C256 Battleship Bug Fusion

In front of Lo Ya, the two Level 2 Battleship Insect slowly melted and turned into a mass of mollusk similar to the enlarged version of the Nourishing Insect.

Because it was a mollusk, and it did not have a fixed shape, it was like an enlarged version of the Hundred Transformations Monster. However, the difference was that this monster was very disgusting. The large number of eyes on its head were distributed evenly on its body, and half of them were still melting. The other half had already begun to wiggle softly.

These soft substances would eventually fuse together and become a new one. An even larger Battleship Insect. Every part of the ___ would be superimposed, forming what was previously hard. Because this process did not evolve, there would not be a qualitative change.

There was a limit to the fusion evolution itself. It would not suddenly experience a shocking increase in strength, and the largest volume also had to conform to its own bearing capacity.

Because the actual hardness of the shell was already comparable to steel, and the quality was relatively low, Lo Ya could easily fuse these bugs into a battleship of tens of thousands of tons.

The disadvantage was that there were no cannons.

The Launcher Insect’s three-kilometer-long artillery shell did not have much damage to the Iron-armored Ship, so Lo Ya did not expect them to have too much effect. The process of the Battleship Insect merging was very slow, so Lo Ya was not in a hurry either. Instead, she continued to remotely command the bug swarm to fight in various places to collect genes.

The situation at the bottom of the sea must be explained here. After exploring the sea for a period of time, Lo Ya discovered that the sea in this world did not have as many creatures as she had imagined. There were very few species, and the food chain was relatively single.

Overall, it was just a few aquatic plants that were reproducing very quickly. The next level was a few small aquatic creatures with relatively fast reproductive speed, and the next level was a few small aquatic creatures with a low reproductive speed of two or three rings. Moreover, these carnivorous creatures did not have long lifespans.

They happened to form an ingenious balance that ensured that each creature would not go extinct, nor would there be any explosive growth.

However, the Electric Shock Octopus was gradually destroying this balance, so of course, it did not matter. Because the Insect Girl Clan itself did not need to care about so much. When they found out that the structure of the creatures at the seabed was simple, Lo Ya no longer cared about the life chain at the bottom of the sea. She did not even care about the reproduction of the Electric Shock Octopus.

As time passed, it was the third month of the establishment of the Empire of Insect Girl. During this period of time, all the creatures had a substantial increase in their basic attributes. But the most important thing was that the launch ability of the Launcher Insect and Bullet Insect and the crystal energy utilization rate had increased once again.

The Bullet Insect’s cannonball turned into a type of grenade with a diameter of 80 millimeters, with a range of 2.5 kilometers. It was comparable to the mortars from World War II, and its power was only a little lower than the 80mm cannonballs from the same period.

As for the Launcher Insect’s rocket, its firing range was 15 kilometers, although its accuracy had slightly increased. But at this distance, the accuracy seemed to be a little worse. Fortunately, his performance at close range was much better. As for the ordinary armor-piercing bullets, they were already extraordinary. Their shooting range was already at 5 kilometers.

This was not a howitzer, but something similar to an anti-tank cannon. If a tank from World War II appeared in front of him, he believed that this cannon would be able to penetrate it.

At the current stage, the enemy did not have a powerful tank, so this type of weapon could be used to deal with the strong ones in the fortifications or fortifications. If one was lucky enough to hit a Beyond Class Mortal, the opponent would probably not feel good either.

Compared to the first time, the Launcher Insect had become bigger. With the increase in quality, when firing armor-piercing bullets, there would be a strong recoil. In other words, its body would fall backwards. The structure of the launcher itself had a cushion for the recoil, so it wouldn’t cause any problems.

In order to launch the launcher itself, every Launcher Insect needed the help of two Undead Insect during battle.

Apart from the enhancement of the cannon, the explosive power of small beetle had also reached 1.5 times of its original power, so airdrop combat was more efficient.

Insect Girl Clan also obtained a special gene and produced a shrunken version of the cannon insect. They could be equipped on the forelimbs of the Sickle Insect, and could also be used by the Undead Insect. When the real cannon was fired, it was a little like a rifle. The firing speed was not fast, and the effective range was about 800 meters. The power was actually quite great. The ammunition was a medium-grade crystal wrapped in half metal insect shell. The firing mechanism was similar to the Launcher Insect armor-piercing bullet.

The appearance of this weapon seemed to have the potential to allow some insects to have long-range shooting methods, and it also introduced the infantry fighting method to the early Second World War. The current firing speed was 6 rounds per minute, and it was far from being as fast as 98K. However, the power was indeed close. Unfortunately, due to the rough mode, the precision of this weapon was very poor. Although there was lethality within a kilometer, for the accuracy, It was only suitable for use within 400 meters.

The gene of the bug swarm was slowly optimizing this weapon. If it could achieve a breakthrough through the genes of other creatures, In the future, Insect Girl Clan might really have a war similar to the first world war with the Empire’s military.

Lo Ya also knew what it meant to learn to improve. Insect Girl’s mysterious evolution last time allowed Lo Ya to choose the direction of evolution subtly. Perhaps it was because she hoped to produce long-range weapons that made everyone’s genes take the initiative to optimize in this aspect.

When it was close to the middle of March, year 1 (later time referring to Empire of Insect Girl Calendar), the Empire began to launch a large number of special Magic substances similar to elemental elves into the sea. They had no life, but they looked like balls of light with life. The Corrosive Insects began an efficient massacre.

Lo Ya only released two million Corrosive Insects in the sea, and the rest were left on the island. Because the insects closest to the island were mysteriously killed, she was forced to withdraw all the other insects. She also considered other ways to stall for time.

For an entire month, Lo Ya fused the 20 Battleship Insect together. It included a 1st Grade ship, 2nd Grade ship, 3rd Grade ship, and a 4th Grade ship. The final result was a total of 36,000 tons of heavy Battleship Insect.

The length of the ship was 208 meters, with an average width of 26 meters. It looked like a naval battleship from World War II. The thickness of the armor on its side had reached an average of 230 mm (strengthened by Magic). During the process, the viscous soft tissue had attempted to condense the cannon barrel many times. However, all of them had failed. Fortunately, the condensation this time had brought about a great result. The newly born Battleship Insect could all be built using this as a template.

The black shape gave this ferocious monster a mysterious sense of terror. However, for the current Insect Girl Clan, it would take a long time for her to unleash her combat strength.

The only thing they could do at the moment was to let the evolved Launcher Insect stay on top of it. They could fire armor-piercing bullets that did not cause much damage to the Iron-armored Ship. Or, it could be used as a rocket launcher to launch long-ranged attacks on people.

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