C192 The Second Round of Conflict

Shallow inferior ores are naturally given up because the power is too weak. The stones that could be used were divided into three grades by Lo Ya.

The first grade was the lower grade artillery shell with many impurities and a poor quality. Its power was only several times stronger than the ballista, and its range was between 50-60 meters. Lo Ya wanted to make them into grapeshot bullets to attack the soldiers nearby. However, there was still a technical problem.

The second grade did not have any impurities, but its quality was relatively poor. Its power was about the same as what Trio had displayed, and it could be used as a main weapon.

As for the best ones, they had to be dug out from deep underground. The quality was almost the same as the ones on Specter Ship. They were mainly supplying larger ships and replenishing the consumption of Specter Ship at the same time.

During the excavation process, Lo Ya had clearly discovered that the higher the purity of the Magic’s crystal was, the fewer the total amount. Some of them were wrapped in ordinary stone skin, like jade. They were crystal clear and stored shocking energy.

The Sickle Bugs transported the stones they dug to the ground and then were processed by other insects. They were cut into the size of cannonballs and directly transported to the ship by the sea.

After 20 cannons were equipped, they would have basic combat strength. In order to be able to fire at any time, Lo Ya placed a thin stone platform in the middle of the ship. There were some carbon fires and a large number of branches beside them. This way, everyone could ignite the fire at any time.

The first ship produced its tail the next day. Considering the cost, Lo Ya did not feed him any beast meat but asked him to eat soil to grow. This kind of adult ship was a level 1 ship, and it was only a pitiful 15 meters long. Its width was also much narrower. It could only fire 8 cannons, but it was better than almost zero cost.

The first step of Lo Ya’s plan was to organize a small fleet consisting of 5 level 1 ships and 2 level 2 ships. These ships would become the frontline army that would lock down the port and even cross the ocean to invade the Empire.

“Phew, looks like we need to let a group of insects control the territory to a large area by the sea to avoid encountering some troublesome magical beasts.”

The territory controlled by the Insect Girl Clan was really huge now, and the number of small beetles that kept increasing had also expanded this area. No matter how powerful the creatures were, when faced with countless insects and cannon fodder, The only thing they could do was to flee with their tails between their legs, or else they would lose everything they had.

Lo Ya brought 100,000 beetles with her to the dinosaur’s territory this time.

The main reason was that the Sickle Bugs at the front were attacked by the Wavelet Mantis one after another, and the number of enemies was very concentrated. A large group often moved out and snatched the food that the Sickle Bugs hunted with great difficulty the moment they came out. This made Lo Ya very unhappy.

But she was not willing to waste the adult Sickle Worm that was not enough to begin with, so she might as well let the production of more than a hundred thousand per day, an endless stream of small beetles, come over.

The performance of the small beetles in the various battlefields was stunning, and it could be said to be a replica of the Gaeta Insect Swarm. Wherever they appeared, creatures would have to choose to migrate. In terms of expansion speed, they were even more exaggerated than the Cataphracts. From the initial 10 bug squads to now, they could easily move in units of 100. Every time they appeared, it would be earth-shattering and unparalleled.

Of course, when facing dinosaurs, the armored bugs would most likely not be able to break through their defenses. But Lo Ya was not worried, because dinosaurs always had weaknesses, such as butts, eyes, and so on. They would always be beaten until they fled like rats.

Moreover, the beetle army this time was not mobilized to hunt dinosaurs, but merely to consume the number of Wavelet Mantises.

Riding on a black wolf, they arrived at the scene. The beetle army beside them started to attack the enemies in small groups.

This was the most economical and violent Insect Sea. Each of them was close to 30 centimeters in size. Actually, it wasn’t small either. Seven or eight of them attacking together had a high chance of killing a mantis insect. If the number of 100,000 was not enough, Lo Ya would mobilize even more.

Very quickly, the first wave of a few thousand insects collided with the enemy’s hundreds of insects.

The battle was still in a tragic state.

In Lo Ya’s eyes, the little bugs surrounded the enemies they were targeting with their superior numbers, and the Mantis Insect did not want to be outdone. They began a highly efficient slaughter of these little guys.

Lo Ya temporarily let Brain Insect No. 1 take over command of this place. Relying on precise orders and control, the little beetles worked very hard to attack the monsters that they thought they could not deal with. The two parties exchanged blows and did not give in to each other.

Noah stood at the back of the battlefield and watched the battle from above. The death ratio was still acceptable. After about seven or eight of them attacked one, there were still two or three left. Of course, there were also those who performed exceptionally well and those who performed exceptionally badly. Things like fighting were full of uncertainty. It was hard to say what the final result would be.

At the same time, Lo Ya mobilized another 120,000 small beetles from the right side, attempting to sneak attack the enemy from the back. Who knew that they had also encountered quite a number of Mantis Insect, so the scale of the battle instantly increased.

The commander of the opponent, the boss of the Mantis Insects who had been defeated by Noah and fled in a panic, was now abnormally furious. The moment Lo Ya connected the Spirit, that fellow started cursing.

“Foolish insects, you have provoked an invincible Wavelet Mantis. Quickly go back to your hometown and don’t provoke me.”

Lo Ya stuck out her tongue at her and said lightly, “Only the weak will be stubborn. The strong will only use their fists. Come and hit me if you have the ability.”

Snap, cut off the connection.

“Phew, you can’t look down on the other side.”

Lo Ya may have been occupying the upper peak, but she was still very worried.

The Brain Insect’s gene came from the other side, proving that the enemy’s command system was not lower than theirs. As insects, the soldiers on both sides were very loyal. They also knew how to cooperate and find weaknesses in battle. Lo Ya found that the insects she sent to sneak attack were all attacked by the enemy, which proved that the enemy still had a large army in the surrounding area.

“A legion level war.”

Lo Ya really wondered if all her one hundred thousand bugs were enough.

Her family was already using some food to hatch the sixth and seventh breeding bugs. For this protracted war, Lo Ya began to mobilize the small beetles on a large scale.

As more and more insects were sent to the front line, the other side also sent out more Mantis Insect. Then, some clearly different insect species gradually appeared on the enemy’s front line.

For example, Bart’s Bullet Bug, a type of insect that used a powerful jet Strength to shoot half of its cylindrical body a hundred meters away. The pillar that landed on the ground was actually a bomb that could explode, and it could kill a few small beetles in one shot.

When Lo Ya saw this bug appear, she wholeheartedly wanted to steal its genes, so she kept increasing the strength of her attacks.

But the troublesome thing was that these long-range insects were very annoying. They wouldn’t give the Insect Girl Clan a chance to get close to them.

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