C260 The Defeat of the Empire’s Navy

On April 17th, the First Fleet of Insect Girl Clan and the enemy navy met 1000 kilometers southeast of Els, 2000 kilometers northwest of the Empire.

First, the Empire’s Nicole class battleship opened fire at the Insect Girl Clan navy 25 kilometers away.

The three main armament in the distance simultaneously burst into flames. After the thick smoke dispersed, the terrifying cannonballs had already flown into the sky and were flying at an undetectable speed towards the location of the Insect Girl Clan ships.

Of course, the firing rate at such a distance was absolutely pathetic.

Moreover, the wind on the sea was very strong, and the sea situation was complicated. This caused the cannonballs to deviate a lot after flying for a long distance, and they landed more than 80 meters to the west of a certain frigate.

Lo Ya ordered the squadron to increase their speed and charge at the opposite side with all their might.

Their firing range was 5 kilometers closer than the enemy, but even if they were 15 kilometers away, The accuracy rate was quite low. This kind of long-distance battle was like a cannon hitting a mosquito. It completely depended on luck. The firing rate of the Empire was not high. It fired one round every two kilometers. It seemed to be just to calibrate the direction.

At the current stage, commanding the Iron-armored Ship was quite troublesome. It required a lot of people to work together. This exchanged for a powerful firepower.

When both sides were close to 18 kilometers away, the nine cannons on the battleship bug’s body turned around and aimed at the target ship.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The three triple cannon barrels fired at the same time. Not long after, high splashes appeared on the surface of the sea near the target ship.

“Divide from 100 meters, calibrate it.” Lo Ya said helplessly.

This hit rate was too terrible.

The bugs began to supply the cannon with bullets. This process was still using the original bug power, not the machinery.

After three minutes, the cannon fired a second round.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Perhaps it was due to luck, but one of the cannons had a hit rate of 2,000 tons, a Ba Da class frigate.

This shot directly blew up the bridge’s position. Although the defensive power there was very strong, when faced with this 400mm caliber cannon, it still suffered a destructive attack.

“The main armament retaliated. Damn it!”

Seeing that half of the frigate had been destroyed by the blast, the captain opened his mouth and roared at the naval artillery.

The main armament on the other side immediately increased the speed of the counterattack. This was thanks to the Magic cooling technology.

Lo Ya immediately felt the pressure. In order to prevent herself from being hit, she hid in the safe ship and shared the vision of the bugs.

Both sides set their targets on the enemy’s flagship.

Both sides fired main armament after main armament, but none of them hit the target.

The enemy ship’s firing speed was around 90 seconds per round. The closer they got, the closer they got to their own ship.

While Lo Ya’s side’s firing speed was not fast, her hitting rate was a little higher than the other side’s.

When they were 8 kilometers away, the Empire’s two cannonballs hit the battleship insect’s hull at the same time. One hit the turret, and the other hit the bow of the ship.

Because the firepower was too strong, the two cannons in the turret were destroyed on the spot, and the bow of the ship was almost penetrated.

The Insect Girl Clan’s counterattack also hit the enemy, and both sides of the ship were set ablaze.

At this distance, the secondary cannons and the frigate ships also started firing at each other.

The increase in the number of projectiles caused more and more damage to both sides, but the difference was… The cannons on the ships of the empire could only fire in one direction. For example, the cannon at the bow of the ship. They could only attack the target in front while the ones on the side could only attack the target on the side. However, the cannons on the Insect Girl Clan’s side could rotate 360 degrees at a very fast speed.

Therefore, the battle was not very fair from the beginning.

The number of cannons made up for the lack of firing speed. Apart from the 400mm cannons, a large number of 130 cannons hit the enemy’s flagship and frigate.

Of course, the damage of this caliber to the enemy’s flagship was limited. Hence, the first wave was mostly thrown onto the enemy’s guard ship.

Around 5: 30 PM, the sun set in the west. A cannonball hit frigate No. 6, and the Insect Girl Clan sunk the first ship.

The enemy did not sink, but in fact, two of them had lost their ability to fight. They had already escaped from the battlefield and were trying to return to the port for maintenance before sinking. Most of the other ships were in a bad situation. The most unfortunate one had been hit by a 400mm cannon and was unable to leave. The crew could only look at the ship that was slowly sinking into the water in despair. There was nothing they could do.

At the bottom of the sea, hundreds of thousands of Beetle Army had completely surrounded the enemy’s small number of elemental elves. It could be said that they had completely taken control of the underwater domain.

The main ships of both sides were still using traditional cannons to go back and forth.

The reserve of cannonballs was very limited, but they could last for a long time.

The firing rate of the naval battle slowed down slightly after nightfall. Lo Ya was worried that the cannonballs would not be enough, so she had already sent out level one, two, and three ships to transport them. Although they did not send much each, they could support quite a few rounds.

The sea at night was illuminated by flashes of light from time to time, and the smell of smoke had long become walls.

Lo Ya laid inside the cabin and felt the shaking of the ship from time to time. She knew that the battleship insects were hit again.

During this period of time, there were more than ten of them that were the enemy’s main armament. The seemingly sturdy Battleship Insect was actually already very bad. Lo Ya’s healing technique also did not provide much help to this big monster. Later on, Lo Ya fed all of the small beetle under the sea to this Battleship Insect. It entered a state of slow recovery and healing of the wound.

This indeed showed the effect. The wound could be healed in about an hour or so with just one shot.

For the final victory of the naval battle, more and more ships entered the logistics line. Lo Ya also let them transport the Slime. That kind of nutritious food could recover the combat strength of the Battleship Insect faster.

After the night, the enemy’s Nicole Class battleship finally exploded from a fatal cannonball.

The side of the ship was full of bumps and hollows. The ship that was about to sink slowly began to sink. The last three cannons had also lost the ability to shoot.

The Empire tried to use the frigate to cover their retreat, but Lo Ya mercilessly chose to chase after them. She even let the remaining two frigate crash into the enemy ship and open up a path for them.

The main armament shot towards the various small ships of the enemy.

The booming lasted until 9 in the morning. After losing all her guards, Nicole was finally able to sink to the bottom of the water after receiving the final cannonball.

In less than 16 minutes, the target had disappeared from the surface of the sea.

“We won.”

When Lo Ya walked out of the cabin, she finally understood how tragic the situation of the battleship worm was. Three quarters of the life points had been lost. There was only one turret left on top, and there were many holes of different sizes on the side of the hull.

Hundreds of bugs were almost all dead.

She thought for a while and decided to let the fleet return immediately. They would quickly recover and immediately gather the bug fleet to prepare for an invasion against the empire.

It had been several months since they started to become enemies with the Empire. During this period of time, the Empire Army had already issued too many firearms and basically had the ability to engage in long-range combat with the bug swarm.

So Lo Ya felt that she could not delay any longer.

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