C250 The Shipwreck

The Wind God Winged Insect had been deployed for two days, and had finally sprinkled over 100,000 insects over the 2,000 kilometers sea between the southern archipelago and the Yir Kingdom.

In order to increase the effects, the Corrosive Beetle had been divided into 10 parts that were relatively close to each other. They had also left behind a certain amount of ordinary small beetle to replenish the consumption of food.

After floating on the sea for two days, a group of insects finally encountered the Empire’s fleet.

An independent battle group consisting of eight iron ships.

Not sure if they were from the third or the fourth fleet, countless Corrosive Beetle began to approach the path of these ships. Taking advantage of the fact that they were not in front of them, they dived into the water ahead of time.

The small beetle’s swimming speed was not fast, so part of it relied on the Electric Shock Octopus to transport it underwater.

About ten minutes later, more than 1000 insects had gathered at the designated location. To prevent any accidents, Lo Ya ordered the insects to stop moving closer and started to hide four to five meters below the surface of the water.

The Empire’s navy did not pay attention to these changes as expected. When the ship passed through the burial area, the Corrosive Beetle immediately surfaced and quickly stuck to the bottom of the ship, releasing the corrosive liquid on its own.

The metal slowly melted with a sizzling sound. Actually, if one were to observe carefully at this time… The color of the seawater was not normal at all. The obviously different light blue color, as well as the corrosive metal liquid, appeared behind the ship. One after another.

Some of the crew members noticed, but they didn’t take it seriously.

Under the eight ships, more than 600 beetles successfully caught the ship.

A portion of the ship had been corroded and self-detonated, but it only melted a very thin layer of the deck. Part of the reason was because of the dilution of the seawater, and the other part was because the corrosive liquid was too little and the ship was too thick.

Hence, the small beetle began to take turns lining up to corrode a small area. The water flow was very rapid, but these little things did not have much strength either. They could firmly hold onto the bottom of the ship.

After more than half an hour, one of the ships finally melted through the metal and saw the wood on it.

The beetle tried to make the hole bigger, and it was about 30 centimeters in diameter. Then, it waved its pincers and started attacking the wood.

The wood was shattered after a few hits. Under high pressure, a large amount of liquid flowed into the boat.

These bugs crawled into the boat one after another, attacking the wooden board or exploding their bodies, trying to make the hole in the water bigger.

Almost in no time, two inspection soldiers came to the vicinity of the room.

Water gushed out from the gap in the door, wetting the corridor. Seeing that something was wrong, the two of them quickly rushed forward and opened the door. Then, the water that had accumulated to 30 centimeters surged in and instantly passed their calves.

“Damn it, there’s a leak?”

“Ahhh, my legs!”

A beetle that was corroding the iron door immediately exploded beside their legs when it saw the two of them enter. The strong corrosive liquid that was comparable to concentrated sulfuric acid instantly swallowed their legs and they fled in terror. At the same time, they released the Dou Qi in their bodies to resist.

After rushing out seven or eight meters in the corridor, the other two crew members who heard the noise looked at them curiously and found their legs covered in blood.

“This is…”

“There’s a hole in the hull, there’s a strange creature coming in, quickly report to the captain!”

The water began to flow out, and the soldiers inside the ship quickly got busy. As they shouted to block the water, they picked up their weapons and prepared to clean up the Corrosive Beetle that was inside.

A few of them killed a bug that was stuck by the door with a sword. In the end, they were not able to defend themselves in time and were hit by the liquid that burst out from its body. They immediately cried out in pain.

Later on, when everyone found out, they maintained their combat power at all times. They cleaned up and tried to block the water at the same time.

Unfortunately, the 30 centimeter hole was already too big. Normal things could not block it at all.

“Close the door, close the door!”

While the soldiers were panicking, similar things happened to the other ships one after another.

They tried their best to make up for it, hoping that the ships would be able to make it to the port. However, the dozens of Explosive Beetle that drilled into it had caused the liquid itself to have a strong corrosive property, whether it was wood or metal. They were all slowly melting away, making it even more difficult for the soldiers to work.

After struggling for more than ten minutes, the ship sank quite a bit.

Some soldiers were forced to leave the lower levels and come to the deck filled with cannons.

The soldiers worked together to throw the useless things off the ship to reduce the weight. They even wanted to throw away the cannons that weighed a few tons. Later on, they realized that it was useless, so they put down the lifeboat and prepared to escape.

Unfortunately, there were not many lifeboats. They could only carry more than 20 people.

Basically, there was no hope. The flagship’s commander tried to use Magic to call for help from the other fleets around, but he found out that the allies were too far away.

Moreover, for unknown disasters that came from underwater, even the other fleets did not dare to rashly rescue them, afraid that they would end up in the same situation.

A few hours later, under the desperate efforts of these bugs, all the ships sank.

The insects did not let the people who escaped on the lifeboats go, so in the end, not a single one of the hundreds of crew members survived.

This battle allowed Lo Ya to see the hope of defeating the enemy.

So in the following time, Lo Ya’s Level 1 Battleship Insect began to move in a straight line towards the Empire’s coastal port. Then, with the help of the Wind God Winged Insect, they bypassed the enemy’s fleet.

The Empire also knew the use of intelligence. They sent out large groups of Horned Eagle Knights. Both sides engaged in aerial battles in the sky, and most of them were evenly matched.

Horned Eagle The strength of a beast knight lay in the fact that there were warriors at the Silver Level and above sitting on its back. They could release long-range combat qi attacks. On the side of the Wind God Winged Insect, they could also release high speed corrosive liquid bullets. Therefore, in the end, most of the enemy’s scouting missions failed due to the obstruction of the flying insects.

As for the Insect Girl Clan, because of the shared vision, even if they were shot down, Lo Ya could instantly know the war situation in the sky ahead.

The Wind God Winged Insect could fly in the sky for six hours, and its speed could reach 120 kilometers per hour. Therefore, the furthest detection distance was 720 kilometers. If it fell, it could be transported back by Brother Zhang Yu who was in the sea. Therefore, Lo Ya was not worried that these guys would fall into the water.

The flying speed of the Horned Eagle Beasts was relatively faster. Their flying speed mainly relied on the airflow behind the Magic wings. However, the weakness was very obvious. They would die immediately if they fell into the water. Therefore, half of the 600 kilometers worth of travel was used to return, and the furthest detection distance was increased to 300 kilometers.

Compared to the Horned Eagle Beast, the airship was the most terrifying. The cannons above could perform long-range attacks, and there were also holes similar to guns. After the Empire invested this thing, they were able to fire continuously. Lo Ya’s air force immediately felt the pressure.

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