C210 Intense Sinking

The whole ship was about to flip over, and the upper deck bulged up because of the blast, and some of the planks were even pierced through and flying everywhere.

Eight explosions took place inside the 45-meter ship. The heavy bullets shattered people’s heads, or exploded their bodies until they were covered in blood.

“Fill up the ammunition, don’t stop. Damn it, gather up your courage!” The vice-captain went down to the second floor and shouted towards the inside.

That attack just now, half of the cannons on one side were destroyed, More than ten of the crew members died, the substitutes’ hands trembled as they rushed up, They frantically loaded the cannonballs, only to find the skeletons on the other side of the ship. Their souls were almost scared out of their bodies.

“Captain, those are ghost ships! Ghost ships!”

“Damn you ship, you don’t need to shout!” The vice-captain glared at the crew member who shouted, “Fire for me, destroy the other side!”

With that said, he turned his head to look at the cabin that was filled with thick smoke and ruins and shouted with all his might, “Everyone, work harder, if you want to go home, then fight properly!”

Bang, bang, bang!

Halfway through his words, the Phantom Ship on the opposite side opened fire again.

This time, the power was a little weaker compared to the last time. It was mainly due to the loss of two cannons. However, the cannonballs still ruthlessly shot into the ship’s hull, causing a deafening explosion to occur inside.

The two crew members who bore the brunt of the impact were sent flying seven or eight meters away by the shock wave. They directly spat out blood and fell to the ground, dripping with blood.

A few hundred meters away, the flagship captain who was holding a monocular watching this miserable scene put down his hands in disbelief. He turned around and asked the people below, “What do you think is going on?”

Everyone shook their heads.

“Then… what’s called an explosion?”

“That’s called a boat cannon?”

“I’ll go.”

The power was too great. With two rounds of fire from the 8 Gates Cannon, it would be unbearable to look at in the cabin.

In just a few seconds, the sailboat on the other side also counterattacked. However, from the scale of the bombardment, it was no longer as powerful as before. There were only 4 cannonballs left that hit the other side, and one of them even deviated from its original position.

Lo Ya also looked at her Battleship Insect with a heartache.

The complicated heavy-duty catapult had almost done its best, and the Explosive Beetle was once again thrown to the opposite side. The damage was huge. Nearly half of the people on the ship had died, but the Battleship Insect, which had only grown up in five days, could not last much longer.

The crew on the ship had already shouted, “Water is leaking!” Lo Ya hurriedly let the Battleship Insect turn around and escape. She only used the explosive bugs to bombard the ship.

At the same time, the second and third grade ships also surrounded the enemy’s other ship, one on the left and the other on the right. The cannon battle between the two sides was even more intense. The ship was accurately blown up. It was blown to the gunpowder room and an intense explosion took place. The side of the cabin in the front half of the hull was set ablaze, and thick smoke gushed out. Countless miserable wails were heard from inside.

The deck and the right side of Battleship Insect No. 2 were also pierced through. The instantaneous explosive force caused the ship to tilt to one side, and then the seawater poured in and started to sink.

Battleship No. 3 was a little better, but more than ten Undead Insect had died as well.

“Ship No. 2, quickly throw away the items on the ship.” Lo Ya ordered with the Spiritual Link.

Unfortunately, the damage was too severe. Although there were still some life points left in the Battleship Insect, But the sinking is inevitable. After a round of shooting before death, the Undead Insect jumped off the ship one after another. They wanted to swim to the third ship beside them, but because the density was too high… It could not float up and sank down. Only the small Explosive Beetle could still move forward slowly in the seawater.

These Explosive Beetle all rushed up and exploded on the other side of the ship, but Lo Ya realized that their power could not break through the skin on the other side. Later on, she learned how to concentrate grenades. They squeezed together and exploded at the same time. Finally, a small hole was blasted open.

Then, he found that there was a layer of wood inside.

“Pffft, the hull’s defense is really strong.”

Lo Ya saw the two ships fleeing while bombarding the Battleship Insect on the opposite deck with Explosive Beetle. Not only that, but she also heaved a sigh of relief.

This battle made Lo Ya feel lucky. Although there were some losses, it also allowed her to discover her own weakness.

The enemy’s Iron-armored Ship was stronger than she had imagined. The range of the cannons was also 50 meters. If one did not understand this situation, during a large-scale naval battle, it would result in a fatal outcome.

Turning her head, Lo Yu, who was beside her, raised her hands and shouted with all her might, cheering for the Battleship Insect.

The archers on the opposite side tried to retaliate. Some of them with strong combat power shot the arrows to 600 to 700 meters away, but they could not hit the skeletons at all.

“Take your time. Even if you can’t sink, you will die.”

Lo Ya realized that the ship that the enemy had exploded could not hold on any longer. Many people jumped into the water, and the ship sunk by almost 100%. There were also many people who were using wooden boards to repair the other ship that was leaking water. The soldiers on top threw down all the heavy objects, and the captain also ordered the main sail to rise. They ran towards the flagship in the distance.

However, forty to fifty Explosive Beetle had fallen, which was equivalent to forty to fifty explosions with a diameter of more than ten meters. The ship could not escape in time. The upper deck had collapsed, and many potholes had been blown up at the bottom.

Lo Ya knew the power of the Explosive Beetle. Exploding wooden ships could cause fatal damage with just a few attacks. The opposite ship was much sturdier than she had imagined.

“Poor skeletons that have sunk into the sea.”

Lo Ya gave a silent tribute for them and ordered the two second-grade ships to rush towards the opposite flagship.

On the outside, the flagship was similar to the other ships that were charging over and did not seem to be much more powerful. The people on the opposite ship were so frightened that they hurriedly called out to turn around. Even the bishop’s expression changed slightly.

“Tell your ship to hurry, I don’t want to fight a ship alone” The bishop’s voice was somewhat urgent.

“Got it, everyone works, if you don’t want to eat bombs then hurry up!” The captain helplessly shouted.

It was simply an inexplicable naval battle. Logically speaking, the small boat on the other side should be very easy to fight, but in the end, the cannon fire and the explosive thrown out were so strong.

Lo Yu crawled into Lo Ya’s arms to celebrate the victory, but Lo Ya’s expression was not very good.

“Overall, it is not considered an Iron-armored Ship.”

The skin was very thin, otherwise it would be more advanced armor-piercing bullets from the previous era. It was simply impossible to use this kind of ancient cannon to pierce through.

“The power of the cannon will be sufficient if it’s a little more powerful.”

Strictly speaking, a boat with a layer of iron covering the surface of the wood could not be considered a real Iron-armored Ship. Because the wooden ship could not withstand the weight of the iron armor at all. Only in the middle of the 19th century did the earth have a true iron armor warship. At that time, it was also the era of steam engines. It was on a completely different level from the original war.

The cost of Magic in this era was much higher than the cost of steam engines. The Magic might be able to provide the power of steam engines. However, the price was so high that most countries could not afford it. It was no wonder that the maritime warfare in the sailing era still existed in the mainstream way.

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