C240 Two Types of Artillery Shells

In Lo Ya’s line of sight, tons of ore were transported to the edge of the sea.

The Battleship Insect opened its mouth and the Sickle Insect helped to transport the stones into its mouth piece by piece.

At the bottom of the sea, minerals that had been digested were continuously discharged from the body. Most of the iron elements had already been absorbed and the rest were ores that did not contain iron.

The structure of the ship began to change, and it could be seen that its height was increasing. This was because the weight of the ship was getting heavier and heavier, and the water supply of the ship was getting higher and higher. Hence, it needed to increase the volume of the water in order to resist the pressure of sinking.

The Battleship Insect was not made of pure iron. There was also a layer of insect shell between them, which could reduce the weight and help increase the speed of the ship.

The side amputation used to accelerate had not disappeared. It could be used again, and there was a new jet at the end… Officer. The combination of the two could allow the increased mass of the hull to maintain a basic speed of 15 knots.

As the ten thousand Sickle Insect were being transported back and forth, the ships took turns to return to the port to upgrade.

On Emico Island, a lot of iron ore was excavated to supply the ships there.

After this round of upgrade, the Battleship Insect would no longer be blasted through like before. They could at least be like the enemy ships, possessing a certain degree of resistance.

After the naval battle ended five days later, most of the ships had been upgraded. Most of the bugs in the territory had also evolved into metallic shells + insect shell creatures.

Their basic attributes did not increase, but the defensive power was already extraordinary. In comparison, the metal insect shell on ordinary bugs was relatively weaker. Only the charging bugs and the navy used the strongest shell.

This wave of upgrade finally gave Lo Ya the confidence to clash head-on with the empire’s navy.

In the following period of time, the Anti-Empire Alliance held many meetings. In the end, they decided to launch a large-scale naval battle near the large Metropolitan Island in the southeast of the Yir Kingdom, aiming to destroy the 3rd and 4th squadrons of the Empire that were parked in this area. Reduce the threat of the nearby seas.

In fact, the Empire’s navy was divided into two groups, the east and the west. Each group had five independent squadrons, and each of them did not have many ships. However, when all of them were combined, there were more than 300 warships.

Such a huge navy was mostly built in the past 30 years, and its main purpose was to invade the various countries on the ocean and unify the entire world.

Judging from the time, almost half of the Empire’s navy was made of thin iron ships that had been built in 30 years. Its armor protection ability was similar to the most advanced ships of other countries. Most of the ships that had fought with the Insect Girl Clan fleet belonged to this type, with only the flagship and the two auxiliary ships that served as their guards. It was a thicker, more advanced iron ship.

As the name suggested, the thick shell iron ships were wrapped with more iron sheets on the outside of the wooden board. It used a special Magic pattern to reduce the weight of the iron armor, which indirectly increased the sturdiness and capacity of the ship. This ship had appeared in the last five years. Since the first ship had appeared, The Empire began to build it with great effort, and planned to use this ship to replace the thin-shelled ship that was about to retire.

Some of the thin-shelled iron ships that were not used would also be sold to non-hostile trading countries in recent years, obtaining some benefits.

Apart from the current 100 or so new thin-shelled ships, the Iron-armored Ship that appeared one or two years ago pushed another major revolution in the Empire’s navy.

The super large cannons that could not be installed on the ships were successfully equipped, and the powerful defensive power was almost immune to any solid cannonballs from other countries. They only needed to build a few, and the endless sea could be easily grasped in their hands.

Lo Ya’s upgraded fleet was unable to face a giant fully armored ship, but they could fight head-on with the Empire’s thick iron ship.

Of course, in terms of the penetrating power of the cannonballs, the Launcher Insect was much worse. Although the cannonballs themselves were suitable for armor piercing, the lack of firing speed restricted the ability to perform in this area.

Lo Ya hoped that the Launcher Insect could undergo another evolution in strength so that it could adapt to the later war needs.

She did not know if it was the effect of evolution, but her hope quickly received a response. An evolution that was specifically targeted at cannonballs suddenly descended.

[The Launcher Insect has undergone beneficial evolution. The structure has changed, and the concentration of crystals has increased.] ]

[The ventilation device at the tail of the conventional cannon has been removed. The length and volume of the bullet has been reduced, and the density has been increased. The firing device has been changed to crystal explosive ignition. The firing range has been increased to three kilometers, and the armor-piercing ability has been increased. ”

[You can choose to produce crystal rockets.]

Crystal Rocket: It is larger than normal cannonballs and can be as long as 1 meter. It looks like a rocket, and it is equipped with a large amount of Crystal Reagent. Its tail relies on the lack of sufficient combustion from the impurities crystal and shoots out a large amount of flames, thus increasing its sustainability. Increase the power of the explosion, and increase the range of the explosion to 8 kilometers (the accuracy rate is relatively low). ]

Yes, the result of this evolution was that there were special armor-piercing cannonballs and rockets used to kill people.

The former’s range is insufficient, but its initial speed is relatively high, and the armor-piercing power is quite strong. The latter’s initial speed was low, and its flight speed was slow. However, by relying on the continuous ignition, It was able to maintain a flight of eight kilometers and cause a powerful explosion to the target.

After seeing the word ‘low hit rate’, Lo Ya specially made an attempt. Then, she discovered that this hit rate could not be said to be low, but it was too low – it deviated from 90 meters.

“This hit rate is too…”

The second hit deviated by more than 80 meters.

The third hit deviated by more than 100 meters.

Sure enough, it couldn’t be compared to the accuracy of his previous life.

It was indeed so. Lo Ya carefully observed the shell and knew that the structure was a little too simple. Currently, the bug gene could not be too precise on this kind of external weapon. It was already not bad to be able to do this.

The final verification result showed that the shooting range within 2 kilometers could only be maintained at a distance of 15 meters. It was barely acceptable. Any further and they would only be able to carry out a coverage attack.

During naval warfare, the rocket itself was not very effective. Due to the lack of armor-piercing ability, most of the cannonballs could only blast apart the upper layer of the enemy warship. It did not have much effect on the interior, and it was also very difficult to penetrate the shell of the heavy iron ship.

However, if it was replaced by upgraded normal cannonballs, the effect would be much stronger than before.

Of course, the accuracy was not high, and it was similar to the situation on the Empire’s side.

Because of this evolution, Lo Ya had a stronger confidence in the power of the Launcher Insect.

Although the cost of the cannonballs had increased a little, at least it was more specialized. To attack a target eight kilometers away, this was simply preparation for the level of World War II.

Perhaps it wouldn’t be long before the two countries would use their truly powerful navy to decide the victor.

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