C211 Capture the Sailing Ship

One on the sea, one on the run, one on the front and one on the back.

The two damaged Battleship Insect relied on the weak advantage of 0.5 knots of speed to chase for two hours. Finally, they were close to the target’s warship.

The small beetle climbed onto the stone throwing machine. After the distance was about right, it threw its ammunition and flew into the sky.

Swoosh ~

It was like pieces of black stones were scattering in the sky. This mode allowed the catapults with poor accuracy to most likely shoot a portion of the explosive bugs onto the enemy ship, reducing the impact error.

“Everyone dodge, Lord Bishop, follow me to the lower part of the ship.”

The captain kept calling for the people on the ship to escape danger, and everyone hurriedly ran down the stairs at the side. Not long after, the Explosive Beetle landed on the deck, and then there was an ear-splitting explosion.

The two masts were instantly broken by the impact, and the huge sail fell towards the sea in the middle of the smoke.

The bishop, who was already walking down the stairs, looked up and saw a hole in the wooden board above his head. Dust and broken pieces of wood fell to the surroundings. Because there were fragments, without any cover, it was a huge threat to people’s safety.

“Sailor, quick, enter the launch area. The whole ship turns around and prepare to fight at close range.”

It is impossible to escape, now we can only charge up and give it a try, completely sink the enemy before we have a chance.

The heavy-duty catapult headed towards the bow of the ship. It had to rely on the combination of the charging bugs and Undead Insect to assemble onto the ship. Therefore, when the enemy ship was charging towards them, the Battleship Insect could not throw the beetles behind them while retreating.

Therefore, it was almost certain that both sides would come into contact at a close distance.

The two Battleship Insect took advantage of the fact that they were not close to the artillery battle and continuously threw out Explosive Beetle. The explosion caused the upper deck of the opposite party to be practically scrapped. The crew on the second floor also had quite a number of unlucky fellows who were crushed to death by heavy objects. Or perhaps… They broke their skin on the constantly rocking ship.

“Prepare to face the enemy, load the ammo”

The distance was already very close, the crew stuffed the solid artillery shell into the opening of the cannonball, then the soldiers leaning against the deck took a deep breath and placed the flames near the fuse.

The warships of both sides slowly parallel, and the position between the cannons and the cannons also gradually became relative.

The moment the two sides looked at each other…


The crew members immediately started the fire.

Bang, bang, bang…

This time, the three ships opened fire almost at the same time.

Thick smoke rose from the muzzle of the cannon. The fire in the air flashed and disappeared. The cannonballs had already crashed into the battleships of both sides.

The explosion followed.

The two Battleship Insect resisted this wave, but the casualties were quite heavy. The flagship on the other side had clearly been reinforced in some places, and the cannonballs did not penetrate through. Only a few places were pierced through and exploded inside the hull.

“Fortunately, the shell cannons are all useless”

Lo Ya was very glad that the firepower on her side exceeded the enemy’s because most of the people and cannons on the enemy ship were destroyed by the Explosive Beetle. Even the captain was injured because of the explosion.

The bishop hid in a corner of the lower deck and frowned as he looked at the light and smoke coming from the broken hull of the ship and began to consider how to resolve the battle.

Taking advantage of the gap in the explosion, he quickly walked to the opening where the explosion had occurred. He opened his palm and summoned a magic staff into his hand. Then he chanted a spell and an ice ball with a diameter of one meter condensed in front of him.


With a soft voice, the ball of ice instantly shot out and concentrated on the skeleton ship in front of him.

With a loud sound, the side of the ship was immediately destroyed. The moment the ball of ice was embedded into the ship’s body, another intense explosion occurred. Then, all kinds of ice shards shot out like bullets, hitting different parts of the ship. Even small waves were shot out from the water.

” Oh!”

Some of the crew members cheered, because the bishop’s move had caused serious damage to the other side.

At this time, the skeletons on the ship were still hurriedly loading, the movement of the Undead Insect was very efficient. The disadvantage was that the skeletons themselves were not good at such complicated things, and could fire faster than the other side. It was already very difficult.

The second round of cannon fire made the flagship of the sailing ship shake violently. Lo Ya began to make the low-damage battleship No. 1 retreat, preparing to meet at the bow of the ship for close combat.

After the two sides fired another wave of cannon fire, a few ropes extended from the front of the Battleship Insect. The upper end of the sailboat was built, and then the two sides collided. The thing that was wrapped in a metal sheet on the opposite side was clearly a little more fierce, causing the Battleship Insect to roll its eyes.

The skeletons carried the beetles and jumped out of the deck, running towards the enemy’s warship.

There were many cracks on the broken deck, and the beetles fell down along the cracks. There were several explosions. The captain had used up all his combat power in the consecutive explosions and died. The bishop used the Magic Shield to block the continuous bullets and shock waves.

After the skeletons threw the cannonballs, they all jumped onto the ship. There were more than 60 of them in total.

When the skeletons jumped down and saw the strong enemy, they threw the explosive bugs. As for the opponents that they could defeat, they would use their own Strength to engage in close combat.

A few of the skeletons were equipped with human swords and weapons as they slashed at the crew members on the opposite side. Basically, blood splashed like waves. Many Black Iron Level crew members finally understood what it meant to have strong bones. They were clearly opponents of the same level. However, in close combat, no matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t break the opponent’s bones.

Lo Ya realized that the enemy’s ship could no longer fire, so she let her First Grade Battleship Insect approach from a few hundred meters away.

Arriving at the enemy ship’s side, she nimbly ran forward along the rope, and directly jumped into the enemy ship’s cabin, landing in front of the bishop who was slaughtering the Undead Insects.

The enlarged illusion and environment displayed her transformed legs, and her appearance became that of a human girl.

The bishop’s expression was slightly surprised, his slightly enlarged pupils and raised eyebrows, hinting at his appreciation of this girl’s appearance.

“How about you surrender?” Lo Ya asked directly, “Although you are a Space Level expert, you are not a match for me. Furthermore, you have already used up a lot of your spiritual power.”

Lo Ya did not know if the opponent had a Third Grade or Fourth Grade skill. As long as she discovered that the opponent was showing signs of using the Magic, she would unleash her Chain Fire Dragon even if the ship exploded.

The bishop was silent for a moment. He looked at the fewer and fewer sailors in the distance. Finally, he squatted down and placed his staff on the ground.

His actions were very obvious.

“Very well, have the crew surrender” Lo Ya smiled.

This was the Grand Priest. Although she didn’t know who the captain was, her intuition told her that this old man was the one with the highest status in the ship.

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