C233 Step into Transcendence

“Damn Devil Beast Lord?”

When Lo Ya heard this, her tail trembled and she immediately pulled it back to her neck.

How dare he scold her like this? Could it be that he was also a Lord?

Wait a minute. Perhaps it was because normal magic beasts couldn’t control so many powerful armies. Without a doubt, these lions and grey wolf belonged to the hands of a Devil Beast Lord.

“Lion King Fei Ao?”

The distance was too far. The Detection actually couldn’t see the other party’s true strength. Judging from the situation of the Sutton, if that fellow was really a Devil Beast Lord, then it was very likely that it had reached the Super Common Level.

If it was a Transcendent-level expert, he would not be able to defeat it.

Lo Ya thought about it and started to order the swarm to retreat. At the same time, she let tens of thousands of Explosive Beetle burrow underground and slowly approach the target’s location.

The only way Lo Ya currently had the ability to defeat Transcendents was to explode!

This also meant that the other party did not realize the threat from underground and took the initiative to stand at the center of the explosion.

“Many Magic Masters have the ability to detect underground dangers. Hopefully that lion will not do so.”

Just as Lo Ya was thinking this, the extremely terrifying red-furred lion in the distance suddenly moved its legs and ran towards the forest.

It was 15 meters tall and 30 to 40 meters long. As it ran, the entire earth shook and the mountains shook.

Only then did Lo Ya see the content on its head.

Lion King Fei Ao, LV50, Super Common, Magic Beast.

“As expected.”

That monster seemed to want to personally attack his swarm.

Lo Ya told Lo Bing to hide well and not make any sound. Then, she secretly observed the target.

That powerful enemy crossed 10 kilometers in a short 2 minutes and ran among the scattered swarm. The huge mouth opened and the fire dragon shot out, instantly burning the ground 100 meters away. The 20 Sickle Insect in the area were immediately burnt to ashes.


Lo Ya sucked in a breath of cold air. She felt that this thing seemed to be even more ferocious than the extraordinary human she had encountered back then.

It was certain that its basic attributes and potential were higher than that of humans. Otherwise, its strength would not be so terrifying.

This fellow ran wildly among the swarm of insects and kept spitting out flames. If it was not for the fact that the swarm had already dispersed when they retreated, they would have suffered heavy losses.

But even so, in less than two minutes, over a thousand bugs had already died.

Only after killing to his heart’s content did the terrifying Ao Fei turn around and rush back to where he had originally been.

Because they happened to pass by the tree where Lo Ya was, a wave of hot air swept over their bodies.

“Ah, oh, roasted insects.”

Lo Ya stuck out her tongue and tried to disperse the heat.

It was too hot.

She touched Lo Bing’s head and prepared to slowly climb down the tree and retreat with the swarm.

Now that she was also at level 49, she really did not know how to quickly break through to level 50. Could it be that she also wanted to try cultivating like humans, or should she let nature take its course?

Lo Ya was certain of one thing, and that was that her light beam had a way to hurt that lion. But considering the other party’s size, this kind of damage might not have any effect.

“Separate the two sides and expand from the surroundings of this Devil Beast Lord.”

Lo Ya decided to eat meat to increase the Evolution points in the time to come.

Currently, the evolution on the mysterious tree required more and more points. This required her to increase her appetite.

Currently, the accumulated Evolution points had already reached 8,000 points. Lo Ya prepared to eat another portion and enter the editor.

Half a day later, the points reached 10,000…

Within the editor, the little Insect Girl floated in front of a mirror-like space. Looking at the little cute little thing inside, she could not help but blink her eyes.

“Uh, I’m so cute.”

Every time she saw this cute little thing, her face would be covered in blood.

He would first click on the tree.

There were many branches of the tree. From the current situation, the main trunk was the most useful.

[Directional Evolution: The direction of evolution that the main consciousness desires will happen subtly. This instruction allowed all Insect Girl to obtain the Evolution points. When Insect Girl accumulated 10,000 points, She can break through to the Super Class by consuming all of her points. Editor Consumption: 10,000 Evolution points ]

“Wow, this is great!”

Lo Ya started wagging her tail, which showed that she was very happy.

She quickly clicked the evolution button and Lo Ya withdrew from the editor. She planned to use three days to accumulate 10,000 points to break through.

Ever since the bug army retreated, Lion King Feiao began to become worse. He continuously used his magic beast army to attack the bug army.

Lo Ya was prepared to not clash head-on with the other party before she broke through to the Extraordinary realm.

The entire three days had been in the process of eating meat. As a result, her tail had become swollen and fat. She could not imagine the scene of huge dragon-type creatures being compressed into such a small body. The key was that the weight seemed to have disappeared.

After three days, Lo Ya’s Evolution points, as expected, accumulated to 10,000. Then, it was directly consumed.

Level 50, evolution completed.

At the moment of breakthrough, a terrifying Strength surged out of Lo Ya’s body.

That was an extraordinary aura, the height of her life suddenly increased.

[You have evolved into an extraordinary being. The upper limit of the life points has increased by 100. Obtained an SR4 star skill lottery chance.]

“Eh, are there any other benefits?”

When the card appeared, Lo Ya immediately clicked on one of the cards.

[Congratulations, you have flipped to 4 Star (SRR) Racial Ability Card: Lightning Storm. 】

[Lightning Storm L] V1: Fourth Grade Magic. Improved from a human’s lightning storm. It has a larger attack range and an even stronger electric current. Duration: 1 minute. Highest level: 3. ]

“Hmm, could this be the skill used by that Transcendent human last time?”

Lo Ya rubbed her eyes in shock and confirmed that she did not see wrongly.

After clearing out a wide area, Lo Ya tried to use it.

Following the gathering of dark clouds in the sky, the entire land sank into darkness. A huge tornado was formed. It was about the thickness of a house, and it flickered with green lightning, making a deafening sound.

The surrounding trees were all cut off, and countless objects were blown onto the tornado. Lo Ya felt that each of the lightning was comparable to the release of a Tier 3 Magic, it was terrifying to the extreme.

“It really is that skill from last time. It is just that its power is much weaker. I estimate that it needs to be leveled up before it can become stronger.”

If the skill wanted to be upgraded to 3, it must be used repeatedly. The consumption of a Fourth Grade skill was three times that of a Third Grade skill. With Lo Ya’s current spiritual power, she could only use it repeatedly. It would be empty after that. However, the Transcendence realm itself allowed the attribute points to have a higher density, reducing the energy consumption of the skill by half.

That was why she had taken out the elementary spiritual power’s medicine. She knew that a single replenishment of this item would allow her to use the Fourth Grade skill four times.

“The higher the level of the skill, the more proficiency you will gain from using it once. That’s why Fourth Grade should be able to level up very quickly.”

Thus, Lo Ya released one tornado Magic after another on this vast plain.

Later on, she felt that it wasn’t very interesting, so she simply went to the lions’ side and threw them away without any reservations.

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