C235 Noah’s Chrysalis

“Well, I remember myself when I was little.”

Lo Ya was only this big when she was still small. She could not even find her without using the Eye of Truth. Within the range of her vision, she could not see the end of everything.

Lo Ya stretched out a finger and gave an order to Insect Girl who was parasitizing her. She let her climb onto her hand.

Let’s parasitize her first. It seems like this Small did not consume much nutrition.

Yes, it was too small. Even if it was very edible, it would not eat much flesh and blood. Furthermore, this little cutie’s lifespan was very short. The information in her brain indicated that Lo Ya only needed a short one month and the little thing would die.

“Oh, poor thing.”

Lo Ya originally wanted to use the protein in her tail to feed her, but when she realized that the Colourless Skin was too hard and thick, she could only find a Black Wolf Beast and let it become Little Insect Girl’s home.

When the Small entered the Black Wolf Beast’s mouth, it immediately found a small crack and crawled under the skin.

Half a day later, the nutritious parasites bred their first tail and were born the next day.

In other words, they could reproduce once a day.

Lo Ya took advantage of the time she was reproducing and continued to lead the army to attack the surrounding dinosaurs.

The area on the western side of the Great Rift did not stop fighting, but the small beetle that was carrying out the mission had amazing reproductive abilities.

As for the domestic regions of the Northern Chasm, nothing bad had happened during this period of time. It was just that the overly high position of the swarm had started to arouse the dissatisfaction of a small portion of people. Lo Ya had taken the initiative to aggravate the dissatisfaction of the Sickle Insect. It even caused them to have conflicts with some people so that they could create an excuse for “reasonable” usurpation of power.

Actually, to tell the truth, they had grown too fast now. Many of their original plans could already be changed. Originally, they were worried that the expansion of the swarm would cause problems such as the wrath of the Empire, and so on. Now, it seemed like… Even if he really became the enemy of mankind, he wouldn’t be afraid anymore.

Of course, Lo Ya was still inclined to fight steadily and did not want to take too many risks.

After expanding for 10 days, Lo Xin, who had already leveled up to 49, had also accumulated 10,000 Evolution points. Hence, Lo Ya let her level up to 50 and became the second Little Insect Girl who had an extraordinary aura.

Under her request, Lo Xin tried out the skills of the Cold Water Domain whenever she had nothing to do. Now, she had finally raised her ability to Fourth Grade.

Lo Ya’s Fifth Grade Cold Water Domain, on the other hand, could be considered a small disaster even if it was not said to destroy the heavens and extinguish the earth.

“Oh, there are already 512 small parasites. It’s about time we go take a look at the situation.”

Lo Ya called over the Black Wolf Beast and made it lie on the ground. Then, she used mental communication to project it onto a certain little Little Insect Girl.

Sou ~

The scene in front of her changed. She found that she had occupied the body of a certain Small.

This was a poisonous parasite lying on her skin. There were many lazy parasites surrounding Little Insect Girl. Most of these Small were sleeping, and only a few were trying their best to chew on the skin below.

Between the insect shell of the Black Wolf Beast, there was a small amount of hair that looked like a giant pillar. It was unknown where it was connected to. Lo Ya once again felt her own insignificance.

She happily wriggled to the side of the other parasitic Little Insect Girl, wanting to see what was the difference between her and the normal version of Insect Girl.

In the end, the surrounding parasitic worms seemed to have found their mother and happily ran to Lo Ya’s side. They squeezed together and leaned against each other.


There was more than a little Little Insect Girl.

The Small made squeaking sounds, similar to the young Insect Girl who had just been born. They blinked their cute big eyes and licked her body from time to time.

Lo Ya was very happy, but when she thought of these low level parasitic worms, she felt a little uncomfortable.

“They are too cute, and they also have happy emotions. They are no different from normal Insect Girl.”

They were equally stupid, but their brains were also full of food and sleep.

The only thing that made Lo Ya feel fortunate was that these guys did not have any pain. Even if they self-detonated, it would only end with a bang. They would not feel fear and discomfort like humans.

These little fools probably did not know anything. As long as they were alive and happy every second, it would be good.

“Poison is usually not needed unless it is used against experts.”

In addition to tail reproduction, poisonous parasites also have spores reproduction. This is the fastest, it can release a lot of spores in the air at once. Whoever landed on it would be able to take root on it like a plant. A new parasitic Little Insect Girl would grow out.

Seeing so many cute little cuties, Lo Ya nodded her head happily and returned to her own body.

Let’s start ordering the spores to reproduce.

Lo Ya decided to let this Black Wolf Beast leave her army and run back to the territory to nurture its body. This way, it could provide more nutrition and a better environment for the parasites.

When there were more of them, she would give them to the army at the front line. In the future, even if they died in battle, they would be able to leave a lot of poisonous parasites in the enemy’s body. Then they will breed in the rear of the enemy until there are enough of them. At the same time, they will self-destruct and poison a large group of enemies to death.

Now, the adult Little Insect Girl had almost reached level 49. Moreover, she had almost accumulated the Evolution points needed for level 50. At that time, with a pile of extraordinary Little Insect Girl, Lo Ya would dare to let these little lovers stay in the territory and play around. She would not have to worry about their safety.

After all, there were only a few extraordinary experts in total.

At this level, as long as they were not facing the same powerhouse, They would not be killed so easily. Furthermore, Little Insect Girl’s attributes and potential were already close to the Black Dragon Race’s, and Black Dragon was one of the best among the magical beasts. Therefore, even if she were to fight a Transcendent at the same level, Little Insect Girl would not necessarily be weak.

“The prerequisite is that they train their skills to a higher level.”

Lo Ya knew that the combat strength of the Small after they transformed into chrysalis could be said to be very exaggerated. Nearly 200 points of all attributes were almost double that of powerhouses of the same level. That was why a Third Grade Chain Fire Dragon went down. Its power was equal to two skills that were stacked on top of each other. It was extremely terrifying for any extraordinary magical beast.

Little Insect Girl did not lack powerful killing techniques that could attack the sky. Lightning storms could be quickly generated within a few seconds. Although it was a continuous Magic, the countless lightning and wind merged together. It was fatal for most Extraordinaires.

Just as Lo Ya thought this, a strange feeling suddenly surged out from her body.

“Eh, I really want to become a pupa.”

A strange feeling came from her body and Lo Ya quickly came to a clean grassland. Then, her tail wrapped around her and curled into a ball.

“Oh, could it be that you want to spit silk?”

Thinking about how the other Little Insect Girl turned into chrysalis?

After a period of confusion, Lo Ya indeed produced some soft silk threads.

Pffft ~

The silk threads came out.

“Wow, Lo Ya’s pupae has melted.” This scene happened to fall into Lo Lo’s eyes. The little cutie wriggled over and tried to drill into Lo Ya’s body with all her might.

“What are you doing? Why did my pupae turn into you?”


Lo Ya flicked her away with a finger. “Don’t disturb me.”

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