C249 Target of the Corrosive Beetle

After that… Yes. For the next two days, Lo Ya tested the corroding small beetle and the corroding spray bug’s abilities one after another.

She could clearly feel that their ability to destroy metal… was much stronger than their physical body.

“Can’t this be used to deal with ships?”

Lo Ya suddenly shivered.

The small beetle had the ability to swim. If it was during a naval battle, If these insects were to corrode the lower layer of the ship from below, then forget about the Iron-armored Ship or the iron ship… They would all sink. Even if they couldn’t, a large leak would be enough for these enemies to suffer. And what was more interesting was that Lo Ya could also let the Explosive Beetle climb out of the corroded hole. Then, she could create chaos inside.

“Wakaka, I’m really too smart.”

Lo Ya immediately ordered the consumption of food. In the next few days, she would produce 12 Shooting Reproductive Insect, which was specially used to produce corrosive small beetle.

Because the cost of Corrosive small beetle was higher than Explosive Beetle, they could only produce 5,000 small beetle per day.

Actually, it was very high. Even so, it meant that 12 flourishing ball could produce 60,000 insects a day.

Corrosive small beetle’s general usage was actually not as good as Explosive Beetle. After all, the melting speed was far from being as fast as the explosion. To destroy a cannon that weighed a few tons, it required a lot of corrosive liquid from many insects. It would also take a very long time.

“Whatever, this is a good way to deal with the Empire’s ships”

Not only can it be used during naval warfare, but it can also be used to attack ports.

As expected, the plan could not keep up with the changes. Originally, they had decided to build ships continuously to deplete the Empire’s fleet before launching an overwhelming landing war. Now, it seemed like they would have a way to get rid of the enemy navy in a short period of time.

After playing with Little Insect Girl and the others for two days, Lo Ya brought the newly born 12 Shooting Reproductive Insect to Emico Island.

Because there was a way to defeat the Empire’s navy, Lo Ya felt that she did not need any allies to stop her.

Turning friends into enemies, she did not hesitate to betray them.

A few days ago, because she was not in the City of Water, the other countries’ ambassadors came and did not communicate with Lo Ya.

This time, when she went, she saw the ambassador of Yer Country rushing over to see her.

“Your Majesty Lo Ya, shouldn’t you keep your promise and let 150,000 insects join the battlefield?”

Lo Ya had promised this in the beginning, but in fact, because of the limited ability to transport troops and Lo Ya had not really transferred troops from her territory, there were only 30,000 insects on Emico Island until now.

“I agree, but tell me, what happened during this period of time?”

The ambassador shook his head with a headache. “The two fleets of the Empire fought with the alliance again, and then sent 10,000 people to land in Ba Yike, 1,500 kilometers east of Ir. That country had an army of 100,000 people, but they couldn’t even stop the 10,000 infantry of the Empire. ”

“I got it” Lo Ya nodded speechlessly.

The west side of the Empire’s territory was Ba Yi Ke Island. A few hundred miles northeast of Ba Yi Ke was the southernmost part of Fresnel Forest. It was also the southernmost part of the western passageway of the Finel Continent that Lo Ya needed to open up in the future. It would be the springboard for the Empire’s invasion. Currently, the passage had only opened up for more than a thousand kilometers. There was still another three thousand kilometers to go before they could reach this place. Therefore, the real plan still needed some time to be carried out.

Lo Ya touched her chin and said, “How about this, I will mobilize 20,000 insects to help defend against the Empire’s next attack. You guys better provide me with more ships so that I can transport the insects in the country over.”

The ships mentioned here were ordinary merchant ships and cargo ships. Because they had unified the West Feinen Continent, Lo Ya had already collected more than 300 transport ships. The actual transport capacity was 35,000 Sickle Insect.

However, considering the distance between the two places, one trip would take five days, and the distance between Mi Ke Island and the Empire would be a little further. Therefore, in fact, it would take 12 days to travel from the Feinen Continent to the Empire.

With this speed, it would not be able to transport 100,000 insects in a month.

She did not believe that the Empire only had this bit of ability to transport insects.

“We’ll find a way to mobilize all the ships in the country to transport 150,000 bugs at once”


“[At least 1,000 ships]”

Lo Ya,… “”

That’s right. A thousand ordinary wooden ships was not rare. There were already so many of them in the ancient Greek era.

If the boats were in her hands, Lo Ya would not be able to spit them out. Anyway, once the transportation was completed, these boats would be taken away by the Insect Girl Clan. There would not be any crew left on them.

“God help me.”

After sending off the diplomat, Lo Ya came to the shore and looked at the Shooting Reproductive Insect that were producing Corrosive Beetle and rushing towards the forest at the center of the island. She was very satisfied.

The production was slow now, but half a day later, once they took root in the forest, the flourishing ball would be able to continuously devour the surrounding soil and produce large amounts of small insects.

Once these insects were thrown into the sea battle, it would have a fatal impact on the enemy.

The Explosive Beetle could not penetrate steel, so it was more suitable for land warfare. It was better to deal with ordinary soldiers, but the Corrosive Beetle’s ability to deal with soldiers was slightly weaker than the Explosive Bug’s, but it was better to quickly corrode metal.

It could be considered a complementary advantage.

The resources on the island were not sufficient. It was estimated that once the insect population reached fifty thousand, it would be saturated. If it continued to reproduce, it would affect the ecological chain. Many of the paths in the south were not as big as Emico, so it was not suitable.

However, Lo Ya was prepared to immediately defect and not defect to the enemy after obtaining her allies’ fleet. She would start to invade and invade the entire island region.

When the islands were occupied and the army went down south, they would be able to engage in the first round of army battles with the Empire in the Bajik Kingdom.

This battle would definitely drive the Empire out of the island because the reproduction ability of the insects would definitely crush the logistical pressure of the Empire. Furthermore, Bajik was already to the south of the islands. When Lo Ya occupied the southernmost island, As long as they travelled a few hundred miles, they would be able to log in. It was much more convenient than traveling a few thousand miles in the Empire.

The plan was very good and carried out as Lo Ya had expected.

She first used the fleet to go south, preparing to send troops to Ba Yike. Unfortunately, the Wind God Winged Insect met with the ships of the empire. Moreover, they had an aerial battle with the enemy’s Horned Eagle Scout. The Wind God Winged Insect relied on the corrosive liquid in its mouth to flee from the enemy. It had a slight advantage. However, the enemy fleet also understood the existence of the Insect Girl Clan’s transport team, so Lo Ya finally gave up on this step plan.

Two days later, more than 300 wooden ships that did not have much combat power opened up in the Yi Er Kingdom. In the end, they also encountered the Empire’s broken diplomatic fleet and suffered heavy losses. Only half of them managed to escape. This situation made Lo Ya realize the importance of the ocean advantage once again.

Because the number of Corrosive Beetle had already reached 100,000, she began to let the Wind God Winged Insect airdrop on the sea. She let these bugs float on the water in groups. Once they encountered an Empire ship, They would approach the other party and explode to corrode the ship. In order to achieve this goal, when they get close to the target, The armored bugs might need to hold their breath for a while.

Perhaps the Insect Girl Clan’s half an hour underwater adaptation was effective. Even if ordinary worms did not have an underwater respiratory system, they could still dive for more than five minutes. Even if they could not hold it in anymore, they could still dive after breathing for a while after coming out of the water.

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