C243 Discussions among Allies

On the 9th day of the year of Empire of Insect Girl, on the northeastern island of the Yir Kingdom.

Although only a few days had passed since the unification of the continent, what had happened during this period of time was enough to make the entire alliance panic. The empire had gathered the full strength of two fleets, a total of 65 warships. They launched a surprise attack on the ports of many countries, and then easily destroyed the combined fleet that came to reinforce them. They returned victorious.

This naval battle had caused the entire alliance’s sea Strength to suffer heavy losses, and they had almost lost all control over the seas near the Yir Kingdom. Furthermore, the empire had also infiltrated the central region of the alliance archipelago. They were trying to obtain complete dominance in this region of sea.

As for the final outcome of the matter, it was Lo Ya and the other leaders who were called to this small island for a life-saving discussion.

“Beautiful Miss Lo Ya, if you all had contributed in that naval battle, the consequences would not have been so miserable.” King Yir had resentment in his heart, but he did not dare to blame this ally too much.

Lo Ya, who had transformed into a human form, lifted her slender snow white legs and hung them in the air. Her body, which was sitting on the railing, also looked very casual.

“You cannot blame me for not providing assistance, because our fleet has been obstructed by the Empire.”

No way!

In any case, there was no way for these allies to verify this.

“You’re saying that the enemy didn’t just attack those two fleets, they even specifically attacked your place?” King Els narrowed his eyes.

“No.” Lo Ya shook her head. “Indeed, the Empire only sent two fleets, but it may not be as large as what we saw. One must know that in the past few decades, their fleet has been strengthening. The ambition of this country is not to win a few naval battles, but to dominate the entire world.”

” Then what should we do next? More than half of the iron ships have sunk, and the remaining ships can’t even maintain trade, let alone pose a threat to the empire ” One of the representatives felt a headache coming on.

Lo Ya waved her knee socks and laughed, “Next, of course it will be my performance.”

“Hmm?” Some of the officials who had been interested in Lo Ya all looked at her.

“Although I have been an ally for so long, you do not know much about my situation, right?” Lo Ya jumped down from a high place and walked to the fence. Looking down, she could see waves that were several meters tall. “The country I rule is called Empire of Insect Girl, and it is on Mi Ke Island. It’s just that I had a small conflict with them, that’s why they were easily killed by my army. ”

“Empire of Insect Girl?” The king frowned.

No one had heard of a country that had only been established a few days ago.

Everyone’s understanding of the Cepino Continent was still limited to the information they had before.

So he added, “In my opinion, after this naval battle, not only can we not show weakness, but we can also not show weakness. And face the Empire in a stronger position. The enemy installed heavy cannons on the iron ship, which was one of the reasons why the Empire’s navy was invincible. Before we see the enemy’s Iron-armored Ship, we need to think of a way to build a ship with the same ability. If we can’t do it, we will try our best to build only iron ship.”

King Yir did not seem to have much patience. He was pessimistic about this war. This was also the direct idea of most of the members of the alliance.

Lo Ya could feel the despair in it. Actually, she was also hesitating. Should she take advantage of the time before the war with the empire to start a rebellion and attack the allies in the island area first?

The Insect Girl Clan was least afraid of war. It could only be said that a war of this level would only make her stronger and stronger in the end.

“Forget it. Let’s just leave this matter at that.” Lo Ya was the first to leave the scene and compared herself to the other leaders. She did not seem to care and did not even give face to the other powers. She was like a willful little girl.

“What a powerful and independent person. Sometimes, I really envy her.” A woman looked at Lo Ya’s back and shook her head with a smile.

“She is more than ten years old. Don’t be fooled by her appearance.” King Yir also muttered this sentence and smiled helplessly.

Lo Ya left the island on a boat, but this time she did not leave directly. Instead, she went to another small port nearby and docked.

On the deck, a few workers were trying their best to pull a boat and try to make it docked.

“Everyone, use your strength. Hey!”

The hull was fixed to the shore. A short-haired man wiped his sweat and shook his head helplessly. “I really can’t go out to sea these days. I originally wanted to sell that batch of goods, but in the end, the Empire’s ships are everywhere.”

“What can we do about it?” Another man sat on a wooden stake next to him and took out a cigarette. He rubbed it and lit the fire. “We were already miserable enough, but now we have to fight. What the hell? “

“Hey, look over there, what a beautiful girl” The short-haired man suddenly pointed at Lo Ya, who had just gotten off the boat.

The smoker was stunned for a moment, then his eyes lit up.

They watched Lo Ya walk in front of them.

“What are the things inside?” Lo Ya looked at the two of them expressionlessly.

She had black hair, a blue top, a short blue skirt, and black knee socks. Between them. There was also a snow white thigh between them. This kind of attire could be considered very rare in this country. Wearing it on a beautiful and thin girl, it had a different style.

“Cough, little beauty, could it be that you want that batch of goods?” The smoking man choked a few times, “Half of it is spices, and the other half is a relatively rare magical beast meat.”

“That’s great, I really need these.”

Lo Ya clapped her hands and a few Undead Insect carried bags to the side. The opening of the bag opened and revealed glittering gold coins.


The two of them were immediately stunned.

Lo Ya slightly raised the corner of her mouth. She had only implemented a system a few days ago. It was to use the corner of the Sickle Insect to replace the currency in China in exchange for a large amount of gold and silver. Not only did this not affect the Empire of Insect Girl market, but it also allowed Lo Ya to have the capital to purchase large amounts of resources from the outside world.

Her idea was to use money to exchange for money in order to accumulate strength. When she had enough strength, she would then take down the country that she had previously traded with.

“How about it, sell it?”

“I’m selling it. Oh right, the ships next to it are also in stock. Do you want it?”

“I want them all.”

More and more Undead Insect disembarked from the ship. Their terrifying appearance was like a warning to these people not to have any evil ideas.

Lo Ya counted the currency according to the market price and left with a few ships of goods.

That’s right, they even bought the ships. Because the price was cheap, these locals did not mind selling their own means of making a living. After all, the money they earned could buy a new ship and also get more profits.

After returning to the territory, the food they bought was directly distributed to the demonic beasts. The spices in the clean bag were properly kept and used for barbecuing in the future.

Lo Ya decided to let Little Insect Girl learn how to build a house.

Of course, due to the characteristics of Insect Clan, this kind of house’s appearance was very different from human buildings. Underground, they also used special stones to build a solemn palace.

It was connected in all directions.

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