C195 The Mastermind

“Bug King, we’re going to lose.”

The Mantis Insect leader felt a little muddle-headed. When he heard his subordinate’s report, he finally understood that his side had completely lost.

The last time he climbed to the top of the battlefield, he swept his gaze across the entire battlefield. He could only see a few thousand insects of his own side fighting against the dense black tide.

He had clearly resisted for so long, but the number of enemies was still increasing.

Little Insect Girl, who was commanding from the opposite side, turned into another bigger one. Of course, compared to the previous one, she was bigger. That big guy seemed to be a little irresponsible. He spent most of his time eating. Later, he simply built a rack and roasted the meat on the battlefield.

“Damn it, why!?”

The Mantis Insect’s momentum had already passed. At the same time, it was surrounded by hundreds of thousands of small beetle. There was still an endless stream of soldiers at the back.

In the past few days, they had lost more than fifty thousand insects.

The terrifying numbers indicated that there were not many of their troops left. No one wanted their own group to die. The Mantis Insect group had clearly developed to an almost invincible level in this area, but now, it was still facing the end of the world.

“Retreat, develop, and make a comeback.”

The Mantis Insect King crawled to the front of countless of commanders who were looking at it with eager eyes and shouted out its next step in its plan.

“The enemy has suffered a heavy blow from us. We need more insects to completely destroy them. Retreat temporarily for the sake of the future. ”

” ROAR ~ ~ ”

Countless insects let out excited roars.

The Mantis Insect army left behind a few thousand troops to cover the retreat of the main force.

Although the Bug King saw the reality of despair, it still firmly believed that it could defeat the powerful enemy that invaded.

Lo Xin did not think of taking the initiative to chase, because the enemy could not beat her now. Then it would be even more impossible to defeat him in the future. These opponents did not even realize that after the entire war, The Insect Girl Clan did not send out their main force. They only used cannon fodder that could be used at any time. These cannon fodder seemed to have died a lot, but in fact, it would only take a few days to replenish all of them.

That afternoon, Lo Xin happily rushed in front of Lo Ya. She patted her chest and said, “Lo Ya Lo Ya, I have completed the mission. Quickly praise me.”

“Ah, Lo Xin is really amazing.”

Lo Ya raised her hand and wanted to touch her head to kill, but in the end, she realized that she could not touch it, so she changed her hand to touch her chest.

Now, the bug swarm disaster in the back had been completely resolved, and the expansion of the territory had been smooth sailing. The Undead Insect training on the moon did not have any conflicts with the Gold Level Skeleton Lords for the time being. Even if they really had a conflict, relying on the number of Gold Level Undead Insect that had increased to over a hundred, It’s easy to crush.

Therefore, the next thing he needed to pay attention to was the humans.

Lo Ya had already given part of the food to Wind God Winged Insect. It might not be long before a powerful air force could be established.

Currently, the scale of the insect swarm maintained by the humans in the south had always been twenty thousand. Because they were constantly attacking day and night, it had a huge impact in the northern part of the kingdom.

The “king” in the capital of Hojo Kingdom also knew that things were not good. If the insect continued to expand like this, the entire kingdom would really fall.

Correspondingly, the situation within the rebel army was also not very good. A rebel army of a few thousand people was now like a madman. They took over several cities in a day. They watched helplessly as the high and mighty nobles turned into slaves or corpses, becoming prisoners. This sort of crazy contrast had gradually brought about fear.

“We never thought of ruling this kingdom.” Not only the general, but all the soldiers had the same thought.

Now, they really became enemies with the entire Hojo Kingdom, and all the nobles knew that their rebel army raised a group of insects that didn’t need to be commanded.

The general was happy, but also vaguely felt Lo Ya’s ambition.

Although the entire matter seemed to be beneficial to the rebel army, was that really the case?

Why did Lo Ya not spare any strength to help humans?

After thinking about it carefully, everyone subconsciously avoided such a question.

This time, sitting at the conference table, Insect Girl did not join in. Including the Sickle Insect, they were all very far away and were not allowed to eavesdrop.

Therefore, the general could open his heart and talk about some sensitive topics. “Two days ago, the king and the church sent invitations to invite me to the palace to discuss the matter of power distribution.”

“Power distribution? They have recognized our power? How is this possible? ” The general named Roto frowned deeply.

The general nodded and said, “This is undoubtedly the result we hope for the most. But you know, even at this time, the insects in Lo Ya’s hands are still attacking all the villages and cities in the hands of the nobles. She did not attack the civilians, but… killed all the nobles and rebels. Just a day ago, Viscount Mirk also died in his mansion.”

” What? Mirk died as well? ” Everyone was shocked.

Viscount Mick’s territory was 50 kilometers south of the imperial city. His death meant that the capital of the kingdom was directly exposed to the swarm.

“Most of the people are celebrating the action of the swarm. They welcome the Sickle Insect into the city. They also express their willingness to accept our rebel army’s rule. Of course… there are also people who believe that we are traitors of humanity and that we are new nobles who are trying to seize power. ” The general’s tone is very heavy,” This is what I’m worried about right now. ”

His fingers tap on the table and slowly said, “If the swarm retreated, with our Strength, we would not be able to control such a large territory. Even if there were no rebels among the people, we could not rule out the possibility of the other Noble Army going north. Even… the Archduke of Blood Orchid, who has been staring at the north, would seize the opportunity to launch an attack. ”

” What if the swarm doesn’t retreat? ”

” This problem is even more serious. ” The general stopped what he was saying.

In the end, it was a problem of strength. From the beginning until now, the rebel army had no choice.

“Lo Ya… are you really interested in our human territory?”

From a direct point of view, Luya did not think that Lo Ya, that cute little girl, had such thoughts. But the strength that she had shown recently was really too strong. Moreover, the evolution time and time again had simply overturned her understanding of a species.

“Insect Girl Clan also needs us now. Once we lose the protection of the identity of the rebel army… They will immediately become the enemy of mankind, so I think…” When the general said this, he lowered his voice, “Jianguo, use the policy of treating the civilians well and liberating the slaves to attract the lower class to join the army. Increase the scale of the army as quickly as possible, and completely break off relations with all the nobles in Hojo Kingdom. ”

Many generals raised their eyebrows.

Setting up a country and liberating the slaves, this was completely challenging the bottom line of the nobles of the kingdom.

“I know that everyone is afraid, but we need an army. We need an even larger army. At the very least, we need to control our own territory and resist the next wave of retaliation from the nobles.” The general sighed.

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