C194 Wind God Winged Beetle

“Wow, Lo Ya, there’s almost no small beetle left in the territory.”

Two days later, Lo Xin, who was called to her side, said the truth speechlessly.

A total of 600,000 small beetle were sent to the front line to fight with the enemy in a wide area.

Moreover, it could be seen that the high-level insects of the enemy were very cautious and did not give the Insect Girl Clan a chance to get close to them. Therefore, Lo Ya’s several decapitation operations had all failed. The battle between the two sides had been maintained at a stable scale.

The main reason why Lo Xin was called over was because Lo Ya felt annoyed and wanted her to help share her work.

“Eh, Lo Xin, why did you bring so many rabbits here?”

Lo Ya was shocked when she suddenly found a group of rabbits and small gray rabbits rolling around not far away.

Moreover, a few of the rabbits in the pile were also like Insect Girl with their bellies at the top. Their mouths were wide open and they slept soundly. After two of them were happy, they actually placed their lower bodies on the spot.

Lo Ya rubbed her eyes.

“Lo Ya, these are Little Little Insect Girl’s playmates. I’ll bring them out to play.”


Lo Ya tried to build a Spiritual Link with these little rabbits, and then…

“Meat, meat…”

Pffft, did rabbits eat meat too?

“Wait, something doesn’t seem right. Why are these guys behaving like Insect Girl?”

It was over. They had been led astray.

Lo Xin picked up a rabbit and came in front of Lo Ya. The little rabbit’s head stretched forward and rubbed Lo Ya’s face.

“Wu, cute.”

Picking up the rabbit, Lo Ya used her hands to rub it twice. The furry rabbit’s ears felt very good.

Actually, the rabbit’s favorable impression of Little Insect Girl could be understood. After all, everyone had rabbit legs installed. In some aspects, it was somewhat similar. If some creatures were born together with other species, they might really think that they were of the same race.

“Oh, Lo Xin, I’m going to play with the rabbit. Help me command the small beetle. As long as the enemy doesn’t break through the defense, it will be fine.”

After handing over the link of the small beetle to her, Lo Xin nodded and immediately began to work diligently.

Lo Ya herself played with the little rabbits, but at a certain moment, a little rabbit pooped, making her immediately alienate these guys with a look of disgust.

“Forget it, forget it. I might as well go and hunt two dinosaurs.”

From an ordinary little dragon to a dangerous dragon, this kind of joy was no less than playing a real monster hunter.

She left the battle area in anticipation and let the black beast bring her to the north for a distance. After climbing up a high hill, Lo Ya unexpectedly found a few eggs.

Without thinking, she decisively ate them.

After sending the Sickle Insect to devour for a while, the notification of evolution arrived very quickly.

[Sickle Insect obtained beneficial gene. Attribute increased by a small margin. Can be differentiated into a new race: Wind God Winged Insect. ]

[Wind God Winged Insect: Special insect type that has fused with the wings of the Crown Wind God Winged Dragon. Large in size. Its wingspan is 8 meters, and part of its muscles are replaced by light insects. Weight: 120 kilograms. It could fly to a height of 1,000 meters. The cost of a single Wind God Winged Insect is equivalent to 30 Sickle Insect.

“Wow, flying bugs!”

Lo Ya opened her eyes wide in joy, and her little tail trembled in excitement.

Was it the gene of the Wind God Winged Dragon?

This kind of dragon seemed to be a type of Winged Hand Dragon, and it was not another type that she had recently encountered.

On Earth, the Wind God Winged Dragon was the largest flying creature. Its wingspan could reach up to ten meters, and its height could exceed that of a giraffe. Scientists even suspected that because the dragon was too big, it couldn’t fly on its own. It could only glide down from a high altitude.

However, it was obvious that after the Insect Girl Clan absorbed the genes, they immediately optimized it, forming a new life form with a more balanced combat power and flying ability.

Lo Ya personally watched the Sickle Insect evolve.

It seemed that it was still considered fast. Its body size increased at a speed visible to the naked eye. During the process, it demanded food from the surroundings. Hence, Lo Ya got the Sickle Insect to send over a few hundred small beetle corpses.

About an hour later, the Wind God Winged Insect officially matured.

Lo Ya opened the Stats Window.

[Magical Creature: Wind God Winged Insect (Insect Girl Clan Branch)]

[Level: 1 / 5]

[HP: 30 / 30]

[Strength: 30, Spirit: 15, Magic: 0, Agility: 15, Vitality: 30]

His initial combat strength was at the Silver Level, and the life points was relatively low. However, he still had an advantage in terms of size. If he brought a large group of insects with him and threw them into the air… especially the Explosive Beetle, the effect would definitely be extraordinary.

Facing Lo Ya’s concerned gaze, the Wind God Winged Insect immediately turned its body on the spot and jumped up happily like a little chicken.

What was worth noticing was that the head of this kind of insect was a bit like a tyrannosaurus rex. It did not have a bird’s crown, so it was not considered too big. The black insect shell proved that the defensive power was not ordinary.

“I remember that the Brown Winged Hand Dragon is a Gold Level. I don’t know how the Wind God Winged Dragon is, or else it wouldn’t have inherited a little bit of it and become a Silver Level.”

Just as Lo Ya thought of this, a huge shadow suddenly appeared in the distance.

It was the Wind God Winged Dragon.

“Wow, it’s here.”

Whoever said it would come.

The monster that returned to the nest had a wingspan of at least 15 meters, which was even bigger than he had imagined.

The huge monster looked very angry because Lo Ya and the bugs had snatched its egg.

“Chain Fire Dragon!”

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh ~

One after another, Fire Dragons soared into the sky.

This opponent was a Diamond Level warrior, and he was very strong. Lo Ya didn’t dare to underestimate him, so she used her ultimate move right at the beginning of the fight.

However, this unlucky opponent dodged the two fire dragons in a flash, and was immediately struck down by the two fire dragons.

He died on the spot!

The swarm of insects excitedly charged up, enjoying the taste of the Wind God Winged Dragon.

A few kilometers away, the boss of the Wavelet Mantis Insect saw the scene of the Winged Dragon falling in the flames from afar. He suddenly recalled the fiery light that had appeared in the swarm of mantises two days ago.

At that time, he didn’t even believe that this skill was released by the Insect Girl Clan.

But now… he couldn’t help but believe it.

“Are there their armies over there too?”

This is ridiculous.

How could this kind of natural miracle Strength be released from such a small individual?

He turned his head again and looked at the Insect Sea that was not decreasing. He was sure that the outcome of this war was very likely to be very bad.

The war had consumed too many of its kin. Ever since the birth of the mantis race, it had never encountered such a tragic war. Although there were times when a large number of casualties would appear when attacking the dinosaurs, it was still bearable.

How could it be like this?

While it was at a loss, Lo Xin happened to climb onto the corpse of a Mantis Insect on the opposite side and happily cut off the meat on it.

” Awooo…”

“Who is the food?” The Mantis Insect leader took a few steps back.

Ever since the battle started, it seemed like the other side had been eating his food. As for the mantis stalks themselves, they could not even snatch a few small beetle corpses.

Yes, it discovered… that they were the ones who were the prey.

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