C236 A Period of Expansion

Lo Ya successfully hid herself in the pupae and bent her body slightly.

She could feel some changes in some organs, but most of them did not seem to have changed.

“As expected, the range is not as large as other insects. I remember that many insects are completely different after the pupae transform. Little Insect Girl not only preserved their memories and basic appearance, but also increased their strength. She only has two pairs of wings on her back that can shrink and hide. ”

It did not take long for Lo Ya to feel drowsy. Then, without realizing it, she fell asleep.

After an unknown amount of time, she woke up.

She didn’t know if there was some strange change in her body. Her tail seemed to have become even whiter, and there were two things on her back that she could control.

That’s right, it was the wings of a butterfly.

The narrow pupae was already uncomfortable. Although Lo Ya’s body did not become bigger, many parts of her body seemed to have become very hard and not so comfortable.

She used her strength to push upwards…


One! The little head came out of the black cocoon.

She blinked and found that a lot of Little Insect Girl was looking at her from all directions.

“Ah, Lo Ya’s chrysalis is ready.”

Lo Lo excitedly came in front of Lo Ya and stuck her head into Lo Ya’s side to take a closer look at the situation inside.

“Didn’t you already have chrysalis? What’s there to see?”

Lo Ya pressed her head out and then crawled out from inside.

Her body was a little unstable. Perhaps it was the after-effect of not moving for a long time. The wings on her back opened up with a bang but it was soft and hard to flap.

But Lo Ya indeed flew into the air and could remain suspended. Little Insect Girl who had finished pupa transformation also flew up and held Lo Ya’s small hand flying in the sky.

Lo Wen and Lo Bing who had failed to transform their pupae in the past revealed envious expressions. They did not have wings because when they were inside the cocoon, they did not have any good changes.

Currently, out of the eight that had transformed into chrysalis, only six succeeded.

Lo Bing had at least learned the exclusive supplementary Magic, but Lo Wen did not have anything. It was completely the original state of the Insect Girl Clan.

One could imagine how depressed she was.

Everyone flew in a circle in the sky. Lo Ya decided to lead everyone to get rid of the birds so that they could overcome their fear.

“Our goal this time is to get the super big birds in the vicinity of the territory.”

Lo Ya confidently told everyone.

Turning her head, she found that the five Insect Girl were all looking at her anxiously.

“Don’t worry, everyone. We are already very powerful. No matter what kind of bird it is, it can’t beat us. It can only be our food.”

When everyone heard this, they all nodded in agreement.

After flying for a few minutes, the few Little Insect Girl approached their destination.

The big bird lying on the tree trunk raised its head in puzzlement and saw a few worms flapping their butterfly wings in front of it.

Soft Sparrow, LV32, Gold Level, Beast.

Birds with low potential. Although they were level 32, their actual attributes were only Gold Level.

When Lo Ya flew closer, her hook was a level 2 ice needle, piercing through the target’s wings and head.

Soft sparrows, die!

“How is it? Isn’t it very powerful?” Lo Ya turned around and looked at the little thing behind her.

“Ah, such a big bird can’t beat us.” Lo Yu excitedly landed in the nest and saw a few eggs inside.

Without saying anything, she picked them up and took a bite, including the shell and egg yolk.

Everyone landed on top and began to share the spoils.

The people here were all Little Insect Girl who was born a long time ago. She could be considered an elder of the clan.

Everyone gathered in a circle and ate cutely. Coincidentally, one Little Insect Girl was given an egg. They did not even need to boil it to taste the faint sweetness.

“Oh right, it has been many days since my chrysalis began to transform, right? I wonder how the situation at the front line is.”

Because most of the commanding power was handed over to Brain Insect, Lo Ya still didn’t know about the situation in the past few days.

After transferring her consciousness over, she instantly knew the state of the entire swarm of insects. They had advanced another 500 kilometers.

Leonis Feiao’s tribe had retreated to a relatively distant place. It was certain that their home was closer to the Star Abyss. Only the high energy there could nurture a large group of magic beasts with extraordinary strength. It was just that it was not sure if it would tell the news of the swarm to the other Devil Beast Lord or even find a partner to deal with the Insect Girl Clan.

No matter what, there was no other choice. Lo Ya felt that the only way was to continuously improve her race, and also the most important step.

“Eh? Lo Lo has also become a transcendent?”

Little Insect Girl, who was the third to be born, was stupid, cute, lazy and could still eat. Perhaps it was because of this that she could level up the fastest.

Lo Yu was also fast. Lo Lee and the Lo Jing at the back had accumulated more than 5000 points. As for Lo Yin and Chiang Ya, they had barely reached level 49. The Evolution points was still below 2000 points. She was afraid that she would have to endure for a period of time.

The total number of insects had now exceeded 600,000. It was a truly huge force. Moreover, because of the presence of a group of extraordinary experts, Lo Ya was no longer afraid of the deterrence of the Sutton.

But for the sake of the safety of her little loved ones, Lo Ya decided to wait until at least eight extraordinary experts appeared before launching the final unification war against the West Feinen Continent.

Once she obtained the West Feinen Continent, Empire of Insect Girl would become a super powerful country that would unify the entire continent. Although the total area would only be a few points of the Empire, the competition might be even greater than the entire world combined.

“All insects stop expanding and start digesting the creatures in the territory.”

After Lo Ya gave this order, she dropped 200,000 insects and returned to her territory.

Now it was time to start making equipment for the attack on Trio and the Kingdom of White.

The humans of those two countries probably did not know about the change in the north. The scale of the insects was like uncontrollable cancer cells, getting bigger and bigger day by day.

Thinking back, it had only been four to five months, and Lo Ya had achieved the scale from Little Insect Girl to now. It was indeed crazy to say it out, but it did happen.

“Phew, it’s time to send out the fleet.”

In terms of naval warfare, they had been suffering from the deterrence of the Iron-armored Ship because they did not have any stronger Battleship Insect.

Lo Ya wanted to send the swarm to the bottom of the ocean to search for genes, to see if she could find a way to make the Battleship Insect evolve to a stronger level.

Of course, there was another way, to let the Sickle Insect bite those very hard things, such as steel. This way, they might be able to obtain the genes that produced the outer layer of metal skin, and turn the Battleship Insect into an existence that could resist the iron warship.

At present, a portion of the bugs had already tried to eat the cannon, but they did not see any effect in a short period of time.

Perhaps this thing that had a different genetic property would take a long time to fuse.

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