C246 Maritime War Ended

“Launcher, next shot, quick!”

The battle had reached its climax. The soldiers of the Imperial Navy were sweating profusely as they continuously loaded the cannonballs that weighed several kilograms into the opening.

This kind of thing. The cannons were different from the ones that had been loaded from the head. Instead, they had been filled from the back. The secondary cannon weighed 3kg and the main armament weighed 8kg. A three kilometer range meant that the power was beyond imagination.

For a level 2 ship like the Insect Girl Clan that was twenty-five meters long, not a single shot was fatal. In fact, as long as he was hit by three main armament attacks, he would basically sink. Comparatively speaking, a level 3 ship’s endurance was much higher. The 40 meters hull could withstand 5-6 rounds of cannon fire. A level 4 ship that was 60 meters long could withstand more than 10 rounds of cannon fire.

Lo Ya had to admit that a few kilometers of naval battle was a gamble of luck, even if the Launcher Insect’s accuracy was high. There were also a lot of shells that missed. In order to avoid being blown up by the cannon, the ships of both parties started to change direction at a distance of two kilometers. They used the main armament on the side to shoot at each other.

The smoke and fire increased the intensity of the battlefield to the limit. Lo Ya occasionally let the Wind God Winged Insect launch an air strike. A large amount of Explosive Beetle was thrown in, causing unprecedented damage to the empire.

“Cannon gunner, there are not enough cannonballs. Hurry up and transport them over.”

All the cannonballs were loading and firing nervously. This ship that had not been hit was luckier than the allies. Their position was closer to the front, but they had never been the target of Insect Girl Clan’s fire.

Three to four people worked together to load the cannonballs in, from pulling the Magic at the back to hitting the lock. They triggered the crystal explosion and produced a counterforce, pulling the ammunition out of the barrel. Different from the circular cannonballs from before, the ships of the Empire in the past two years had all changed into sharp cannonballs. They were also getting heavier and heavier. The energy utilization rate within the crystal kept increasing, and it might not be long before… It would be able to build a super warship cannon with a range of more than 10 kilometers. However, that cannon was only suitable for the Iron-armored Ship.


The back of the ship shook violently. The loud sound almost deafened everyone present.

“Don’t look behind, continue loading!”

The commanding officer’s shout echoed throughout the ship, and was quickly suppressed by the sound of cannon fire.

It was unknown how long it had been since a naval battle like this had happened. They knew who the enemy was, but they did not think that they would be able to bring out such a powerful weapon.

“3 o’clock. main armament on the right, prepare. Aim at the target and launch.”

The muzzle of the cannon once again spewed out flames of fury. The target’s ship was already on the verge of collapse. This shot happened to hit the target, causing the enemy to completely crystallize and explode.

“The loss is a little too great.”

When the 12 ships sank, Lo Ya frowned.

The other side sank 7 ships. The reason why the number was small was that their ships were indeed big and heavy.

The ships of the allies were also not idle. They kept firing cannonballs. With so many ships surrounding the Empire’s ships that were relatively few in number, they did not obtain a very good result. This made Lo Ya feel uncomfortable.

“It is also not easy for me to build ships.”

She scratched her head and let a portion of the Undead Insect jump into the sea. It was good enough that the boat that had sunk but did not lose the life points was transported back. The Electric Shock Octopus that had been hunting sea monsters in the water were not idle either. However, it was not safe to stay underwater for a period of time. There were even large creatures that were dozens of meters long, and they were very aggressive.

Lo Ya’s gaze had been fixed on the super class commander in front of her. Very soon, that expert also noticed her. Both parties’ gazes met and they all felt the terrifying Strength on the opposite side.

“Has the friendly fleet arrived yet?” The commander turned to ask his adjutant.

“They are 200 kilometers away and are on their way.”

“That’s good, stall them for a few hours” The commander sighed, “What exactly are we fighting against?”

The most powerful ones were the strange looking fleets of the Insect Girl Clan. They looked like wooden ships, but they had the defensive power of iron ships. The cannons on the ships were like insects, filled with death spirits.

“There are all kinds of strange things in the sea.” The adjutant could only say that.

The allies that rushed over were the 3rd fleet. Although they lost a few ships in the previous battles, it was not a big deal.

If that fleet successfully came to help, the Insect Girl Clan’s situation would not be good.

“Prepare to retreat in two hours.”

Lo Ya calculated the speed and felt that she should be able to escape back to Emico Island.

This time. This operation was considered a failure, at least for the Alliance. However, Lo Ya was still in a good mood because after the naval battle, her own fleet would recover very quickly, while the Empire’s side would suffer heavy losses.

Perhaps in the short term, the enemy’s productivity would be higher than the Insect Girl Clan’s side, but as time passed, the gap between the two sides would only grow bigger and bigger.

After two hours of fighting, the second-grade ship carrying the cannon at the front was almost completely sunk. Only then did Lo Ya let the fleet escape.

The Empire started to chase after them, trying to delay the alliance fleet’s pace.

However, they did not expect that the cannons of the Launcher Insect could change direction. Even if they were to run, they could continue to shoot.

The scale of the naval battle was very large. However, considering the storage of the cannonballs, the firing speed of both sides was becoming slower and slower. Instead, they were carefully dealing with each shot so that they could hit more targets.

As they fought and fled, the final result was that the 3rd fleet of the Empire did not have enough time to support them on the battlefield. When they entered the archipelago sea, a portion of the 1st class warships had already returned. They forced the dynasty’s ships to stop chasing and to leave the battlefield.

Regardless of the outcome of this battle, at least there was a message to the Empire: The Alliance has a navy that can fight against the Empire.

After losing this wave, the allies all had complicated feelings. They did not know whether to hate the Insect Girl Clan or to thank them, but they could not like it.

After the battle ended, King Yir, who had learned the details of the battle, was so angry that his beard trembled. He went to the leaders of other forces to discuss how to deal with the disgusting behavior of the Insect Girl Clan.

But in the end, they could only swallow their anger.

It was one thing for this ally to have no integrity, but it was another matter for him to be able to fight openly and openly with the empire. If they annoyed Lo Ya and pushed her to the opposite side, it would be very disadvantageous to each country.

After the naval battle ended, Lo Ya, who was left with 20 or so injured high-grade ships, started to consider the next plan as she healed them.

The Empire had the ability to move more ships to the vicinity within a few short days. This battle caused heavy damage to the 4th fleet, causing 25 ships to sink. However, it did not shake the enemy’s maritime strength at all.

They would have to face a storm in the future.

“Mm, let’s not worry about that for now. After all, my island is very far from the Empire, and there is still the territory of the Alliance blocking it.”

After that… The empire didn’t need to worry about what they were going to do. They just secretly attacked.

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