C226 Hand Her over

At night, the young girl personally took a bath for the dirty little thing. She smeared the Magic shower gel on it and then used warm water to wash it clean. She personally put on the doll clothes that she had played with when she was young and then brought it to the bed.

“Pitiful little thing, sleep with me.”

Little Little Insect Girl seemed to have never experienced such a clean environment before. The warm and soft feeling in the blanket was extremely comfortable. She happily crawled around and then drooled. She wanted to eat again.

“You are too good at eating. If you don’t eat, then you sleep.”

The girl recalled what her father had said. She would give anything she wanted, but she was also afraid that she would die from overeating. In the past, she raised rabbits. When she fed rabbits, she had to feed them all. In the end, she died quickly because some animals did not know how to control themselves.

“Forget it. Father said there was no problem, but there was no problem.”

She thought for a long time. Finally, she took a few big cakes and a bunch of delicious biscuits from the kitchen and pushed them to the bedside with a cart.

After placing Little Insect Girl on top, the little thing wriggled by itself and grabbed the biscuits and stuffed them into its mouth.

“Wow, its mouth is so big. You don’t need to gobble it up like this, do you?”

Initially, it was not prepared for the little thing to eat the food for more than a dozen people. However, the reality was terrifying. It did not know what was in the little thing’s stomach. It actually compressed food that was dozens of times bigger.

After eating, the little fellow rubbed its belly comfortably and flipped its belly on the spot.

“Come to bed and sleep.”

Picking her up, he threw her next to the pillow and gently covered her with the blanket. The girl gently turned off the light.


She hugged the little cutie tightly and rubbed her face against the soft spot. However, the girl could not fall asleep at all.

She was very happy that she had obtained such a cute pet.

But she clearly did not realize that every little Little Insect Girl was monitored by many insects. The reason why she was allowed to be brought over was because Lo Ya, the leader of the higher ups, felt that the danger was very small.

Right now, the entire Insect Girl Clan was monitoring the environment of the scene, but whether it was Lo Ya or the few Brain Insect, they were not worried that something unexpected would happen.

After all, everyone knew that experience was an important part of little Little Insect Girl’s growth.

The more contact one had during the process of individual release, the higher the intelligence one would have in the future.

Lo Lo and Lo Yu were the typical example of failure. Because they rarely went out when they were young, they spent most of their time cooped up in their homes and did not learn much, so when they grew up, they were very stupid.

Of course, Lo Yu was much smarter than Lo Lo.

Lo Ya had always been very worried that Lo Lo would never be smart. Up until now, among all the adult Insect Girl, she was the only one who could not be counted to be within 10. Lo Xin had already begun to advance towards the great goal of 20 and above. Who knows, she might be able to grasp the calculations within 100 very soon. And Lo Yin seemed to be very smart. She belonged to the more mischievous category. Her biggest hobby was digging for insects. This habit that she had since she was young had not changed after she grew up.

The other mediocre ones had all performed well, or at least they were all improving.

As for the cute tiger Little Insect Girl, her intelligence was around the middle level. In essence, she was no different from an ordinary Little Insect Girl. Her front legs were like that of a tiger. Her body size was slightly bigger, her Strength was stronger, and her close combat ability was higher. However, her Magic was relatively weak.

Lo Ya did not prepare to hatch more cute tigers, Little Insect Girl. On one hand, the cost was high. On the other hand, other than the special type, it seemed to have no other use.

Of course, it was very easy for them to gain the favorable impression of wild tigers. So after Lo Ya let them go, one of them followed a certain tiger mother to eat all day long. It could be considered as freeloading food.

No matter what, everyone was doing a good job.

After the day ended, early in the morning the next day, outside the iron window, it was gloomy as if it was going to rain. A series of cries that sounded like they knew (actually, they didn’t know) came from outside.

Little Little Insect Girl was still dozing off.

The young girl did not wake her up but carefully got up.

When she walked to the door, she suddenly heard the conversation outside.

“Sir, this matter has already been informed to the City Lord, but he did not dare to accept Insect Girl. Instead, he asked us to send her directly to the capital.”

“This is really troublesome. If there is really no way to secretly send her back to the forest, it would be less dangerous than reporting it. I am just afraid that Insect Girl has some way to communicate with them and let their higher-ups know about this matter.”

“Then… how about we do as the City Lord says?”

“Yes, that’s the only way.”

When the young girl heard these words, her hand that was opening the door stiffened.

She turned around and looked at the little cutie who was sleeping soundly. She really did not want to part with her.

“I have to find a way to find out what Insect Girl is.”

After breakfast, Little Insect Girl had already woken up. She fed her a lot of bread and wild pork. The little thing began to curiously observe the surrounding environment.

The girl wanted to bring her out but was rejected by her father.

“Stay at home and don’t let others see.” His tone was unquestionable.

Thus, she could only give up.

Returning to the bed, she carried Little Insect Girl and nodded her head. “What exactly are you? It can’t be the pets of those high-ranking officials, right? Why did you appear in the forest? Did Father really want to send you to those high-ranking officials in the capital? ”

To such greenhouse flowers, the political changes in the country actually had very little impact. The officials had changed, and the people above were still high and mighty figures. It was impossible for young children to have any contact with them.

Oh right, I heard that the current ruler is an empress by the name of Luya. This could also be considered an inconceivable era.

That day, the two companions came to her house and saw the cute little girl rolling on the blanket together.

“Wow, did you sleep with this little thing last night? Oh my God, I’m jealous.”

“Of course. Look at her little tail. It’s a bug, but it’s not disgusting at all.” As she said that, the girl from the official family kissed Little Insect Girl’s tail.

“Eh, change. Pervert!”

When the three girls were playing with Little Insect Girl, the two girls suddenly noticed her expression. “Annie, why are you frowning? Did you encounter some trouble?”

” Yes, I heard Father’s conversation yesterday and found out that this little thing’s identity is a little special. It might bring us trouble. ”

“Ha, this little thing is special?”

“If we hand it over to the City Lord, the City Lord wouldn’t dare to take it, but rather let us hand it over to the capital by ourselves, to the officials in the Imperial Palace.” Annie bitterly stroked Little Insect Girl’s hair and looked at the little baby sleeping in her hands.

The two rabbit calves that were not easily discovered were also soft and would even twitch and twitch.

“If it’s really troublesome, I’m afraid we can only hand it over. It’s not like you don’t know about the terrifying things that happened in the north.”


Annie nodded her head.

However, no one expected that at this moment, a loud noise could be heard from afar. Groups of soldiers rushed over from afar and quickly surrounded the entire family.

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