C191 I’m Bringing My Cannon Home

The governor helped to pass it to the king, and an hour later, a male officer in a loose robe came to the governor’s office.

When the two sides met, the man expressed his interest in the deal.

“The crown king you gave to the king really likes it, he thinks that both sides can carry out a normal trade”


The so-called normal transaction is actually to sell the weapon at the export price.

In fact, the export price of the weapon was much higher than the cost. An equipment worth 1 gold coin could very well be sold at the price of 10 gold coins by the King, or even higher. However, for small countries that were unable to produce weapons, they had no choice but to accept this kind of expensive exchange. To increase their own strength.

“What we need are the cannons used on the ship. It would be best if the caliber is not too big. The stronger the power, the better.”

This type of warship could not withstand heavy artillery. The last two ships we seized were pulled by a lot of manpower. They weighed a lot of tons. It would take a long time to prepare to fire a cannon. Moreover, the range was too far, so it couldn’t hit anything close to it.

Hearing Lo Ya’s request, the official expressed that there was no problem.

“Our country has the ability to produce warships and cannons. If you don’t mind, I can bring you to the military camp to take a look.”


The other party took a few people and left the governor’s office, heading straight to the military port in the suburbs.

When they arrived there, dozens of meters long warships appeared before Lo Ya’s eyes. Many of them were indeed equipped with cannons. The navy soldiers were all full of vigor as they practiced white blade battles on the ship.

“Look, these are gunpowder cannons. As you can see, it uses low-cost gunpowder. It can shoot out round stone balls, and it can also fire some heavy Bruiser. With the small amounts of guidance patterns carved on it, its power is much greater than we imagined. ”

He came to the shore and pointed at a cannon facing the sea. The man gestured for the soldiers not far away to demonstrate.

A few minutes later, the four of them adjusted the firing angle of the cannon, which was 1.5 meters tall and three meters long. They also filled in cannonballs and fire powder behind the cannon and ignited the fuse.

Sizzle, sizzle –

After burning for a moment, with a bang, a deafening explosion was heard. Smoke filled the air, and a tall wave exploded on the surface of the water a hundred meters away.

Lo Ya frowned.

She did have the power, but the shooting speed was too slow, wasn’t it?

Moreover, the weight of this thing could be more than one ton. It always gave people the feeling of being heavy and cumbersome.

“This type of cannon is relatively cheap. Because gunpowder is more common, the manufacturing cost is also lower. So it’s very suitable for a small country like ours. ” The male official saw Lo Ya’s dissatisfaction and hurriedly explained. Then he walked towards the second cannon not far away.

“We can also sell this kind of cannon. It is powered by crystal ores, which is also a relatively advanced magic cannon. Its power is greater than gunpowder, and it can be used to deal with a large solid Iron-armored Ship.”

“This is fine. You guys can try firing it. If it’s good, I will buy it.” Lo Ya showed interest.

They tried again. As the other party said, the power was shocking and the firing speed was not bad (much slower than the Phantom Ship cannon). On average, they could fire one round in 15 seconds and the smoke was relatively less.

“How’s the price?”

“100 gold coins per unit. We will provide 10 cannonballs for each unit. If you want more crystals, you can buy them at the price of 1 silver coin per unit. As you know, crystal ores need to be mined from very deep underground. If you are not careful, there will be explosions or collapses. Actually, it’s already very cheap.”

” Is that so? Where do you usually find that kind of ore?”

Lo Ya was wondering if there was such a thing in her territory.

“About two kilometers underground. There are very few places that can be dug out.”


Far away in his own territory, there were many Sickle Insect that began digging at the same time.

If he had his own territory, then he wouldn’t have to spend money to buy it.

16,000 gold coins in exchange for 160 cannons was naturally even better. Buying disposable artillery shells was simply burning money.

After she did all of this, she said casually, “I still have to consider how many to buy. Please give us half a day.”

“Of course not.”

Everyone was arranged to stay in the room of the Governor’s Estate.

During this period of time, Lo Ya’s mind had been paying attention to the Sickle Insect digging the pit.

There was a total of 50 of them. A total of 1,200 insects were working hard and did not stop for a moment.

In the end, a few hours later, a Sickle Insect that had dug 1.4 kilometers discovered a crystal mine.

The quality was very poor. Many crystals had large amounts of impurities, and the color of the areas without impurities was also very ugly.

Lo Ya immediately moved hundreds of insects to the vicinity and increased the area of excavation. She continued to go deeper. As the excavation went deeper and deeper, the purity of the ore also slowly increased. Although it was far from being as good as the Phantom Ship, it could still be used with great difficulty.

Lo Ya was relieved and found the governor again. “I have already thought about it. One hundred and sixty cannons, pay the gold directly. I will use spatial equipment to take it away.”

“That much?”

He was shocked by the 160 cannons.


“The Minister said that there isn’t that much for now. Right now, at most 80 doors will be provided, and more will need time to produce.” The Governor looked troubled.

“That’s fine”

It was obvious that he wanted to use it himself, but he didn’t want to give up on this lucrative business. Lo Ya felt that the actual cost of this cannon might not be more than 20 gold coins.

Of course, it was also possible that the other party had a conscience and did not raise the price too high.

When boxes of gold coins appeared on the ground, Luya looked at Lo Ya as if she was looking at a tycoon.

It was becoming more and more mysterious. It had money, power, and was even cute. This little thing was a true peak-level bug.

The weapons delivery also went on very quickly. The people from Trio spent some time before transferring the equipment to Lo Ya. Then, in front of everyone, she put the cannons into the inventory.

80 doors, it could be filled to the brim with 4 Grade 2 frigate.

If it was a Grade 1 ship, they could definitely equip even more.

“I will purchase the remaining 80 cannons in a month’s time. Can you make it in time?”

“A month should be enough. I think the king is very satisfied with such a deal.” The governor nodded.

Of course, this was nonsense. If he didn’t return the price, he would buy it just like that. This was a rarely seen generous employer. Anyone with a bit of brain would agree to it.

Of course, to Trio, they had lost a great deal of navy strength for this sum of money. But this effect was only temporary. After all, the money they earned could be used to build more cannons. Now that it seemed like their strength had fallen, it could actually be improved even more in the future. Selling firearms was always a good shortcut to becoming rich.

After the transaction was completed, Lo Ya sent the few rebel soldiers back to their territory.

After the two of them bade farewell, she hurriedly returned to the seaside in the north of the territory. She began to feed the Battleship Insect and soil so that it could hatch a new ship in the shortest time possible.

20 cannons were also installed and all of them were tested and fired.

Among the swarm of insects digging the ground, two groups of similar insects found the crystal ore, and the rest did not find anything. Lo Ya asked the insects to gather in these two mines and start digging.

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