid behind cover.

Then, the captain who was observing the situation through the telescope suddenly noticed a few Bullet Insect with cannons on their backs appearing at the foot of the mountain.

“Not good, the enemy is about to fire.”

As soon as the captain finished speaking, the Sickle Insect standing beside the Bullet Insect placed the cannonballs into an opening. After that, waves of smoke came out from their mouths.

“It’s coming.”

When everyone heard the captain’s nervous reminder, they all lowered their heads.

The cannon fire was indeed coming. After a few seconds, a series of explosions rang out in this area. The two warriors lying in the trenches unfortunately became targets because one of them landed beside their feet.

In the instant of the explosion, two shrapnel hit Mille’s face.

Even after using combat power, he still felt pain on his skin.

He turned around and found that the two comrades fifteen meters away had fallen to the ground covered in blood.

Now, the cannonballs of Insect Girl Clan were no longer the same as before. In the past, even Bronze Level soldiers could easily withstand the shrapnel. Now, even Gold Level soldiers had to be very careful.

When the Sickle Insect squad was firing the cannonballs, they launched another charge.

Apart from the seven remaining in the previous charge, they also added another squad. On this hillside, there were 30 of them (only 26 left). Warriors needed to face 17 insects at the same time.

“Spinner, don’t save the ammunition, attack with all your might!”

The soldiers squatting in the trenches continuously fired. Some of them were in charge of opening and moving the boxes, while others kept throwing artillery shells.

Although there were not many insects, because they were too scattered and fast, it was very difficult to hit them. On the contrary, if they charged in large groups like before, any one of them could kill quite a number of insects.


The bullets from the machine guns moved back and forth on the bugs’ bodies. The bullets hit the ground and caused a large amount of dust to fly up.

Each bullet left a large hole on the Sickle Insect’s body. Some directly embedded into the body, causing even more terrifying damage.

The Bullet Insect’s cannon fire did not stop at all, but Mille and the soldiers did not dare to lower their heads to dodge the bullets.

This time, they had lost five soldiers. Seeing the enemy rushing over, he could only pull out his sword and raise his shield, becoming a sword and shield soldier he was familiar with.

Everyone rushed forward and blocked them!

The insects charged forward, 300 meters, 200 meters, 100 meters… Mille roared loudly and directly crashed into the monster in front of him. Red combat power erupted and the long sword cut into the flesh with great resistance. His right shoulder was also pierced by the Earth Spike by the sickle.

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