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The Electric Shock Octopus’s eavesdropping had helped Lo Ya obtain a lot of information.

Unbelievable power, perhaps the current empire was experiencing a great technological revolution. Moreover, the revolution this time was extraordinary because it was not only developing in the field of regular weapons. It also integrated the powerful Magic technology into it.

At this moment, the octopus swam to the bottom of the Iron-armored Ship and tried to use its tentacles to hit the bottom of the ship. In the end, it could clearly feel the Magic’s Strength transmitting to its body.

Although the degree of enhancement brought by the enchantment technique was not very large, it was still inconceivable to use it on such a large battleship.

“The rate at which the main armament is fired is too fast. Its power is probably close to some of the small caliber cannons of World War II.”

Eight kilometers of range. For the current Insect Girl Clan navy, if they encountered it, they would die.

Furthermore, these warships were not fighting alone. They were constantly escorted by the highest grade iron ships. If they wanted to defeat them, Lo Ya’s insect swarm fleet would probably have to be strengthened.

“Emm, I don’t want to fight openly and openly with you.”

Brother Zhang Yu had already sensed the danger. Some of the Empire’s soldiers had entered the water. Thus, he took the initiative to wave his tentacles and left the shore from the bottom of the water.

In the following period of time, Lo Ya did not care about the Empire’s navy’s situation and instead focused her attention on the Bajik Kingdom.

The island that the Badi Kingdom was on could be said to be quite large, close to 60,000 square kilometers. It was rich in natural resources and used the grain production technology that the Empire had sold in the past. As a result, a main food source known as the Stacked Fruit was able to produce 3,000 kilograms per acre.

Yes, the yield was several times higher than the optimized rice on Earth.

But it could also be understood. When the Empire was researching this plant, Not only did they use grafting and optimization methods to nurture it, they also used large amounts of Magic catalyzing technology. This caused the original yield of an acre of plant to increase by 14 times.

If there were no accidents, the stacked fruits used in the Empire right now would definitely be far more than that.

This was a plant that could never be seen in the Feinne Continent.

Lo Ya could predict the immense pressure that the future war would face. The population of the Empire had been high density for many years. The policy of unification of politics and religion also gave them extraordinary motivation. If the technology continued to explode in the future, then the race war that was about to happen… It would be unimaginably cruel.

Lo Ya exited Brother Zhang Yu’s Spirit link and was ready to move the ship to Bajik.

Twenty thousand bugs, facing ten thousand people from the Empire.

One thing was certain, the Empire’s army’s equipment was relatively ancient. It was still the traditional sword and saber armor. This was a huge advantage for the swarm, because the current Sickle Bugs already had the average strength of a Mid Gold Level. They still needed around 10 Strength attributes to break through to the Diamond Level.

No matter how strong the Empire’s soldiers were, they couldn’t reach this kind of average combat strength, right? Even if they had combat energy, they would not be able to crush the swarm.

“I have to tell Yir that the trouble on the sea has been resolved so that they can ship the ship over.”

Lo Ya was ready to betray the alliance.

Those small countries were forced to pull Lo Ya into their own group, but who would have thought that Insect Girl Empire was the most terrifying one?

In such an era, it was very difficult for a country to survive in a weak crevice. They were either annexed by the empire or defeated by the Insect Girl Clan in the distant continent.

Lo Ya sent out a human diplomat from Insect Girl Empire, male, 54 years old.

Originally, this man was a noble, and also the principal of the school of diplomats in the Kingdom of Trio. In the era of insect control, this fellow quickly betrayed the original country and became a loyal subject under Lo Ya.

He completed the mission very well and let Yir foreign countries keep their promise and transport the fleet to Emico Island.

These ships were controlled by the Yir people, so Lo Ya did not want to immediately fall out with them, so she sent a few ships to lead the way to the southern port of Terio.

After that. After another day, 150,000 insects boarded the ships one after another.

850 ships. It was a spectacular sight. Half of them were wind ships, while the other half were primitive ram ships like those from the Roman era.

It took six days to get back and forth. When the insects were about to get off the ship and board the ship, Lo Ya gave the command without any mercy. Immediately after, the sickle insects attacked at the same time, killing every ferryman on the ship.

Thousands of people, up and down, died in less than three minutes.

The ship successfully became Lo Ya’s.

She immediately got the insects to come down. Then, she changed to the Undead Insects and continued to return to Trio’s territory to transport another 150,000 insects.

The Insect Girl Clan now had enough transportation ability. Of course, in Lo Ya’s eyes, it was still not enough. On the one hand, it made the shipyard in the territory to speed up the construction. On the other hand, it was ready to attack all the islands in the surrounding area to turn the entire island into its own territory.

Because of the backward communication technology, the Empire could not immediately know about the situation here.

So the technology tree in this world was obviously crooked (of course, it could also be that Earth was crooked), and the communication ability was outdated in war mode. It was clearly already a cannon ship, but most of the orders still depended on the flag language.

Lo Ya’s 300 ships split into two batches and transported the disembarkation army to Bayi Ke Island.

Facing the support of their allies, the people of the island welcomed them warmly.

Of course, most of the civilians only shouted blindly. Even if they saw ferocious insects lining up and passing through the streets, they did not understand what had happened.

After the insects left the port city, they went down south and traveled 200 kilometers overnight. They ran into 5,000 soldiers of the 2nd legion of the Empire’s Bajik Expedition Army that were heading north in the middle of the island.

10,000 insects crazily charged at the well-equipped heavy armored infantry.

The armor of the imperial army was black and suffused with a metallic luster. Their helmets were all covered in solid steel, only revealing their faces and eyes. The armor on their bodies was flexible and firm, whether it was their knees or elbows. Almost every inch of his body was covered in pieces of metal.

Battle energy burst out. The dark legion appeared colorful under the night sky.

“It really is the average level of Silver Level.”

Luo Ya looked at the insects that felt a great pressure after crashing into them, and understood that she really shouldn’t underestimate these warriors.

The black bug wave and the heavy elite sword-and-shield soldiers were fighting. The weapons of the Empire were similar to the Roman Empire, but the difference was that there were quite a number of artillery behind their main force.

In fact, three minutes after the battle started, the fifteen cannons of the 2nd legion fired cannonballs three kilometers away.

It was already a new type of long-range cannon, not the kind that was loaded from the head. It had a diameter of 40 millimeters, and its power was quite high. When it landed in the swarm, more than a dozen Sickle Bugs that were close to it were instantly blown away.

Six died on the spot.

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