C218 Attack the T-rex

” Awoo! Awoo! Awoo!”


Little Insect Girl bit the spider with her mouth, her tail hanging in the air. She swung it along with the breeze. The spider continued to climb up in fear. At the same time, it desperately secreted a type of venom. But it was useless. All of its efforts were unable to stop Little Insect Girl from finding something to eat. As a omnivorous creature among omnivores, Little Insect Girl had always been able to eat as long as she did not die. Then she would eat with all her might.

Finally, the Trio cloud poisonous spider and the entire spider web went into Little Insect Girl’s stomach.

She climbed onto the tree trunk, flipped her belly, and began to take an afternoon nap.

A few meters away, a poisonous green snake turned its head and looked at this little thing. Just as it was about to come closer and take a bite, little Little Insect Girl’s nose was sensitive enough to smell something. Then its sleeping body began to slowly wriggle towards the position of the green snake.

An indescribable danger approached. The large snake hesitated for a while and waited for Little Insect Girl to get close to it before considering giving up on this prey.

But at this moment, the bug’s mouth bit the lower part of the snake. With a little bit of force, the solid scales along with the flesh inside shattered.

The snake was extremely uncomfortable and immediately turned its head to bite towards Little Insect Girl’s neck. In the end, its teeth were like chewing rubber and could not go down.

Who was the food? It was clear.

The snake did not understand why it could live until today. It was because it did not pose any threat to young Insect Girl. Because all the dangerous creatures in the territory of Insect Girl Clan had been cleaned up by the Sickle Insect. Most of the beasts that survived were only looking for food for the little ones. They did not lose their wild nature.

“It’s good to let them go.”

Lo Ya expressed her happiness towards Little Little Insect Girl’s current survival ability.

Back then, when Insect Girl pitifully migrated in the tall grass, even a few wild dogs could take everyone’s lives. There were dangers everywhere, but now it was the other way around. Insect Girl became the most dangerous predator.

While Lo Ya was happily observing the territory, a weak Spiritual Link suddenly came from the harbor where the Battleship Insect gathered at the northwest side of the mountain range.

Lo Ya raised her head and a few ahoge stood up.

“Eh, I was shocked.”

She immediately let Black Wolf Beast bring her to the seaside. Not long after, she saw a ragged boat emerging from the water.

The small boat floated in the air, and under the boat, a few ghastly skeletons raised the hull high and ran up step by step. When they saw Lo Ya, they opened their mouths and nodded, smiling very happily.

Yes, the boat and the Undead Insect that had sunk at the bottom of the sea had all returned.

Undead did not need to breathe, so they could not be drowned underwater. The Battleship Insect itself inherited the characteristics of underwater breathing, so as long as the life bar did not return to zero, it was basically alive.

Dozens of skeletons threw the Battleship Insect to the side, and then the poor ship rolled a few times on the grass. Its two eyes were spinning.

“Oh, this is great. I actually found it myself.”

Lo Ya threw Nature’s Healing to them. However, it was useless to heal them with less than 30 healing points at a time. Hence, she let them eat to recover.

When the Battleship Insect was underwater, it ate a lot of plankton. It also caught a few fish to fill its stomach. Only then did it ensure its own survival.

It was very reliable!

Large fish meat was served. As they ate, their life points began to slowly recover. Later on, in order to be frugal, Lo Ya let the Battleship Insect eat some soil along the way, using the soil’s fertility and tiny creatures to replenish energy.

Although the recovery speed was much slower, at least it saved the cost.

“The current number of Battleship Insect has already reached eight. Four are level 2, and four are level 1. En, there’s no rush. The fleet needs to be large in scale to be strong. ”

Lo Ya felt that she still lacked the cannons installed on the side. During naval warfare, relying on the catapults and Bullet Insect would take a long time to sink the ships on the other side. The variables were too great. In a short period of time to dominate the sea, it would be better to face it head on.

At most, they could mass produce the first-grade ships that did not cost money and implement the sea tactic.

After looking at the navy situation, she patrolled the entire territory. They found that the dangerous creatures from the mountain range to the werewolf territory had already been cleared by the Insect Sea, and there were still some terrifying species in the area that led to the moon. In other areas, it was better to go to the dinosaur world.

Therefore, she sat on the Sickle Insect and brought 1,000 insects to the end of the rift.

There were already 200,000 small beetle and four and a half Sickle Insect divisions stationed here. They were the remaining ones that Lo Xin had commanded earlier.

The 80 km radius was basically swept clean. The loss of the swarm was not small, but there were even more newly born bugs. Among them, there were a few dangerous carnivorous dinosaurs that had been bypassed by the swarm.

“The efficiency is really high. As expected of a full-fledged attack.”

Right now, the Insect Girl Clan was like a locust crossing the border. The more they fought, the more there were. Not a single blade of grass grew.

“Let’s go and get rid of the most dangerous dinosaurs first.”

Violent Dragon, Level 49, Space Level, dinosaur.

The real ceiling of normal creatures was also the ceiling of the dinosaurs’ combat strength. Although there were some dangerous herbivores that could be killed by luck… The Dead Tyrannosaurus, but it was undeniable that this creature was the true overlord of the ancient era.

“Why didn’t Lo Xin fight this kind of dinosaur?”

Lo Ya felt that Lo Xin, whose brain was full of flesh and blood, would most likely not let go of any different kind of creature.

The stronger the creature, the better the meat quality. Lo Ya was also looking forward to eating the meat of a tyrannosaurus rex.

“Let’s test it out first.”

The tyrannosaurus rex was still looking for food everywhere. Because the swarm had cleared away the herbivorous dinosaurs a few kilometers around it, it could only eat some insects that could not fill its stomach.

Moreover, there were several times when it saw huge insects. Just as it was about to eat, there would be Sickle Insect that would take the opportunity to kill the insects. Die, and then quickly escape.

Violent Dragon was about to faint from hunger.

His huge body had traveled a lot, and every time he ate something, it would not be enough to fill the gaps between his teeth.

Lo Ya noticed its body size. It was about 13 meters long. It seemed to be smaller than the many herbivores she had hunted before. However, its actual combat strength was not on the same level. Lo Ya’s own Strength looked very big. But because it was too small, it was impossible to beat this guy in close combat.

Taking advantage of the fact that it was not paying attention, Lo Ya sent two Sickle Insect and rushed forward. One on the left and the other on the right, they jumped onto Violent Dragon’s body.

The Sickle Insect fiercely stabbed downwards. In the end, with a buzz, the saber cut across the surface of the skin and cut open a small wound. A small amount of blood flowed out from the inside, making Violent Dragon feel very uncomfortable.

The huge body began to shake, and then it fell to the ground at an exaggerated speed, directly smashing the Sickle Insect to death on one side.

“Is he that agile?”

Lo Ya rubbed her chin and let the other Sickle Insect escape.

Seeing that the hungry Violent Dragon wanted to eat the Death Sickle Insect on the ground, Lo Ya immediately used the light beam that she had never used before and attacked the target.

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