C216 Under the Rock Ring

The war in the North is finally over.

For most of the people, the destruction of the capital represented a deeper meaning: the oppressive dynasty that had ruled this country for hundreds of years had been destroyed, and a new era led by the people of the lower class had arrived.

After peace, some people started to pay attention to other issues.

For example, some of them seemed to doubt the existence of the insects, thinking that magical beasts were born to be inferior to humans and should not live with humans.

Lo Ya did not express anything in the face of such a situation. She just waited. Waiting until one day, the conflict would escalate to a certain extent. It would be best to wait until that irreconcilable situation started to oppress the swarm. An operation to turn the human empire into a swarm of insects to lead the empire could be officially carried out.

The civilians could not see the terrifying evolution potential of the swarm. Therefore, all their doubts, objections, and even conflicts could only ring the death knell in advance.

Those who jumped the most happily were destined to be eliminated in the revolution.

Squeak squeak ~

When they returned to the territory, they could hear the Sickle Insect’s natural cry that sounded even more natural than the sound of knowing something.

It was located on the east side of the territory, which was close to the werewolf’s territory. The insects were lining up, continuously collecting beautiful crystals from deep mines.

In order to obtain higher purity Magic crystals, Lo Ya ordered the insects to continue digging deeper, all the way until it was 18 kilometers underground.

At this time, Lo Ya suddenly discovered a serious problem.

As the depth increased, the temperature rose very slowly, or it could be said that it did not rise, but maintained between 18 to 20 degrees.

This situation did not seem to conform to the rules.

Until a certain moment, the swarm suddenly dug out the ground, revealing a completely dark environment.

Inside the world.

That’s not right, it should be the inside of the giant pillar that supported the entire “world surrounded by waterfalls.”

It was completely empty and there was no light at all. Hence, when Lo Ya used her Eye of Truth to look down, what she saw was black to the extreme.

Most of the stones in this area were energy crystals and the color was very light. It was almost colorless and transparent. The insects dug out a huge crystal room, and there was a small hole at the bottom of the room. A few meters down was the empty dark space without any support.

If a beam of white light shone in from the outside, it would give people the feeling that it was empty. There was nothing but a layer of crystal-like solid (wall of the room) when one extended one’s hand forward.

Yes, something invisible.

Actually, it could not be said to be invisible, but this kind of crystal was not only colorless and transparent, it also did not reflect or reflect anything. It gave people the feeling that it did not exist.

So if Lo Ya wanted to know where they were and what shape they were, she could only sense them by touching them.

“The world is so big, there are all kinds of strange things.”

Lo Ya dug a piece from the side and brought it to the ground.

Under the sunlight, she clearly held a heavy crystal in her hand, but she could not see anything.

Furthermore, a prompt appeared in front of her eyes.

[Discovered special substance (Temporarily named a light-emitting object). 】

[Zero Light Object: A special object that does not reflect or refract any electromagnetic waves. This object is affected by gravity and has mass. When used as a cannonball, it will release light and heat.]

“Interesting. It’s just that it’s not convenient to use it. Also, remember how many pieces are piled up together. Otherwise, you won’t know where it is.”

Lo Ya did not know how this thing was formed, nor did she understand what was going on in the depths of the space. With these crystals, it was obviously impossible for them to support the entire continent’s shell-shaped structure. If the bottom of the rock was completely empty, Then the ground under my feet must have collapsed long ago.

“I’ll take a look again”

Lo Ya returned to the edge of the small opening of the crystal room.

She threw a small beetle down, but it pitifully disappeared into the darkness.

Lo Ya used the Spiritual Link to feel that this bug was still alive, and it kept falling down.

“Wow, fun.”

Lo Lo did not know when she also came down. First, a small tail reached out from the tunnel above her head. Then, the tail swung and the upper half of her body squeezed downwards and fell beside Lo Ya.

“Wah, I flew.”

“Idiot, I did not fly. It is just that we are unable to see the things around us. Be careful that there is a hole in front of us!”

Seeing Lo Lo’s tail stepping on empty air and falling into the dark deep hole, Lo Ya was so scared that she grabbed her neck and lifted her up with force.

Putting the little thing to the side, she still had a very fun look.

“Oh, oh, oh, I get it. So that’s how it is.”

The little cutie had an idea and suddenly picked Lo Ya up and threw her into the hole.


Lo Ya fell down in fear.

However, in an instant, Lo Lo grabbed her falling body again and lifted it up.

Let go…

Whoosh ~


Lo Ya fell down again and just as she was about to leave Lo Lo, this little fool grabbed downwards again and hugged her again.

Raise it high and come again!

“Stop, stop, stop, put me down. Ahhhhh!”


He hugged it, raised it high, and threw it!


Catch it from afar again, raise it high, throw it!

“Stop, stop!”

“Eh, does Lo Ya feel that it is not fun?” Lo Lo had an adorable look on her face.

“Fun my a * s. I’m going to die.”

The Spiritual Link could still be connected to the small beetle, but she could clearly feel that the falling speed of the little thing was slowly increasing. God knew how long it would take for it to fall.

In any case, even if it fell to the ground, it would definitely fall to its death.

“Wuwu, I thought Lo Ya would be happy.” Lo Lo said with grievance.

“I am not happy. This place is very dangerous, do you know?”

Not being able to see was the scariest. Lo Ya only knew that there was an invisible hole here by relying on her memory. It was about half a meter in diameter. If it was someone else who did not know, it would be really over if they stepped on empty air.

“Forget it. Let’s go up.”

Something that defied physics could only be explained by Magic.

Actually, after thinking about it carefully, there was no existence that violated the rules. It was just that Lo Ya lacked understanding of this world. The Magic was like adding a troublemaker to the material world for no reason, hindering people’s direct understanding of reality.

But was the Magic really a Magic? Or was it a trick created by some higher civilization?

Imagine, if the people on this planet reached the level of humans on Earth… Then how would they develop to the level of space civilizations? If they discovered the invisible cover in the sky above their heads, what kind of bomb would be fired up to blow it up? And then leave this sealed world, or find another way out?

Step Into A Different WORLD!

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