C225 This Monster Mother Can be Used as a Pet


Her tail fell to the ground. She did not care about anything else as she turned around and fled into the distance.

The woodpecker moved its head twice. After swallowing the bug in its mouth, it turned its head to look at the squirming bug in the small hole next to it. After comparing it to the big one on the ground, it immediately made a choice.

Whiz, whiz, whiz.

The woodpecker flapped its wings and flew to Little Insect Girl’s side. It pecked and flew up with her in its mouth.

It was a little heavy, but this woodpecker was level 4 and had great strength. It quickly flew back to the nest on the top of the tree and threw Little Insect Girl in.

A group of furry little birds opened their mouths wide and waited for food to be fed. They chirped in a tender voice.

The woodpecker pecked the tail of the insect a few times and found that the insect was a bit elastic. It almost broke its beak.

She was a bit confused. Soon, she found that this little insect actually crawled into the middle of the little bird. It also opened its mouth and made a sound of “Ah! Ah!” as if it was begging for food.

The woodpecker blinked a few times, flapped its wings, and left the tree trunk.

A few minutes later, it brought a lot of little bugs to the nest.

Little Insect Girl opened her mouth at the small birds, and with the fastest speed, she reached out her head and snatched the bug.

” Awoo, awoo, awoo.”

The soft worm tasted great. She rubbed against the little bird beside her and felt its fluffy fur. She happily wagged her tail. In the end, just like that, the little birds beside her were all squeezed to the side.

The woodpecker was fed a few times, but most of the food was eaten by Little Insect Girl. And the young birds did not even get half of the food. So the woodpecker could only return to the ground and fly up with two worms in its mouth.

After a few times, Little Insect Girl was finally full. She flipped her belly and began to sleep in the bird’s nest.

Looking at the large worm, the woodpecker’s mother, who regarded herself as a bird, gradually suspected that the bird was alive and did not know what to do.

After who knows how many minutes…

One… The leader of the team lazily leaned against the wood. He yawned and said, “It’s finally over. Thank God, I don’t even know how long it has been since I last hunted magic beasts.”

“By the way, is there any problem with us matching up like this? One swordsman, two mages, no shields. ”

“It’s fine, it’s fine. Most monsters are afraid of mages. Besides, the outer perimeter of this forest is basically filled with magic beasts that aren’t even Black Iron Level. It’s very easy to hunt them.”

The three girls sat beside the three trees and discussed some interesting topics.

Suddenly, with a bang, a bird’s nest fell from the top of their heads.

The four little birds and a little Little Insect Girl rolled onto the ground.


The fall made the little bird feel a little pain, but Little Insect Girl acted as if she did not feel anything. She continued to spread open her arms and fell asleep. After a few seconds, she seemed to have woken up from her sleep. She jumped up with a thud. “Meat.”

“Wow, look at what this is. It’s so cute!”

A few girls were lying on the side. One of them could not help but pick up Little Insect Girl and a little woodpecker.

“Why is there this in the bird nest… Wuwu, this is a rare Magical Creature mother, right?”

“Rub, rub, it’s cute. Its tail looks like a bug. What kind of species is this?” The swordswoman looked like she really liked it.

“I’m afraid of soft worms the most. It’s a bit scary.” A mage squatted beside her. He wanted to reach out and touch her, but he didn’t have the courage.

“What are you scared of? Look at how cute she is.”

Holding her in her arms and rubbing her head, Little Insect Girl looked at the few humans with a puzzled expression.

If it was meat, then these few were too big.

The food of a young Little Insect Girl was at most at the level of Ant Eater. Unless they encountered a dead creature, they would not take the initiative to hunt for big guys. Because they knew that too big of a creature was dangerous.

The swordswoman took out a few pieces of bread from her pocket and placed it in front of Little Insect Girl. The little guy smelled the smell and immediately moved forward. Awoo! Awoo!

“Wow, I really want to eat something!”

“Why don’t we bring it back and raise it?”

“We can’t afford to raise him. You’re probably the only one who has free money. Your father is a noble.”

“He’s just a former noble.” The swordswoman shook her head. “Father said that it was luck that he could stay and continue to be an official.”

“Alright, let’s leave later.”

After putting Little Insect Girl into the food bag, the three girls began to search for creatures in the forest.

Perhaps it was luck that they found a grey wolf that Insect Girl let go of not long after. After sending out two Magic in a row, that grey wolf was killed before it even had time to release the Wind Blade.

Bringing the grey wolf’s corpse, they returned to the city.

“I’m going to bring the little thing home, the wolf will be left for you guys.”

“Ah, thank you so much. When we sell the wolf, we’ll immediately go to your place. Tomorrow.” The two poor young female mages bowed to the swordswoman.

The three of them bid farewell. The swordswoman girl returned home and changed into an ordinary girl’s clothes. She then took Little Insect Girl out.

“Oh my God, you finished eating? This is for three people.”

Seeing the cute little girl blinking her eyes, the girl touched her head in disbelief.

Placing it on the table, a few people walked in from outside the door.

“Yo, daughter, you’re back. How’s the hunting operation?” The one who asked was the leader.

“Dad, look, I found a pet.”

He raised Little Insect Girl with both hands. The little thing in the air immediately rolled its tail and stared at the person who walked in with its big eyes wide open.


Seeing Little Insect Girl, the expression of the leading man changed slightly.

“Did you see this from the forest?”

“Yes.” The young girl placed the little thing on the table. In the end, Little Little Insect Girl suddenly realized that there was a big steak at the corner of the table. She immediately happily shouted “meat.” With a swoosh, she rushed over and took big bites.

The leading man walked in and saw this little thing. After carefully observing it, he said in a deep voice, “Sorry for the trouble.”

“What is it?” The girl raised her head in surprise.

“This is Insect Girl.”

As soon as the words left her mouth, the expression of the guard behind changed slightly, “This is an individual from the Insect Girl Clan?”

The man smiled bitterly. “Yes. When the war happened here, I saw it before. This one is obviously smaller than the one we met before. It might be a young one.”

“What is Insect Girl?” The girl walked to the side and reached her finger under Little Insect Girl’s tail. She slightly raised it and the middle of the tail bent upwards.

Her father was silent for a few seconds. Finally, he shook his head and said, “You take care of her first. I will provide a lot of food. You can give her whatever she wants. Anyway, try to treat her well.”

“Of course. After all, she is so cute.” The girl agreed.

The two men left the hall, and the guard captain immediately asked: “What should we do, sir? Insect Girl appeared at our place.”

“Don’t worry, we have to figure out the consequences. Also, we have to find a way to contact the higher-ups so that we can hand Insect Girl over. If there is really no way to send this one back to the forest.”

Actually, he was a little worried about what kind of accident would happen on the way back.

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