C201 Cooperate with the Attack

“Get down! All of you, get down!”

Commander Sidiya, whose arm had been hit by the shrapnel, tried his best to shout at the surrounding soldiers. Although he had the combat power of a Gold Level or above and could block the shrapnel flying from afar, the other soldiers might not have the ability to do so.

Many of the soldiers present fell into chaos. Some of them reacted quickly and found a low place to jump down.

The Wind God Winged Insect in the sky did not explode in a row, but in three or four rows. Almost all of the explosive bugs were thrown to places with more people.

In such a chaotic scene, no one knew how to dodge the continuous attacks.

Countless black dots fell from the sky. The people on the ground were like ants, running around in a mess. Some unlucky ones were hit by the Explosive Beetle, and were instantly crushed into pieces.

In just three minutes, the 24,000 explosions had completely ended.

The scene was filled with white smoke from the energy crystals. The pungent smell made many soldiers feel confused.

Some of the soldiers who had not died from the explosion either had their arms and legs broken or were covered in blood as they wailed on the ground.

The dragon in the sky did not stay for long after the bombing ended. It turned around and left, ready to reload the ammunition. Many of the soldiers on the ground had wooden expressions and did not understand what was going on.

“Gather the entire army and count the casualties.”

The losses were huge.

Count Sidiya shouted at the soldiers. Then, he looked at the green armored army behind him and felt an indescribable heaviness in his heart. Not only did he have his own army, but there were also a few other Viscounts and Barons’ troops.

Many of the soldiers who were originally joking were injured, and some of their comrades were either dead or crippled. The Insect Girl Clan’s bombardment should not have been so powerful. Who asked small beetle to obtain the gene for the growth of energy crystals not long ago? Therefore, the current bombardment was almost as powerful as the 50mm artillery shell thrown out by the cannon in his previous life.

Everyone calculated. They had lost a thousand people in total, and the light injuries were close to 4000. This was thanks to the sturdy armor and everyone’s combat power. Otherwise, many people would not have survived.

“Damn it, they are standing too closely together.”

The commanders of the various armies gathered together and took off their hats. Looking at the soldiers who were still in shock, they did not know what to say for a moment.

“Is this really the magic beast raised by the rebel army? Why do I feel like the Sutton came?” The earl looked at the generals and his voice was filled with anger.

With so many soldiers working together and all kinds of insects, only the Devil Beast Lord and Sutton could be taken out, right?

“Sutton’s flying army is mainly the Black Dragon Tribe. If it wants to declare war on us, it won’t be so simple.” A general sighed.

No one understood the current situation. In the worst case scenario, The rebel army did not raise magic beasts themselves, but colluded with the lords in the deeper parts of the forest. Perhaps they had achieved an unspeakable goal of cooperating with some Magical Creature tribes.

“Forget it. Continue to march. Pay attention to the division of troops.”

In the face of a huge explosion, the best way was to disperse the formation. The situation was just as bad as the previous explosion. At least 2000 people had completely lost their ability to fight. This kind of loss had occurred before the battle had even begun. It was simply a huge blow to the morale.

The troops were ready to move, but in places that no one knew about… Lo Ya’s mini scouting bug was still observing the scene. The small beetle hiding in the grass pile was eavesdropping on the soldiers’ conversation. They also saw the scene of the explosion. The scenes were transmitted to Lo Ya.

“Are we starting to divide our forces?”

Lo Ya rubbed her chin and began to decide on the next step of the plan.

She was not a soldier and had not learned much about war, so from the beginning to the end, tactics were built on her own experience. For example, when she was bombing, she would predict what the other side would do based on the situation.

And she felt that the enemy would most likely make the army more scattered. The soldiers would be lined up in a square formation of 100 people, with a certain distance between them. This way, when faced with the second round of bombing, they would be able to quickly scatter. This way, they would be able to reduce their losses. And when faced with a large-scale assault, the square formation would be able to guarantee a certain level of combat ability. They could even quickly change their formation in an emergency situation to resist the charge.

“As expected, you did it”

After Lo Ya confirmed this, she let the Sickle Insect lying in ambush on the ground in front of them wait for the enemy to pass through from above.

Unfortunately, she missed out on one point. There was a considerable number of Magic Masters in this batch of Noble Army. They had long known about the ability of the bug swarm to dig the ground, and had explored a few kilometers ahead of them in advance. After that, the hundreds of insects that were lying in ambush at the front were sealed in the viscous mud by a combined sediment spell.

Knowing that the situation was bad, Brain Insect No. 1 evacuated the remaining insects.

“Looks like there’s no other way. The other Noble Army team is also heading north. We have to finish them off as soon as possible.”

When that time comes, the 150 thousand main force and 50 thousand support troops would definitely be enough to make Lo Ya suffer. Therefore, she was prepared to get rid of this group of enemies first.

The surrounding terrain was relatively flat. The bug swarm was currently mainly hidden behind a hillside five kilometers away. After the Wind God Winged Insect returned and filled in the second wave of ammunition, Lo Ya immediately ordered the main force to rush towards the enemies in the distance.

She prepared to use the simplest tactic. First, she would blast the enemy’s formation into chaos. Then, before they recovered, she would directly charge and crush them.

Lo Ya still had the Collider Bug and 3000 Wolf Cavalry lying in ambush. The purpose of these troops was to fight when the battle was going on. They would be able to completely wipe out these enemies at the most critical moment. About 80% of the human soldiers were Black Iron Level, who were weaker than Sickle Insect, but they relied on weapons, equipment, and combat power. They had made up for the difference in level, so this wave of attack from the swarm would cause quite a big loss.

Lo Ya borrowed the vision of the flying insects to watch the second wave of explosive insects descend from the sky.

The sound of explosions shook the vast land, and smoke appeared on the sand. The crowd fled and cried in the explosion.

This could be said to be a tactic that surpassed the times. It was like using a weapon from World War One and World War Two to attack an army from the ancient era.

About 50 Wind God Winged Insect focused on the enemy’s Magic Masters and long-range soldiers, especially the artillery and catapults, which were large-scale weapons.

Attack! At the same time, the Insect Sea on the other side of the horizon was also rapidly approaching. The black insect tide surged over from the distance. From the sky, one could see that it was densely packed, and there were countless of them. If they were to close in, it would give people a feeling that they would not be able to see the end of it.

“What a grand scene! It’s simply a grand war film!”

Lo Ya sighed with emotion. She also knew that this was not a movie, but a real one. Insect Girl Clan had suppressed almost all of the main forces and started a decisive battle with the enemy.

The total number of the first wave of attacks had reached fifty thousand Sickle Insect.

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