C214 The Final Explosion

The capital of Hojo Kingdom, the palace.

Two hours had passed since the start of the war.

During these two hours, neither the rebel soldiers nor the insect swarm managed to attack the city walls. They were facing the black dots that fell from the sky.

Explosive Bugs!

The attack power of these bugs was equivalent to a full-force attack from a peak Gold Level warrior. If it was a few times in a row, then even if an ordinary warrior was covered in combat qi, most of them would not be able to withstand the attack.

“Your majesty, it seems like the attack outside has stopped. Our army has lost over ten thousand men.”

The minister’s bitter tone indicated the effectiveness of this attack. Tens of thousands of people had gathered on the city wall. There was not even a place to hide. It was as if they had given their heads to the other side.

Because of the low altitude bombing of the Wind God Winged Insect, a few experts used their skills to kill a few flying insects above their heads. However, it was useless to change the situation of the entire battle.

“Where’s the Saint Mentor?”

The king asked about the situation of the only extraordinary expert in the kingdom.

“He was watching this battle in the city, but his expression didn’t seem to be optimistic about this battle.”

“Alright then.” The king supported his forehead with his hand and leaned back in his chair, not wanting to say anything.

Not long after, a series of rumbles came from the direction of the city walls.

It was a long-range attack from a catapult, but the towers in the city had been destroyed, so there was no way to retaliate.

After an hour of firing, three holes appeared on the city walls. The swarm of insects and tens of thousands of soldiers began to charge towards the holes.

The Sickle Insect’s target was the cracks on both sides. The super long spear formation that had been waiting for a long time had all gathered there in an orderly fashion, forming a 100-man square formation of 20 people in a row.

Hundreds of archers stood further away, preparing to release their arrows at the swarm of insects that were charging forward.

But it was very clear that Lo Ya, who was commanding this battle, did not give those powerful warriors a chance to come into contact with the swarm.

The three Launcher Insect aimed at the target at a distance of 1.5 kilometers. After that, there was a muffled sound from their backs and six cannonballs flew through the air.

Boom, boom, boom, boom…

Hundreds of people fell to the ground amidst the soaring flames. The sky was filled with broken limbs and dust, causing the other human warriors not far away to be dumbfounded.

Blood clots and liquids fell from the sky or hit people with the shock waves. The super long spear was unable to resist the impact from the center and shattered. Some people did not die from the explosion but died on the tip of the flying spear.

With three openings and two cannonballs in one spot, the square formation was perfectly taken care of.

The swarm of bugs was the first to rush into the city wall and attack the gunmen who had fallen to the ground. As for the rebel army, because they had the weapons seized by the Noble Army, they had formed an elite sword-shield infantry.

In this collision, Lo Ya could clearly feel the difference in strength between different armies.

When the swarm faced the imperial city’s guardian army, it was already somewhat difficult. Many of the enemies had Bronze Level Strength, and their combat skills were outstanding. In comparison, the rebel army’s troops were a little worse.

The catapults continuously shot at the enemies within the city, and the air force also began to provide air support for the rebel army.

As the vanguard broke through the gun formation at the front of the city wall, the insects behind began to charge into the city on a large scale.

Every street, every alley, and every building became the battlefield. The total power of the 100,000 explosions was about eight tons of TNT equivalent weight. In other words, every Explosive Beetle could release energy equivalent to 80 grams of TNT explosive.

“Just treat it as 100,000 grenades.” Lo Ya told herself.

She did not know why, but she really felt like she had fought a modern war.

Many Sickle Insect carried Explosive Beetle with them when they attacked. As long as they found an enemy they couldn’t defeat, they would throw one at the enemy, or if there was no other way, they would explode and perish together with the enemy.

The battle lasted for half the afternoon. When night fell, the main force had already attacked the inner city.

The Royal City’s elite guards that they were going to face next were truly high grade soldiers. Their average strength was at the Silver Level. Although half of them died under the bombardment, there were still at least 1000 survivors.

The catapults were slowly moved onto the streets. Tens of thousands of Explosive Beetle were thrown into the elite soldiers in front of the inner city gates.

Lo Ya really liked the scene of the explosion blooming. Seeing the enemy lose bit by bit in her hands, the joy in it was indescribable.

After the ten thousand insects exploded, there were less than 300 people left. Because of the consumption of combat power, these people were quickly defeated by the swarm attack.

After more than 2,000 insects died, the army broke into the inner city and began to kill some of the palace nobles.

The bloody scene continued until the latter half of the night. The sieging army charged into the palace hall. Under the huge golden chandelier, a man wearing a robe and holding a red gemstone staff stood there alone.

Lo Ya immediately ordered the swarm to stop attacking.

With their vision shared, the situation of the other party entered their eyes.

Magic Master, LV50, Extraordinary Living Body, Human.

For the first time, the Insect Girl Clan faced another individual with a completely different level of life.

The man looked at the swarm of insects that stopped at the entrance and slowly walked forward. Under the eyes of countless King Clans, these insufferably arrogant bugs that even had blood in their mouths began to retreat. They didn’t dare to rush forward without permission.

“What, you can see my strength?” The man’s expression carried a hint of a smile.

Buggy could not answer her, and Lo Ya clearly did not dare to rush up. In order to communicate, she used the small Sickle Insect to start the long-range Spiritual Link. Then she sent a message, “Extraordinary life form, although barely reaching transcendental, we know. A Magic Master is much more dangerous than a warrior. ”

At the same time, other than the few hundred bugs that were left in the vicinity, the rest had retreated to the outer city.

“Thought communication, what kind of ability is this?” The man became interested in the spiritual communication. “You know my realm?”

Lo Ya thought for a while and replied, “I don’t recommend Extraordinaries to join the war.”

Lo Ya really did not know how terrifying the power of an Extraordinary was. She did not dare to fight at all. She began to use a tactic to buy time and at the same time, let the Sickle Insect dig the tunnel. Gather more and more Explosive Beetle at the bottom of the main road, which was the exit of the palace area.

Currently, there were only 20,000 of them left, which was equivalent to 1.6 tons of TNT medicine. If they exploded at the same time, it would be equivalent to three battle-ax cruise missiles with multiple regular warheads.

Even if it was a solid building, it would still be able to collapse a few of them.

The man showed great interest in the existence of insects. He seemed to be interested in seeing the upper echelons of Insect Girl Clan, so Lo Ya played along and started to lead him out.

“Master is in front.”

Some of the rebel soldiers gathered around naturally did not know that an explosion that was strong enough to shake the ground was about to occur.

The man walked for a kilometer and coincidentally stood right above the explosion. Then, his expression changed.

Rumble –

First, he saw a mushroom cloud soaring into the sky.

After a few seconds, Lo Ya heard an ear-splitting buzz transmitting to her ears. Whether it was the ground or her heart, they all trembled.

Everything was covered in black smoke.

Many innocent rebel soldiers and a small number of insects were killed in the shock wave at the same time.

The power was terrifying to the extreme.

But Lo Ya knew that if she did not blow up this time, many people would really die.

Step Into A Different WORLD!

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