C193 Explosive Beetle

The battle continued for a period of time. The boss of the Wavelet Mantis Insect temporarily left the battlefield and passed through a very far distance to arrive in front of a few other high-level insects.

It could be seen that this Mantis Insect was really the leader of so many bug species. Its group also occupied an absolute dominant position in this bug swarm. Hence, as soon as it appeared, the other insects displayed respectful actions.

“There are many enemies, and we need more troops.”

After a short and powerful sound, the other bugs all became uneasy.

Everyone knew the scale of the black beetles at the front line, many of them died after rushing out. Although the Mantis Insect group was large, they clearly did not know much about these opponents.

Everyone’s intelligence was very low, and their ability to communicate was also lacking. However, this did not mean that they did not know how powerful they were.

This direct conflict was simply unprecedented.

“The battle is very dangerous, we don’t understand the enemy” An insect replied.

However, the Mantis Insect King immediately replied, “We must fight a decisive battle. The enemy… cannot be left alive. We need an army. All the bugs, prepare to attack and make the enemy afraid.”

They really wanted to win. This was the usual style of the bug swarm. The other bugs quickly expressed their support, and then on the entire front line, there were even more troops joining the battle.

Under the immense pressure, Lo Ya sent another 30,000 insects. A small portion of them supported the battle area and moved a few kilometers away to fight the incoming mantis swarm.

Most of the enemies’ groups were level 8-12 Mantis Insect. There were also Bullet Shooting Bugs, Giant Heavenly Bulls, Spiders, and so on. The difference between different types of bugs was very big.

Taking advantage of the fact that the main group had not used up all their energy, Lo Ya transferred another 100,000 small beetle from the rear and prepared to place them on the battlefield.

When some of the large dinosaurs saw these two groups of insects fighting within a few kilometers, they chose to avoid them and did not dare to come close.

Gradually, this place became a terrifying meat grinder. There were so many corpses that it was impossible to deal with them. As Lo Ya had thrown too many insects into the battlefield, there were so many that the enemy could not kill all of them. Therefore, the enemy had completely lost the free time to pick up food. The corpses on the ground were quickly transported to the back of the battlefield by some small beetle. Then, they were devoured by the 3000 Sickle Insect and 200 Black Wolf Beast that had been waiting for a long time.

After eating, the new tail was sent to the territory by groups of small beetle.

It could be said that this war was a war of attrition, and also a celebration of the expansion of the swarm.

After two hours of fighting, the Waves Mantis Insect had lost over 4,000 bugs. They realized the true strength of the Insect Girl Clan’s war and began to mobilize more soldiers to the front.

The outcome of this war could not be determined for the time being. They just continued to fight and compete with the other side in terms of consumption.

“Why are there so many of them? What exactly are the enemies?”

The mantis boss had asked similar questions to the commander of its swarm more than once. Unfortunately, no one could give it a real answer.

It was true that the opponents were not strong, but every time it saw endless swarms of black insects rushing over from the other side of the mountain, it felt very unhappy.

There was always a feeling that if it worked harder, the other side would disappear. However, every time it finished fighting, a large group would always appear on the other side.

Lo Ya was actually also having a headache, “I’m afraid I really met an opponent.”

Both sides were using the Insect Sea tactic. Lo Ya’s side was more inclined towards weight, and she tried to sacrifice the small beetle to nurture more of the main troops.

Basically, dozens of small beetle corpses could give birth to a Sickle Insect tail, so this kind of sacrifice was not a bad thing for Lo Ya. However, the scale of the current war had already far exceeded the production speed. If they really used up too much, it would be too much. She was afraid that she could only retreat first.

The battle continued until night time. Both sides had a certain number of military forces within a five kilometer radius.

The initial forceful attack had turned into a stalemate. Both sides began to use tactics that could quickly get rid of the other side.

Lo Ya almost suffered a loss.

At that time, she was lying on the ground and observing the situation in the distance. She did not notice the hundreds of Barter Bullet Bugs that secretly gathered in the woods on the side. In the end, a large number of cylindrical explosive organs flew not far away and almost blew Lo Ya away.

“Fortunately, there is a small earth wall.”

Looking at the completely collapsed wall, she wiped away her cold sweat. She was glad that her reaction was fast enough.

The enemy’s sneak attack had killed at least a dozen Sickle Insect and 50 small beetle beside Lo Ya. But this also gave her a chance. A group of Sickle Insect immediately charged forward. They completely ignored their losses and approached the enemy’s group of bugs.

The three squads of Sickle Insect caught up to these fleeing enemies in less than two minutes. After that, they started a crazy massacre.

The black armored insects that were slowly catching up from behind picked up the corpses on the ground as fast as they could and moved towards where Lo Ya was at full speed. Then, the insects that were waiting for food began to eat.

Lo Ya also picked up a few of them to eat, but she did not get a new Components.

She was a little disappointed.

Fortunately, a few minutes later, one of the Sickle Insect obtained a beneficial gene.

[Sickle Insect obtained the explosive sac gene. Due to affecting one’s close combat strength, it was not used.] ]

[This gene has been transformed into the small beetle’s body, forming a new bug seed: Explosive Beetle. ”

[Explosive Beetle: A variant of small beetle with red spots. No pliers. Cost is two times that of the small beetle. By sacrificing himself, he can create a powerful explosion and shoot out 20 or so shrapnel. ]

“Oh, that’s great.”

Lo Ya had witnessed the power of the explosive army. If she could create such a large number of “bombs” and then shoot them out, it would be a biological version of long-ranged artillery.

Lo Ya immediately let two of the Shooting Reproductive Insect incubate the Explosive Beetle with all their might.

Because the cost was twice the cost, the production speed was reduced by half. It was about 40 of them in five minutes. In other words, a Shooting Reproductive Insect could produce 480 Explosive Beetle per hour. It could produce about 1,1520 ___ every 24 hours.

It was really fast.

During this period of time, they had been bombarded a few thousand times. It would be Lo Ya’s turn to counterattack tomorrow.

She began to distribute more and more food to the Shooting Reproductive Insect, preparing to expand the scale of the Insect Sea to the extreme.

As the battle continued on until the second day, the Mantis Insect King discovered that his army had already begun to gain the upper hand. Previously, when the tens of thousands of troops were sent to the front, they had finally pushed the front line forward by over a hundred meters. She finally saw the dawn of victory.

“The mantises will definitely win. Let the enemies feel fear. Trample them!”

Its will infected a large group of insects around it.

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