C227 The Highly Valued Little Bug Mother

The girl’s expression changed slightly when she saw the noise outside through the window. She quickly put Little Insect Girl on the bed and carefully covered herself with the blanket. Then, she went to the door.

Through the door, she looked at the hall in the distance. She could see a knight with a sword at his waist walking in from the outside.

Her father respectfully welcomed her. She could see that his expression was a little nervous.

“What’s going on? Is there someone here?”

The two mage companions came to Annie’s side and looked outside nervously.

They then heard the sound of conversation.

“We received a report from the local mayor’s residence that you found a young Insect Girl and brought her home without permission.” For some reason, the tone of the leader sounded cold.

“There was such a thing. My daughter went on a trip to Fresnel Forest yesterday and found a special creature. Seeing that she was pitiful, she brought it home for adoption.”

As the man lowered his head and spoke, he secretly glanced at the people around him. From the badge on his shoulder, it could be seen that it was an elite guard army that the kingdom had recently established. These people were the special forces of the capital’s emperor, and were distributed throughout the country. Specifically to investigate serious cases. For example, the murder of high-ranking officials, treason, or special cases that could cause a huge sensation.

Cold sweat flowed down his forehead. He realized that bringing Insect Girl back might cause irreparable consequences.

Although he knew that Insect Girl’s status was very high, and it was very likely that she was a special pet that was kept by the upper echelons of the anti-resistance army, he did not expect it to be this high.

That’s right. After all, the insect swarm helped the rebel army take over the world. It was absolutely reasonable for the upper echelons to take care of the relevant species.

Annie, who was standing beside the door frame, gradually turned pale because the number of troops outside was increasing. Cavalry, gun formations, those were real soldiers.

“Annie, we seem to have caused trouble.” The short-haired, pigtailed wizard girl covered her mouth, her voice trembling.

They didn’t dare to speak anymore, instead quietly watching the scene outside.

“Since you know that it’s Insect Girl, why didn’t you report it to the higher-ups?”

“This… I reported to the City Lord last night and the City Lord asked me to send her to the capital. I am preparing to leave today.”

“Humph, hand Insect Girl over first.”

After saying this, the knight waved his hand. A soldier immediately walked over with a toy similar to a mini baby chair.

The man immediately walked to the room Annie was in.

“Quick, hand Insect Girl over.”

“Alright.” Annie expected this and went to the bedside with some regret and reluctance. She picked up the little thing that was sleeping soundly.

It could be seen that this little cutie was really in the infant stage. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have slept, eaten, and slept. But compared to a human baby… Little Insect Girl was much quieter. She wouldn’t cry or make a fuss. It was just that the demand for food was very high, and ordinary people could not afford it.

When the two of them sent Little Insect Girl to the knight, they could see that the powerful warrior also let out a soft sigh of relief.

“There is no problem. Now it is easy to explain to His Majesty.”

Annie and her father’s hearts trembled.

The Empress… These people are the direct troops of the capital? This is too fast, the distance from the capital to here is at least 2 days, these people arrived here in one night.

Carefully glancing at the eyes of these soldiers, looking at the dark circles under their eyes, he understood that these people had not slept for the entire night.

When he put it on the baby chair, Little Insect Girl coincidentally woke up and then cried out, “Wow.”


Under the shocked gazes of Annie’s family and the many servants, the butler, and the young mage, all the soldiers at the scene half-knelt on the ground and then lowered their heads.

“Meat, meat.” Little Insect Girl rubbed her belly and laid beside the baby cradle. She blinked her eyes and began to search for food.

“Meat?” The knight was stunned for a few seconds. Then he immediately turned his head and said, “Quick, go prepare the meat of the magic beast. The more, the better. Pay attention to the freshness.”


The family head wiped away his cold sweat, glad that he went to buy a lot last night. At this time, money was no longer important. The most important thing was to keep his life. Didn’t you see that these big shots in the capital had to kneel in front of that little thing?

Annie and the two female mages were dumbfounded. They had no idea what was going on.

“Ann… Annie, are you sure we met this one in the forest?”

It was really hard to believe that such a high level figure was so nervous. What was the identity of this little Little Insect Girl?

The family head hurriedly asked his servants to pull out a trailer filled with cooked magical beast meat and push it out.

“Wow.” Little Little Insect Girl’s tail kept swinging and she no longer cared about her surroundings. With a whoosh, she jumped out and fell onto the knight’s hand.

The knight quickly put the little cutie on the trailer. Under the greedy eyes of all the soldiers, he looked at the little cutie desperately stuffing meat into her mouth.

“Does this little thing open its mouth so wide when eating?”

“It’s too delicious.”

Countless people were thinking at this moment.

Because they could barely see chewing, they could only see pieces of meat being stuffed into their bodies. Thus, unknowingly, the 10 kilos of meat in the first row of the dining car were all gone.

“Strange, why didn’t she gain weight after eating so much?”

One. Problems that horrified Annie surfaced in her heart.

For an entire half an hour, the whole place was silent. After a long time, Little Insect Girl burped comfortably and rubbed her belly. Then, under everyone’s gaze, she fell asleep on the greasy dining car.

The knight immediately carefully picked up Little Insect Girl and placed her in the car.

“Wow, meat.”

Suddenly, the little thing jumped up and stared at the second car not far away.

A black line immediately appeared on the knight’s forehead.

He held Little Insect Girl over once again. This cute little thing continued to show her great appetite.

It seemed like her brain was filled with food. At this time, the surrounding people were all invisible to her. Little Little Insect Girl’s brain could not make her pay attention to two things at the same time. When eating, She could only eat. The environment was not important at all.

After eating and drinking enough, she fell to sleep.

The Knight once again placed the little cutie on the baby bed anxiously.

“My god, please don’t eat meat anymore.” The knight was speechless.

Nothing like that happened this time, but what was surprising was that the sound of the army marching could be heard once again from the surrounding area, and this time, there were a lot of bugs.

Sickle Insect, Wolf Cavalry, and even Wind God Winged Insect that fell from the sky.

When Annie was still a noble, she had seen a small amount of Sickle Insect. At this moment, the scale of the swarm that appeared outside was a little terrifying. Especially the Black Wolf Beast that was stronger than a tiger, the strange Netherworld Skeleton, and the huge flying bug that had a wingspan of more than 8 meters.

“Insect Girl… bug, could it be…”

It seemed like he had guessed it.

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