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“Then, I declare that from today onwards, the rebel army will listen to Luya’s command. The swarm will continue to trade with both sides and send out more combat legions until you liberate the entire country.”

Lo Ya stood on top of Wind God Winged Insect’s head and looked down at these soldiers with complicated feelings. Her tone was very calm.

The mutiny this time happened under the circumstances of absolute suppression of strength. Going against her was going against the insect swarm. Anyone with a bit of brain would know what would happen if they did not listen to Lo Ya’s words at this time.

Yes, the most terrifying thing to them had still happened. In the future, the resistance against the military government was on the surface a human force, but in reality, the Insect Girl Clan was behind it.

In the following day, the hundreds of thousands of beetles controlled all the cities and towns in the territory and cooperated with a small number of human soldiers to maintain order.

The rebel army had recruited more than 2000 new soldiers, temporarily making up for the lack of numbers. However, these soldiers lacked collective training, were not easy to manage, and their performance was not outstanding.

Many people finally understood that in the current Hojo Kingdom, two-fifths of the territory had fallen under the control of the insects. One-fifth was the Blood Orchid family, and two-fifths were the palace and the various noble families.

Ordinary civilians did not understand the truth of the matter. Many of them only heard the rumors that war was about to arrive, so they carried big and small bags and fled to the south. If they were asked who would fight who, they would not know.

In order to fight against the civilian resistance groups, the various noble families of Hojo Kingdom, which had split up, began to unite once again. They gathered the army as fast as they could and formed a partnership with the capital. They were preparing to gather more than 150,000 soldiers and destroy the rebel forces together.

What was worth noting was that these 150,000 people did not include knights, squires, logistics teams, and so on. The actual number was likely to exceed 200,000 people.

In addition to the 80 thousand garrison troops in the capital of the kingdom, Lo Ya felt that she had to be prepared to deal with the 300 thousand army.

The forces of both sides were quickly gathering.

In her spare time, the only thing Lo Ya needed to do was to enjoy her happy days while waiting for the arrival of the decisive battle.

“Lo Ya, I caught a very big monster.”

While lying on the grass, Lo Bing and a bunch of Sickle Insect dragged a 7-8 ton elephant to her side.

Emperor Mammoth, LV42, Space Level, Beast.

A monster stronger than most dinosaurs, its entire body was charred black. It was estimated that it was killed by the serial fire dragon.

“Roast meat. Roast meat.”

Lo Bing started to set up the shelves.

The Sickle Insect, on the other hand, started to bite the outer skin, trying to obtain genes from the meat.

Lo Ya laid on the grass pile, wagging her tail, looking at the scene of small bugs eating meat one after another.

Suddenly, the closest Sickle Insect turned its head and looked at Lo Ya.

Whiz, whiz, whiz –

It made a funny move and crawled around like a crab.

“Oh, oh, you’re that bug from back then?”

It suddenly recognized that when Lo Ya’s body was just born, this Sickle Insect seemed to treat it as an ordinary little Little Insect Girl and tried its best to tease it.

He did not think that it would live until now.

At that time, no one had a Black Iron Level, and they could only defeat the weakest wild beast. Now, each and every one of them could even kill Gold Level warriors.

Lo Ya went up to touch it, but at this moment, a familiar notification sounded in her head.

[The Sickle Insect has a beneficial evolution. Its height has increased to 1 meter, and its structure has been strengthened.] ]

[This evolution has been applied to all insects. All individual structures have been strengthened, including Insect Girl. The size of the Collider Bug has increased greatly. ]

The super powerful evolution had allowed Lo Ya to see with her own eyes that her basic Strength and Vitality had increased by 10 points.

“Awesome.” Little Little Insect Girl started rolling on the ground.

Yes, although they were not adults, they had indeed become stronger.

This time, Lo Yin carried a very fat, ten-centimeter long green caterpillar to the scene.

“Roast meat. Roast meat.”

She quickly wriggled to the side of the elephant, threw the caterpillar to the ground, and then set up a rack.

A little Little Insect Girl came out of the grass pile, twisting her tail and swinging her two little legs. She went to the side of the caterpillar and took a bite.

The bodily fluid was all green, and it tasted a little sour.

The big caterpillar was so scared that it wanted to run away, but a little Little Insect Girl also came from another direction. Everyone gradually surrounded the caterpillar and slowly began to eat its meat, like many little ants eating bugs.

The big caterpillar could only struggle in pain.

At this time, the elephant meat was about to be roasted.

“Lo Ya, there are many fruits here.”

A Rushing Bug carrying all kinds of fruits came in front of her. Chiang Ya who was on top jumped down and asked the Sickle Insect to help carry the fruits down.

Other than the commonly seen otherworldly orange and watermelon, there were many other things that he did not recognize.

Lo Ya went up and picked up a big white fruit filled with fruit meat. She tried to take a bite of the outer layer of the fruit. In an instant, a sweet taste entered her mouth. The fragrant and rich fruit meat melted in her mouth and flowed down along the esophagus. It was icy cold.

[Evolution points + 28]

[Special Components obtained: Light Fusion Leaf]

“Oh, is it a photosynthesized Components?”

Lo Ya raised her head and looked at the sky. Comparing the nutrition gained from eating, it seemed that photosynthesis was indeed too slow.

It was even worse than a piece of solar panel.

“Now that the Evolution points is insufficient, I will keep it for now.”

If he had a good Components, he could store it. It would be better to use the normal Evolution points to tap on the skill tree in the editor.

Everyone was full. Lo Ya let the dozen or so Little Insect Girl gather together into a pile. Then she crawled onto their bodies and prepared to sleep.

“Little beloved ones, quickly come up and be the blanket.”

“Wow.” The little fellows wriggled up happily.

There was Insect Girl’s mattress below and Insect Girl’s blanket on top. It was soft and soft, like a massage.

Everyone seemed to like this feeling as well. They piled up together and could only see the cute little heads and colorful tails.

Although the weather was cold, everyone did not feel uncomfortable with the clothes Lo Ya sent over.

Hence, Little Insect Girl hugged each other and yawned.

The next morning, when Lo Ya woke up, she found that there was a new bug in front of her that she did not know.

Launcher Insect: A type of two-meter long winged beetle. It can make a 60-centimeter long beetle. The sharp cylindrical shell on its head was shot out. The shell contained energy crystals, which could produce a powerful explosion. The production cost was equivalent to 300 Sickle Insect, and every 10 cannonballs was equivalent to the food needed to nurture 1 Sickle Insect.

“Oh, when did this bug come out?”

It was indeed a branch race. It seemed that they evolved while Lo Ya was sleeping.

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