C231 The Swarm East

Most of the officials present started whispering amongst themselves. They were discussing the authenticity of Lo Ya’s words.

The quality of the Empire’s army was far superior to any other country. This was almost a 100% certainty. The struggle between humans and beasts was actually more like the struggle between empires and beasts. Other countries did not play much of a role in this.

“150,000 magic beasts, if they are as powerful as you say, they will be very effective in land battles. As for the 40 iron ships…”

This was not a number that an ordinary country could take out. After all, the current navy ships had a few thousand tons of drainage. If they really fought, the small boats would not even be enough to fill the gaps between their teeth.

“No problem, if that’s all.”

Lo Ya replied confidently. She did not plan to invest more. These troops were thrown into the battlefield to test the strength of their allies and to understand the Empire’s Strength.

As for the 150,000 Sickle Insect, honestly speaking, if they did not have contact with the Empire’s land soldiers, they might not even be able to enter the battlefield.

“Since that is the case, represent the Alliance to thank you for your generosity.”

King Yir had already made up his mind to find out the source of this new country. A part of Silfnee was the Fresnel Forest, and the countries above were rumoured to be very backward. It was difficult to even build a basic navy ship, if Lo Ya came from there. The meaning behind it would not be simple.

After half a day, various countries signed a series of relevant agreements and laid down the foundation of cooperation.

“Then just like that, each country must achieve their own goals. Before we defeat the Empire, we will become a powerful military and economic alliance. In the year 1230 (the calendar time of the Empire), our goal is six ten thousand tonnes of Iron-armored Ship, and ten thousand tonnes of Iron-armored Ship. 100 iron ships, 1,200 naval cannons, and 500 army cannons. This is a huge burden, and I hope that the various countries will fulfill their promise. To do this. ”

” This is truly crazy. ”

Lo Ya knew that most of the countries present did not even have ten cannons.

However, a large country like Yir had over a hundred cannons. Perhaps to them, this goal was not too difficult. Moreover, some of the technology would be sold to small countries in exchange for a situation where everyone could produce it.

After the meeting ended, many representatives from many countries discussed whether or not this exaggerated goal could be achieved.

“So what if it can’t be completed? Even if it’s completed, it won’t be able to go against the Empire, right?”

That was more or less the case.

Under the absolute difference in power, this so-called alliance and Empire’s confrontation felt like an egg hitting a rock.

Returning to the Battleship Insect, she turned her head and looked at the surrounding ships leaving the port. Lo Ya lazily laid on Chiang Ya’s tail and prepared to sleep.

The two Little Insect Girl were completely in a state of laziness. Next, the Insect Girl Clan’s main goal was to gather the main army to attack the deeper parts of Fresnel Forest. Even if the exotic beasts that were closer to the Star Abyss were stronger, they could not stop the Insect Girl Clan’s footsteps. Therefore, the growth rate of the swarm was much faster than the speed of the monsters along the way.

The navy produced was mainly used to face the Empire.

This so-called Anti-Empire Alliance actually had its uses. At the very least, it could give Insect Girl Clan more opportunities to develop.

To them, the ultimate goal of the navy was to clear the obstacles of landing on the enemy continent.

“Yes, when Emico Island was occupied, it was still not completely under control. Currently, only the City of Water is in their hands. Next, let’s take a boat back. 5000 Sickle Insect is enough to breed more in a relatively short period of time. Control the entire island.”

Lo Ya prepared to return to the forest and start to gather the army of hundreds of thousands of insects to invade the Central Continent.

That continent was the main body of the forest, and its area was many times bigger than Cephis. Such a large dinosaur paradise would provide a terrifying amount of food and genes. Perhaps it wouldn’t be long before the Insect Girl Clan’s basic military forces could fight a Diamond Level warrior head on.

When that day comes, if a full-scale war really breaks out with the empire, the balance of victory will be tilted towards our side, right?

After Lo Ya’s ship left the Yir Kingdom, it headed northwest and returned to the west side of the territory five days later.

In the next two days, Lo Ya led an even larger army of insects across the anti-gravity rupture belt and controlled an area of 150,000 square kilometers.

Most of the small and medium-sized creatures in the territory had not been killed, and the large dinosaurs had almost all died under the attack of the insects.

With more and more military forces, Lo Ya finally gave the order to attack. She did not have the map of Fresnel Forest in her hands. She just followed the framework of the continent. She casually drew three lines and ordered the three Sickle Insect legions in front of her. A total of 300,000 insects were divided into the attacking troops in the north, the attacking troops in the middle, and the attacking troops in the south. The short-term plan was to push 500 kilometers to the west and southwest, and the main target would be the medium-sized dinosaurs.

Small dinosaurs and insects that were not dangerous would be used as food supplies. They would live in the territory and hunt when needed.

In a humid and hot environment, even if it was the size of a Sickle Insect, It’s nothing compared to a hundred meters tall tree. To Lo Ya, this was a true prehistoric park. There were layers of colorful plants, and it was almost impossible to find a way forward. The dinosaurs lived during this period of time, and their bodies could break some trees with a single blow. Causing it to happen. An earthquake-like sound.

In particular, it was a type of plant monster called Liang Long. It was over 20 meters long and weighed more than 10 tons. Even if it fell to the ground, it could crush a large number of insects.

During the process, they encountered quite a number of insects like the Wavelet Mantises. However, due to the limited scale and overall strength, their resistance was useless against the surging swarm of insects.

The attack lasted for less than four days. Lo Ya’s first plan was completed.

“Dinosaurs are still dinosaurs. I didn’t expect to lose 120,000 insects in these three days.”

180,000 insects were scattered in the surrounding 500 kilometers. It was true that there were fewer of them in the surrounding 500 kilometers. Fortunately, their tails were still being born three days ago. During this period of time, the total number of tails produced had reached 300,000.

In the following period of time. Lo Ya did not reduce her attack. She only focused on the medium-sized carnivorous dinosaurs in the territory.

The losses in the battle were smaller than before. After three days, the reinforcements to the front line broke through to over 400,000 insects. In the territory, there were large amounts of mature tails every day.

The small beetle legion continuously sent reinforcements to the front to deal with some medium-sized insects.

Lo Ya attached great importance to sustainable development and started to draw out 10,000 square kilometers of breeding areas in the territory she occupied. Around them, heavy stone walls were built, planning to surround all the dinosaurs.

The project was huge. Because it was blocking the dinosaurs, this plan would take a long time to complete.

Fortunately, as the Sickle Insect and the small beetle continued to expand, the number of bugs that could be sent to carry out this order increased. Currently, there were already fifty thousand Sickle Insect and two hundred thousand small beetle executing this order efficiently.

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