C259 The World Situation

On 15th, Apr., Empire of Insect Girl, the first fleet of the main force was finally formed.

This fleet consisted of eight frigate and one battleship.

Among them, the frigate was equipped with three 2s, 130 mm main armament, and a total of six gates. In addition, it was equipped with two Launcher Insect and five Bullet Insect.

After many adjustments, the battleship’s turnover had reached 42,000 tons. The weapon system had been upgraded to a whole new level. It was equipped with three 3s, which were equipped with 400mm main armament. 12 double-mounted, 130mm secondary cannons, 6 Launcher Insect and 20 Bullet Insect. The maximum range of the main armament was 32 kilometers.

Of course, the accuracy of this range depended on faith. When fighting against the Empire’s Iron-armored Ship, whether it was the secondary cannons or the main armament, they could create a huge pressure on the enemy. If the empire’s second generation Iron-armored Ship did not have a huge breakthrough, then even if it was facing a 130mm caliber cannon, They all bear the risk of destruction.

But Lo Ya quickly knew that the empire’s second batch of warships had already entered the water.

They were not only the main force of researching tonnes, but they also produced some small-scale ships between 2000 and 8000 tonnes, and the main force’s tonnage was also 30000 tonnes.

In fact, when the enemy did not have exaggerated warships in the past, it was a great waste for humans to build such ships. Therefore, when the second generation ship was designed, many people opposed the design of warships with more than 20,000 tons. But from the current situation, the Pope (Emperor) was the mainstay of the cannon ship. He was indeed very far-sighted. At the very least, the second generation of Nicole class ships had already reached the level of battleships. Although the main cannon’s caliber was barely 300 mm, due to the progress of the Magic’s propulsion technology, It possessed a stronger firepower projection ability. Additionally, the accuracy of the cannon might be slightly higher than that of the battleship worm.

April 16th, the two fleets of the Empire merged and formed a Nicole class flagship. Two Inspiration Class mainships (the first generation’s two), two Gri Class frigate (4000 tons). Six Bada Class frigate (2000 tons) Class super fleet.

This fleet took advantage of the fact that the Corrosive Insects and Explosive Beetle in the sea were continuously attacked by the elementium spirits to set sail. They planned to use an overbearing attack to completely determine the Empire’s position on the sea.

Lo Ya also used all the new generation of Battleship Insect to meet the attack. She could be considered to have sent out all of her forces.

On one side, one main force and eight guards, on the other side, three main forces and eight guards.

Because Lo Ya obtained the advantage of intelligence, she was able to prepare in advance. And in order to gain the absolute advantage in the air and block the enemy’s intelligence, Not long ago, the 1,000 Wind God Winged Insect that were transported to the island region were all dispatched.

Before the two sides clashed, they had already experienced many cruel battles in the sky.

The heavy shell and powerful firepower of the airship left a very strong impression on the Wind God Winged Insect, but it relied on its strong flexibility. The large number of flying insects could also launch Corrosive Seeds at the airships with all kinds of fancy movements. The bullets, even the Explosive Beetle and Corrosive Bugs were thrown out.

Usually, when a few Corrosive Beetle attacked an airship, they would barely be able to gain the upper hand.

At this moment, the other small countries seemed to have become a foil. The only thing they could do was to look at the sky in fear every day. Their iron sheets and wooden sailboats had all become burial items in the war. Under the situation of the coast being sealed off, They couldn’t even do basic diplomacy.

Perhaps this was the true definition of a weak country without diplomacy.

Whether it was the Insect Girl Clan or the Empire, they didn’t take the other powers in the ocean seriously. The aftermath of the war between the two sides often caused these countries to suffer heavy losses. Under the protest of the citizens, Two of the countries tried to negotiate with the Insect Girl Clan, but Lo Ya felt annoyed. Directly airdropping twenty thousand Explosive Beetle, it was a small warning.

In the Fresnel Forest, the Insect Girl Clan’s army had already offended at least eight Devil Beast Lord forces. They had been avoiding two of the extraordinary magical beasts that were trying to preserve their forces. In the end, they had no choice but to find the leader of the Insect Girl Clan to have a decisive battle. In the end, they were tricked by Lo Xin’s Cold Water Domain and Lightning Storm.

It couldn’t be blamed for this. Insect Girl was so small. As long as she used her skills in front of the big lion, she would hide after she released her skills. The other side wouldn’t be able to find her.

Facing the attack of a super class expert from an unknown place, these guys’ corpses became Insect Girl’s spoils of war.

Lo Xin picked up the spoils of war and shared the delicacies with the bugs. Finally, she obtained a large amount of strengthening genes and directly raised the basic combat strength of the Sickle Insect to Diamond Level.

The improvement of the other bugs was naturally also obvious. Right now, the basic strength of the bug army was many times stronger than ordinary magic beasts. With sufficient numbers, even a small number of extraordinary experts could not resist it. Hence, they could only fight and retreat, slowly making way for a large patch of forest land.

On the west side of the main continent of Fresnel Forest, a coastal territory over 4000 kilometers had been established. Although they had lost more than 300,000 insects in the process of attack, they had also gained an additional 700,000 tails. Therefore, not only did the scale of the insects not decrease, but they had also expanded greatly.

The Eastern and Southeastern front lines, which were the main attack, were not reproducing very quickly due to the excessive consumption. However, under a larger number, hundreds of thousands of insects were also bred. In addition, the insects in other regions were not idle, so the total number of insects was 2.2 million.

What was even more fortunate was that the new generation of eight little Little Insect Girl also grew into adulthood, while the other ten tails entered the incubation stage. This meant that in the near future, Insect Girl’s number would reach 42.

The little fellows were excited to observe the growth of the little tails every day. In a safe environment, their incubation process was very perfect. They were alive and kicking, and when the time was right, they could come out from the tails.

Lo Ya also obtained an Empire version of the world map through the Nourishing Insect, which marked the area of the entire continent.

The first place was the main continent of Finel (also known as the Finel Continent). It was completely made up of forests, like a chicken leg that only had its head left. In the center, there was a long crack that looked like a keyhole. It was the Abyss of Stars. The Star Abyss was more than three thousand kilometers long and four hundred to five hundred kilometers wide. The situation inside was unclear. The entire forest was about 4,000 kilometers north and south, and the east and west were less than 7,000 kilometers away.

The north-west region of the forest, separated by the Anti-Gravity Broken Rift, was the Feinia Continent. In the south-east region, there was a relatively narrow Anti-Gravity Broken Rift that was two times the length, similar to a petal in the East Feinia Continent.

In the southeast region of the East Finne Continent, there was another continent 1,000 kilometers away. On it were some countries that were hostile to the Empire, which was also known as another alliance against the Empire. The specific situation was unknown.

The Goddess Continent was located to the south of the Finel Continent, and half of the northern region of the continent belonged to the Empire. The east side of the Goddess Continent was the Empire’s second continent (East Empire Continent). The two of them were less than 2,000 kilometers apart.

Lastly, the Western part of the Yir Kingdom, as well as a few smaller land masses.

This was the situation of the entire world.

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