C255 Fusion

On the Empire square, countless airships slowly took off. To this majestic city, these airships were as small as ants, but their taking off made Lo Ya very nervous.

Last time, one airship’s combat power was already terrifying enough. Now that there were so many of them, Lo Ya really did not know what to do.

Currently, there were 2000 Wind God Winged Insect transferred from the territory to the island area of Emico Island. She was worried that the future aerial battle would be very serious, so she planned to mobilize a large number of winged insects again.

In the current situation, it was not wise to fight directly. She let all the flying insects hide in the remote mountain forest, disguise well, and then let the large group of insects hide underground in the open area.

In less than half a day, over 100 airships appeared above the island of Bajik.

They circled around the island a few times and did not find any bugs, so they thought the bugs were hiding in the city area and began to bombard the City of Water.

The cannons on the side of the airship were much smaller than the land cannons and sea cannons, so the power was naturally much smaller. However, the damage to the buildings and people on the ground was still devastating. The small machine gun fired the metal enchanted bullets on the ground, sweeping away the pedestrians on the street.

After a few minutes of sweeping, the airship troops continued flying north for dozens of kilometers. They checked a few small islands and left.

Lo Ya estimated that the flight had reached its limit.

“It’s really bad. Even the navy can’t go out to sea.”

The lethality of airships was almost the same as planes from the old era. Their weakness was their lack of flexibility. Their speed was slow and their ability to support the ground was poor, but Lo Ya did not forget. These were only the Empire’s first-generation products. It was completely understandable that there were some problems with them.

Because the life forms on this planet all had extremely high individual qualities, the training of pilots would be very easy. It was very likely that any one of them would be more outstanding than the pilots on Earth. Because even Black Iron Level warriors had ten times higher basic attributes than ordinary people.

Although the Nourishing Insect had already entered the empire’s territory, the information obtained was still too little. In the capital, the closer one got to the central region, the greater the pressure Nourishing Insect felt. Their life points gradually decreased as the distance between them and the central region closed. Hence, Lo Ya could only let these small spiders hide outside the city. Through the discussion of ordinary people, she could obtain information about this country.

“Have you heard? His Highness the Pope is preparing to hold a grand military parade. It is said that it is to test the quality of the army of the new era. They say that this army is equipped with the latest weapons… I’m talking about the latest weapons, not the old-fashioned single-shot guns that have just been thrown in.”

” New weapons… You’re saying that the mass production of firearms has been achieved? ”

“Of course, the progress is too fast. We have to thank the Magic. The cooldown of the Magic and the activation of the Magic have pushed our technology forward for at least a few decades. All of this was completed within a year.”

“How terrifying.”

Such changes.

The most discussed topic within the empire was the changes in life caused by science and technology, or the changes in future battles.

And the most shocking news the bugs received was.

“I heard that the theory behind those ancient weapons has yet to be tested. It’s said that we’ll have to develop for at least a few decades before we can crack the key technology within, but the goddess believes that it will never be possible.”

“Chain bomb, huh? I heard that it can easily destroy a large city.”

“Heh, let alone a large city, if it can be manufactured, even this continent will be destroyed.”

“Chain bomb, an ancient weapon.”

It would be a lie if Lo Ya said that she was not worried about this information. It sounded like a forbidden magic weapon in the Magic Domain. If the Empire had such a weapon, The war in the future must be carried out in the territory of the enemy, and it could not be carried out in a war with hundreds of thousands of people gathered together.

It was also true that in the face of the increasingly powerful cannons, splitting up the formation was the king of Insect Girl Clan’s future war. The losses must be reduced to the minimum, and the results must be maximized.

The failure of the first battle of the Empire’s airships could change their strategy and increase the speed of the airships. They could also build an airship base on an island closer to them. The airship didn’t need a long runway to take off. Basically, 20 meters of flat ground was enough. Therefore, there was no need to build the so-called airport like fighter planes.

In any case, compared to Earth’s era, everything in the Magic had some bugs.

Relying on the blockage of large amounts of Corrosive Beetle, Lo Ya could be considered to have successfully blocked the Empire’s navy’s approach. But correspondingly, she also had no way to deal with the enemy’s Iron-armored Ship.

However, this did not mean that the swarm would not attack the enemy. Almost at every moment, every bug would think of ways to approach the enemy and try to corrode the enemy’s ordinary ships, as well as the remaining iron ship.

In the end, the Empire sent these bugs onto land and built a crane tower to hang them in the air. There were also a large number of soldiers blocking the coastline.

The enemy already knew who their enemy was. The intelligence network of both sides was not weak. The Empire used some unknown means to bypass the blockade of the Insect Girl Clan. It allowed a small number of people to infiltrate the Feinen Continent and obtain the information about the Empire of Insect Girl ruling the continent.

However, they were unable to determine the true strength of the insect swarm and did not know much about its reproduction ability. The Insect Girl Clan was very strict in keeping the scale of their army a secret. What ordinary people could see was always the smallest part of their army. Most of the military forces were either expanding in Fresnel Forest or staying away from human territory.

In the navy breeding base located on one side of the mountain range and on the various islands, the Battleship Insect had almost obtained the most resources. But Lo Ya knew that the damage these bugs could do to the Iron-armored Ship was almost zero. Hence, she had no choice but to collect more genes to increase her strength.

Knowing that the Evolution points had accumulated to 30,000, when she entered the editor again, she discovered that the genes on the right side of the evolution tree could greatly increase the ship’s strength.

[Fusion: An ability that can allow the ship to fuse and evolve. Melting all known ships into liquid soft structures and merging them into one. It can facilitate a one-time in-progress upgrade. Every upgrade would bring about a highly efficient utilization of the existing genes. After the evolution was completed, for a period of time, There would no longer be the same type of evolution effect. ]

How should I put it? It’s just that there’s no way to evolve. However, it can be used more efficiently using genes. In other words, fusing the existing Battleship Insect into an even bigger ship. It could increase its defensive power, drainage, and other attributes.

On the surface, the appearance of the large ship only showed that it had obtained a large “turtle ship.” However, in reality, this had indirectly guided the future direction of the swarm.

It might not be long before the swarm would be able to grow the cannon naturally on top of the ship based on the genes they already had.

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