C187 Try to Command

Although it was called Brain Insect, its intelligence was not necessarily higher than Lo Ya’s.

But she also saw that this bug had superb commanding ability. Perhaps its intelligence was all concentrated on commanding ability, and when the time came, it would be able to perform well.

“Moreover, the adult Insect Girl have become smarter and smarter recently.”

Lo Ya thought of Lo Xin’s commanding scene and was very happy in her heart.

Yes, the Lo Xin in the past did not know any tactics at all. But now, at least she knew how to dig a hole and ambush, and use a simple battle method like side collision. Since the Brain Insect specialized in attacking in this aspect, its ability would definitely be even more outstanding.

She looked at the data of the branch of the Brain Insect.

[Magical Creature: Branch Brain Insect (Insect Girl Clan Branch)]

[Level: 1 / 1]

[HP: 5 / 5]

[Strength: 5, Spirit: 60, Magic: 0, Agility: 5, Vitality: 5]

He basically did not have much combat strength. 60 points of Spirit was probably spent on the entire clan’s Spiritual Link. The ability to command 10,000 insects was built on the condition of the Spiritual Link, and it could accurately control every single one of them. This was much better than a human commander who was in charge of the overall situation and giving out orders.

At this moment, the Charge Bug had already entered the battlefield. Although its size was far inferior to most dinosaurs, The Rushing Bugs had already entered the battlefield, and although their size was far inferior to most dinosaurs, their combat strength was obvious to all. With the help of the Sickle Insect horde, these large monsters began to charge into the mantis horde. With a casual sweep of their thick legs, they were able to kill several enemies.

The sharp blades of the Mantis Insect could actually cause damage to the charging bugs, but unfortunately, the damage was very limited.

Lo Ya saw with her own eyes that her army launched another large-scale counterattack at this moment of exhaustion, which could be considered to have completely wiped out most of the enemies present.

The commander of the Wave Mantis Insect began to escape ahead of time.

It did not know where it got another batch of soldiers from. They launched a dense surprise attack from the side, trying to make Insect Girl Clan retreat in retreat.

However, Lo Ya was now full of confidence.

The most important thing was that the 5000 other reinforcements also came one after another.

The first wave of reinforcements was more than 1,000 Sickle Insect. They charged at the enemy’s main force. They used their advantage to break through the enemy’s front line. Unfortunately, due to the obstructions, Lo Ya found that her troops could no longer catch up to the boss of the Mantis Insect.

“Phew, let’s not bother about it for now. Hurry up and digest the food on the ground.”

They had to move many times. They had lost 4,000 individuals, while the enemy had lost 13,000. Calculating it, they would be able to produce 10,000 tails in the end.

This was due to the larger size of the enemy. They could carry about three Mantis Insect corpses for two tails. Therefore, after the entire battle, not only would they be able to make up for the 4000 losses, they would also be able to earn another 6000.

“No wonder everyone says that war is the shortcut to becoming rich.”

The insects that came after stopped chasing the enemy and quickly moved the food to the edge of the broken belt. They then flew back and forth to transport the food over.

The territory had mobilized all the available free Strength. The goal was naturally to digest the nutrition in the shortest amount of time.

Although this battle was very easy, Lo Ya did not dare to relax. Because when her several hundred vanguard troops continued to enter deep into the area where the Mantis Insect had escaped to, they did not see anything at all.

In other words, this area was not the old nest of the Wavelet Mantis Insect.

“The scale of the swarm on the other side is even bigger than I imagined.”

Considering the adaptability of the bugs, perhaps they had a way to cross the anti-gravity rupture belt and hit their own land.

Of course, this was only the worst-case scenario. Judging from the current situation, these enemies didn’t have the ability to compete with the Insect Girl Clan.

The entire transporting of food took about an hour, and the digestion took even longer. The 6,000 insects that were still in the dinosaur world did not return. Instead, they continued to hunt for the dragon.

A total of 600 bug squads, all of them were reorganized by her. This included a separate scouting team, or a hunting squadron consisting of 3-5 teams. Different teams still had the authority to assist each other. In short, when they discovered an undefeatable enemy, The team would not immediately move out, but would call for their comrades in the closest area. They would work together to capture the enemy. If the enemy could be dealt with, they would immediately attack.

The branched Brain Insect would have a great effect at this time. At that time, the entire army would be a whole. Every detail and every action of the entire army would enter a highly efficient and coordinated state. And… Through the battle, one could accumulate better battle experience.

Of course, all of this was just a conjecture.

Looking at the Brain Insect that was not growing too fast, Lo Ya was still a little nervous.

The cost of this thing was very high. It practically took away the energy needed to hatch 100 Sickle Insect. After waiting for about half a day, a large worm that looked a little similar to the white worm but was covered in grayish-green patterns appeared.

The color on the surface was about the same as the Mantis Insect. After it appeared, over 10,000 Spirit connected directly to Lo Ya and the surrounding bugs. At this moment, Lo Ya seemed to have shared all the information in the other party’s brain. She could know the state of every bug at all times.

“So much information. My head is about to explode.”

Shaking her head, she exited the link and looked at the fat bug that was several times longer than her. Lo Ya helplessly exhaled.

“Let it command 1,000 first.”

Lo Ya temporarily named this Brain Insect as number 1.

The other party seemed to be very satisfied with this perfunctory name. Its body shrank, its head raised, and happily wagged its tail.

“Eh, why is your action the same as Little Insect Girl’s?”

A wave of foolish and cute energy seeped out. Lo Ya stretched out her hand and pinched the soft bug body. Instantly, it felt like a tail.

“Ah… Forget it. I will go and test it now. I will give you ten minutes to see how many dragons you can kill in this short period of time. Can you control your losses to the minimum?”

When Brain Insect No.1 received the order, it immediately sent a powerful message to the entire clan. Among them, 1,000 Sickle Insect began to move according to the command and went deeper into the forest.

Currently, the safe zone that Insect Girl cleared was only 20 kilometers in size. If they went further, there would be many other dinosaurs that they did not know.

When these Sickle Insect squads entered that area, they quickly encountered many dangerous enemies. The number of ordinary creatures on the ground was also beyond imagination. A green-eyed Mutated Dragon ran over when it saw the swarm of insects. It instantly killed a few Sickle Insect.

The reaction of the Brain Insect was also very fast, immediately making the 30 bug squadrons scatter. They ran in different directions in groups of three to five. The Mutated Dragon chose to chase in one direction and discovered that the insects had climbed into a pile of rocks not far away. He had no choice but to give up.

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