C220 Cold Water Territory

Although the small beetle production was very high, it was regrettable that… Up until now, the total accumulation was only 3.2 million. The main reason was that the increase in strength caused the scarabs production to decrease. The nutrition absorbed by each Shooting Reproductive Insect must be instilled into more scarabs, causing their production speed to slow down by 70%.

And because the small beetle relied on soil to grow, the low cost also made Lo Ya not mind throwing them to the hundreds of thousands of main insects to replenish part of the food consumption.

Comparatively, the cost of the Explosive Beetle only increased a little, and the daily production was still around 10,000. Because it was not used much, they produced more than 3 million in a month.

Lo Ya did not reject the increase in cost because the close combat ability of the small beetle had indeed become stronger. And when facing some low-level wild beasts, a pile of Explosive Beetle could be fought even if it did not self-destruct.

Correspondingly, the number of charging insects increased to 400. The Wind God Winged Insect was manufactured with great effort, so it increased to 2500. Currently, there were 150 Launcher Insect and 600 Bullet Insect. The number of poisonous insects that were sprayed remained at 5.

The main force of the army currently had 280,000 Sickle Insect, which could easily wipe out the entire army of the West Feinne Continent.

As for the Battleship Insect that Lo Ya had specially developed, she had already made a lot of them in the past 30 days.

Currently, there were 30 1st Grade warships and 8 2nd Grade warships. 2 Third Grade warships, and 1 Fourth Grade warship. Compared to the Battleship Insect from before, they had now obtained the T-rex gene. The hardness of the skeleton and the strength of the body had greatly increased. The defensive power was already a little higher than the iron ship.

In other words, facing the sea battle from back then, as long as the enemy’s cannon fire did not level up, even a level 1 ship would have the ability to resist the level 2 ship from back then.

In this month, Little Insect Girl’s level had all risen to 40 and above. Many of the creatures that were hunted had to walk past their eyes once. Even some of the little Little Insect Girl’s. Because of the hunting in the conservation area, it had also increased by many levels.

This kind of thing. The consequence of such a drastic increase in overall strength was that everyone’s combat strength could be compared to the Black Dragon.

Yes, although it was still an insect, its basic attributes had indeed surpassed the dragon race. In addition to the few First and Second Grade skills they had obtained from drawing cards in the past month, as well as a special skill called Cold Water Domain, Little Insect Girl’s overall strength could be said to have made a massive leap.

[Cold Water Domain: Special skill. Releasing a low-temperature waterfall to attack target. Current Third Grade. After proficient use, it can increase the level of the skill. Highest is Fifth Grade.]

Yes, a Race Ice Skill drawn from an SSR card could be upgraded. When he was Third Grade, he could only release a massive wave of water to attack his target, or fall from the sky like a waterfall.

Don’t look at how powerful it was. Its actual destructive power was extremely low.

However, it could not be said to be trash. Lo Ya had previously used it on a medium-sized dinosaur. In the end, she had directly summoned a five-meter-tall wave and blasted the target dozens of meters away.

“The great Strength of nature, a five-meter tall wave can’t even keep the dinosaur steady.”

Therefore, in order to increase the proficiency, Lo Ya would take drugs whenever she had nothing to do. Finally, she became the first person in the entire clan to raise it to level 4, Little Insect Girl.

At this moment, in the cold waters, the word low temperature had become super low temperature.

When she used it, the waves reached eight meters in height and froze at a speed visible to the naked eye. Finally, it condensed into a small ice river in front of her eyes. More than ten tendons dragons were all frozen to death in it.

It was very powerful and could easily destroy the houses of commoners.

Lo Ya was very satisfied with this skill, but if it was used against that kind of super class lightning storm back then, it would be useless.

That night, the Transcendent used a Fourth Grade skill as well. However, due to the suppression of his realm, he used a destructive effect that seemed capable of destroying the heavens and extinguishing the earth.

The power of a mage was as outstanding as their rarity. There might be many Black Iron Level combat mages like Luya, and even Bronze Silver Level were relatively common. However, there were very few high-grade mages that had reached the Gold Level and above.

Lo Ya was now at the peak of level 49. She was at the bottleneck of breaking through to the Extraordinary realm. However, she was helpless because she did not know the true method to break through.

She did not care. If there was really no other way, she would just ask Crystal Dragon God.

Lo Ya returned to the territory and found that a group of little Little Insect Girl was wagging her tail and wriggling around. She did not know what they were doing, so she went over and hugged one of them.

The two cute big eyes were like a bright light. Simply looking at intelligence, they were only a little smarter than ordinary animals. But all of this could be improved when they matured.

The stupidity when they were young would only make them look cuter.

Chiang Ya also wriggled to the side and reached out her hand to rub her cute little tail. Then, she stuck out her tongue to tease her.

“Chiang Ya, do you think we need to invade humans right now?”

In recent days, Lo Ya discovered that Chiang Ya had always been very mature. Although her IQ was not very outstanding, her EQ was very high. Perhaps she was still unable to skillfully calculate the addition and subtraction method within 20, but if she was asked to direct the battle… She would often be able to use all kinds of tactics that Lo Ya herself could not think of.

Just like this time, hearing Lo Ya’s question, she bit her finger and replied, “Not good.”

“Is it because it is dangerous?”

” Yes, yes.” Chiang Ya nodded her head twice, “If we attack the humans, the Sutton will definitely come and stop us.”

If it was Little Insect Girl, she would definitely say,” Wah! Eat meat, eat meat! “She would not care about whether the Sutton was a Sutton or not.

Strictly speaking, Chiang Ya could be considered one of the unusual people in Insect Girl. She had been very smart since she was young. Lo Ya even felt that this little thing’s potential was higher than Lo Xin’s.

“Let’s go out to sea tomorrow.” Lo Ya laid the map in front of her, “First spend a day to occupy the island of the West Sea, then go south and invade these three islands.”

The West Sea referred to the islands close to the waterfall on the west side of the mountain range at the end of the mountain range. After the battle, just as Lo Ya had imagined, it would be the base for the navy to enter the South.

There were dozens of islands of varying sizes, but a day was actually considered a long time after the battle. Because there was no army stationed on top, Lo Ya only needed to throw a small number of insects over.

When these islands were in her hands, the powerful navy fleet would begin to head south. They would skip the surveillance of the Sutton and directly attack the island country and other continents on the ocean.

Recently, the White Kingdom and Trio had a very frequent contact with the countries on the other side of the ocean. In particular, Trio had already sold over 200 cannons to Lo Ya. A part of the cannons had been given to Beidou to learn and imitate in order to strengthen the future navy configuration.

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