C212 Plan after Returning to the Territory

“Everyone surrender, the captain is dead”

The bishop calmly shouted to the other soldiers, his blue official robe was spotless, the silver goddess pattern on his chest was emitting a holy aura.

The Undead Insect weakened their attacks, and the crew put down their weapons and raised their hands to surrender.

Facing Lo Ya, who was curiously watching the ruined scene in the cabin as if there was no one else around, The bishop asked in a low voice, “If you need money, then there is no such thing on this ship. I am only following orders to head to the Trio Kingdom of the West Finne Continent to be the bishop of that region. ”

” Teo, so that’s how it is, we have no ill intentions towards the priest ” Lo Ya revealed a brilliant smile.

How should he put it? It did not matter if he provoked the priest or not. The resistance in the north had killed hundreds of knights. After that, he killed a few priests when he annihilated the main force of the nobles. The entire diocese had been provoked, why would they be afraid of a mere bishop?

Lo Ya knew that right now, she was far away from the emperor. Although the Empire had a powerful fleet, they probably would not send their main army to destroy it for such a matter in the suburbs. The most likely situation was that in the near future, They would find the rebel government to cooperate and build a new Magic Goddess Cult.

At this time, Lo Yu also climbed onto the boat along the rope.

She touched and looked around. Finally, she came to Lo Ya’s side and hugged her happily. “Wow, there is a lot of meat in the boat.”

“Yes, yes. Bring all the meat back.” Lo Ya touched her head.

The skeletons on Battleship Insect No. 3 also landed. The first thing they did was to open the food box and move the items inside.

The bishop found that the opposite side really did not let go of a single piece of food, especially some magical beast meat and fruits, they were all stuffed onto his boat. Even some rotten meat that was about to be thrown into the rubbish bin was not willing to throw a piece.

“So poor?”

The two beautiful girls were really attractive, while the malevolent skeletons that worked for them revealed an indescribable strangeness.

Not long after, the food and small amounts of money on the ship were emptied. Lo Ya began to let the Battleship Insect drag the flagship and began to head towards the north border territory.

Lo Ya had yet to consider how to deal with this bishop.

Should she kill him or settle him in Trio?

After thinking for a long time, she finally chose the latter.

Furthermore, the flag on the ship was Old Beijo’s. Even if he recognized this flag, it would not take long for him to know that the rebel army had seized the country and the relationship between Lo Ya and the Wolf Cavalry.

West Feinen, the name of the continent Little Insect Girl was born on. It was really a little special when he heard it for the first time. No matter what, that continent could ensure peace. She really had to thank the existence of the Sutton. Otherwise, Lo Ya would definitely be preparing to quickly defeat a few countries in the south. They would unify the entire continent.

Lo Ya returned to her own Battleship Insect. The sailboat was dragged along by the Battleship Insect and slowly headed towards the northern continent.

Standing on the bow of the ship and stepping on a few undamaged decks, the bishop looked at the blue but slightly purple seawater from afar.

“Lord Bishop, can you tell the identity of this group of small boats?”

The surviving vice-captain also stood there and asked.

“No, I’m just curious, is that girl a very strong dark mage? At this age, she has the strength to not fear Space Level… In our empire, there are only a few people like her.”

The skeleton standing not far from the deck turned its head around, its blue soul flame staring at the two people who were discussing.

A Space Level at this age, does this mean that there are other Space Level warriors in the empire who have reached the Space Level at the age of sixteen or seventeen?

Alright, even if there were many of them, they wouldn’t be able to provoke Insect Girl.

One day later, the battleship was next to the port of Trio. Lo Ya let the bishop get off the ship as a form of goodwill.

This might not be of much use, but it could convey to the upper echelons of the Church that neither side was willing to clash.

They returned to the harbor not far from the Blood Orchid territory. The upper echelons of the north sent people to discuss with Lo Ya, saying that they could already hand over the more than 50 ships captured by the former nobles to her.

All of them were pure wooden warships, the type of catapults and crossbows. In total, they could ride around 5000 human soldiers.

Lo Ya did not mind and accepted all of them. In the future, when they went to war on the sea, they could be used to transport large amounts of land bugs for landing operations.

After returning to the territory, Lo Ya prepared to go into seclusion for a few months. Then, when the land and sea air force was huge, she would build a true voyage squadron and start to take over the nearby islands.

In fact, on the west side of the West Finne Continent, which was close to the land waterfall, there were many islands. As the area was small and no one lived there, even if they occupied it. The Sutton probably wouldn’t mind. At that time, as the outpost against the sea, there would be a few thousand insects stationed there. They would then leave a few dozen Wind God Winged Insect as the tactical air force, and set up two ships. It would be a very good voyage navy base.

Lo Ya decided to use modern tactics in future naval warfare.

Now, new ships needed to be equipped with Launcher Insect, and they needed to build a few more ships as aircraft carriers.

Unfortunately, after the previous few battles, Lo Ya could also see the thickness of the enemy ship’s outer shell. When bombarding the weakest part of the deck area, they needed at least a few dozen shots to blow up the upper layer. However, it was not enough for the lower layer, which was more solid. The iron ship reinforced the bottom area of the ship, as if to prevent the shells from exploding inside the cabin. It caused a leak. This made Lo Ya’s bug bombing team suffer a huge loss during the battle, and they needed to increase the amount of ammunition they had.

“We might as well level up later. Little Insect Girl, who was in her early stages of adulthood, needs to quickly reach level 30-40. I also need to work hard.”

The Insect Girl Clan had basically never encountered a powerful enemy until now. An extraordinary expert like the Sutton. There should be quite a number of people in the human world. In order to be able to fight against them in the future when they were enemies. Lo Ya must raise her level to above 50.

When they arrived at the territory, there were many new insect tails. They were all brought over from the anti-gravity rupture belt.

In these three days, at least tens of thousands of insects had become adults. Lo Ya felt that there was no need to place too much emphasis on the reproduction of the Sickle Insect, so she gave a portion of it to the Launcher Insect and the Wind God Winged Insect.

As for the one-time use soldier type that had not been placed on the battlefield, spraying poisonous insects, they would also be considered to be used in naval warfare.

Spitting poisonous insects was a one-time insect species, and the cost of each one was 100 Sickle Insect incubating adult food. The killing range of each poisonous spray was 100 meters, and this area was far beyond the range of the existing sailing ships.

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