C185 The War Between the Insect Race

“You guys, retreat 1 km away. We, retreat to 1 km away too. Both sides are not allowed to eat each other’s corpses.” Because the other party’s comprehension ability was not good, Lo Ya repeated her words several times. Finally, she let the other party understand.

The short reply of the two words made her speechless.



If you can’t do it, then go f * ck yourself.

Lo Ya simply let the Sickle Insect around her continue fighting, while she herself shot out a series of fire dragons. Each of them smashed into 20 relatively dense Mantis Insect clusters, instantly killing over a hundred enemies.

At this time, the number of Sickle Insect gathered around her had already reached over 400, the losses in the battle was actually quite large. At least 100 of them had died. Some of the bugs that did not charge in front of him made the best use of all their time to fight for food, in order to prevent the opposite party from taking advantage of them.

The two sides were only having a small conflict. Lo Ya did not wish to expand the scale of the battle to the entire family… At least before the main force arrived, she did not wish to do so, so the attack of the Sickle Insect was very conservative.

But she did not have the intention to stop fighting after all, so the bug on the other side was very angry.

It continuously used the Spiritual Link to warn Lo Ya, asking her to retreat.

But it was very obvious that Lo Ya did not care about this overbearing request at all.

After fighting for a few minutes, the head of the Wavelet Mantis saw that something was wrong and turned around to escape.

However, the group of Sickle Insect had long been lying in ambush at the back under Lo Ya’s command. The moment it saw it approaching, it charged forward.

Although there were hundreds of insects on both sides, the battle was not too big. At the same time, there were only 20 or so insects fighting. The battle between the two sides was not a brainless charge. Lo Ya observed. She confirmed that the other side also had a certain level of command art.


He spat out a Wind Blade, and that Wavelet Mantis Insect that only knew how to send messages immediately died.

The entire swarm of insects on the enemy side became chaotic.

However, this chaos only lasted for more than ten seconds before it immediately returned to normal. Not long after that, many insects suddenly appeared on the right side of the battlefield and joined the battle as the enemy’s main force.

Thus, the pressure on the Sickle Insect group increased greatly.

Lo Ya still had over 300 insects left. In order to stabilize the situation on the right side, She was forced to transfer 100 of them over. In the end, after fighting for a while, she found that the number of insects rushing over was much more than she had estimated. At first glance, there were 200 to 300 of them, and she had no choice but to allocate another 30 to go over.

The pressure on both sides of the battlefield was very great. Lo Ya noticed that there seemed to be a new insect taking over command and the new insect also had its own subordinates, which led to the current situation.

She frowned and looked at the five stunned Sickle Insect beside her, hesitating about how to stabilize the situation of the battle.

A few minutes later, 50 Sickle Insect rushed over from afar as soldiers. They received Lo Ya’s call, and as soon as they arrived, they deliberately circled to the left side of the enemy swarm to trap the bugs.

On the surface, the 50 Sickle Insect looked like they were rushing over in a disorderly manner, but in reality, they were also coordinating with 10 small teams to fight. In order to kill the enemy with the highest efficiency, the insects would use the strategy of “creating a diversion from the east.” For example, the bug A attacked the left side of a certain Mantis Insect, causing the bug to use a sickle blade to block it. After that, bug B would take advantage of the opportunity to attack. When the opponent did not defend the right side, He launched a sneak attack that aimed straight at the vital point.

The effect was very good. It was precisely because of this tactic that they were able to make such a satisfying loss without having too many advantages.

Whether it was in terms of combat awareness or reaction speed, the Insect Girl Clan’s side was going to crush the other side. Similarly, it was the Magical Creature. Lo Ya’s branch had basically evolved from killing all the way. High-level combat skills had almost become an instinct. The wings on her back suddenly flapped a few times. It was also very effective. It could increase the strength of the sickle’s chopping by a level.

“It looks like the fight is going well” Lo Ya really could not find any fault with the Sickle Insect.

She laid down in a safe place to watch the battle and let a Sickle Insect deliver the enemy’s corpse to her.

The blood was a bit dark green. She took a bite and found that the taste was very good.

“Good stuff. After the battle, give some to little Little Insect Girl.”

Those Small only knew how to roast rat meat all day long. They were really afraid that the nutrition would be imbalanced.

“Phew, looking at it, the Insect Girl Clan seems to be fighting on multiple fronts right now.”

The frontline was a huge war against the humans. The main force of the war had reached 15,000 Sickle Insect. There were also 1,000 Sickle Insect and 100,000 Beetles from the Wolf Cavalry.

The second line consisted of thousands of Undead Insect. They were stationed on the moon with about 500 Sickle Insect, constantly devouring the fire of the other skeletons.

The third line was about the small beetle and a small number of Sickle Insect. Many small Magical Creature tribes and magic beasts had either been wiped out or relocated during this period of time. The number of beasts that had died was also uncountable.

If another large-scale war were to break out at this time, Lo Ya really suspected that the current Insect Girl Clan would not be able to withstand it.

Although… considering the reproduction rate of the tribe, the larger a war, the greater its benefits would be. But once the enemy was too strong, it would cause them to be unable to make ends meet. It would be really uncomfortable.

“There are still more than 20,000 idle Sickle Insect left. Within two days, there will probably be a few thousand more tails that will grow.”

Lo Ya calculated and felt that she should be able to withstand the investment of 10,000. If the battle situation was good, it meant that she would be able to obtain more food. After that, she would be able to provide an endless supply of soldiers.

Now, killing a medium-sized herbivorous dinosaur would at most lose 5 to 10 insects, but it would be able to produce dozens or even hundreds of tails. It could be said that the cost-effective ratio was much higher than the battle on the human side.

A million insects was actually not a distant figure to Lo Ya.

“Let’s do it this way.”

She made up her mind and her mind directly traversed more than 200 kilometers. When she arrived at the east side of the territory, there were 5000 insects rushing towards the dinosaur battlefield. Looking at this speed, it might only take 40 minutes to send reinforcements to where she was.

Further away, a group of Sickle Insect resting on the ground entered their eyes. Lo Ya also gave the same order to them.

Not long after, the scale of the swarm that was requested to join the battle had exceeded ten thousand.

What followed was an incomparably terrifying war of attrition for the Waves of Mantis Insect.

However, for the time being, those fellows did not know.

At the same time that both sides threw their forces into the battle, Lo Ya attempted to use the Spiritual Link to communicate with the new commander on the opposite side.

But unfortunately, these stubborn fellows did not have the intention to retreat at all.

“Retreat immediately, or we will only die.” Lo Ya’s tone became heavier, and a threatening message penetrated into the other party’s mind.

Then, a burst of anger was transmitted back. “Idiot, trash, you have angered me, so I will exterminate you!”

The Mantis Insect at the scene seemed to have received encouragement. They all entered a frenzied mode and launched an even fiercer attack.

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