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Many soldiers were heavily injured in the first wave of attack, and all commanders except the Marquis were killed.

Every spear was 2.2 meters long, enough to defend against the charge of the cavalry. At this moment, they formed a large net and gave off a cold light as they aimed in the direction of the swarm.

This kind of net was also very threatening to Sickle Insect, because they were too densely packed.

These soldiers were crowded together. There were large shields in the front row, and the tip of the spear stuck out from between the shields, layer by layer. Some were tilted upwards, and the bugs could not find any gaps in the net, so they could only hit the tip of the spear.

Some of the bugs jumped very high and passed through the spear array, but they had to face the turtle-like large shields. The short sword slashed out from the shield with a knife and a knife. It could not be defended in time, and could directly break through the lower abdomen of the Sickle Insect.

At the beginning, the huge casualty ratio was rapidly shrinking after the formation was completed. A portion of the Sickle Insect began to change its strategy. They jumped to the top of the spear formation in groups, and used their sickles to cut off the wooden spear shaft. More bugs began to accelerate from tens of meters away and flapped their wings with all their might. A group of them crashed into the shield wall.

In an instant, the huge Strength was like Mount Tai crushing down on them. The shield and human bones were crushed and shattered along with it.

The human army, whose average attributes were at a disadvantage, began to collapse. Some of the soldiers were overwhelmed by the bloody scene and fled in groups.

The battle of cold weapons was filled with blood. Even a decisive battle between short swords between humans required extremely high courage. How could they face these sinister and dark bugs? When the huge insect opened its mouth, it bit down on a person’s head. And then forcefully tore off a layer of skin, many of the young soldiers were frightened to the point of screaming.

“Don’t run, those who flee will be killed without mercy.”

The supervising soldier at the back raised his hammer and charged forward, smashing it at the head of the fleeing soldier.

Under the suppression of the supervising soldier, some soldiers had no choice but to continue to face the bugs that did not care about their lives. However, even more people fled the battlefield like crazy.

“I didn’t think that I would only use 2000 Sickle Insect to kill these 10,000 people.” After Lo Ya learned about the situation on the battlefield, she could not help but feel a little shocked.

Yes, the 2000 insects mainly focused on attacking the abdomen area of the enemy formation. Originally, they only wanted to use up a wave of energy, but who would have thought that nearly 1000 people would lose their armor and armor and cause panic in the entire army.

With a thought, Lo Ya made the 2,000 insects that were lying in ambush on the other side drill out of the ground and launch a surprise attack on the right wing of the army.

The black tide was like a sharp knife, fiercely crashing into the human square formation. When the spearmen and sword-shield soldiers faced the attack, they did not have any fighting spirit. Under the panicked cries of their comrades, they experienced an unprecedented tragedy.

“Big brother, many people have escaped. Shall we run too?” A panicked soldier anxiously shouted at his comrade beside him.

The bug swarm was not heading towards them for the time being, so these independent phalanxes could clearly see the tragic scene in the distance. Those small Sickle Insect were simply alchemy killing machines, whether it was armor or helmet. They can’t resist their blades.

“Don’t even think about it. Can’t you see that the supervising team is over there? I don’t want to be smashed to death by a hammer.”

They wanted to run even before the fight started. Although it was a bit embarrassing, everyone’s situation was pretty much the same.

The surrounding soldiers were absent-minded. They didn’t even dare to look at the miserable scene in the distance. To the soldiers at the scene, the war in their line of sight was a bit too cruel. The Sickle Insect’s weapons were like a pile driver, constantly stabbing flesh and blood. When the bug bit down, half of the head was broken.

There was a poor unlucky guy who tried to dodge the Sickle Insect’s large bite, but because his speed was too slow, his head was bitten by the other party.

When the Sickle Insect’s mouth separated from his body, this person’s brain was completely exposed. However, he didn’t seem to die immediately. Instead, he hugged his head in pain, struggling and rolling on the ground.

“Run, what are you doing? Do you want to be killed by those monsters?” The warrior shouted.

During the battle with the Count, everyone was surrounded and had no choice. But now, these soldiers had a chance to escape misfortune.

This sound finally shook the morale of the troops. The 100 people in the square formation immediately scattered and fled to the hillside far away from the battlefield. More than 10 warlords rushed up to stop them, but there were too many people.

“Damn it, why are you running?” The marquis noticed what was happening in the distance as he fought. He couldn’t help but vomit blood in anger.

That was how people were. In most battles in this era, as long as the losses reached a certain level, There would be a situation where they would run away. No one was not afraid of death. When faced with such a situation, the supervising team that could stop the escape… They might also lose their courage like the other soldiers.

Some crazy soldiers even dared to attack the supervising officers.

The order was no longer effective. The marquis found that the most powerful force to flee was the forces of the two Viscounts. It was understandable. After all, they were already dead. It was inevitable that their men would lose their will to fight.

But could they really escape?

The marquis had an ominous feeling as he looked at the soldiers who had already run up to the foot of the mountain.

Sure enough, not long after, a pitch-black Sickle Insect crawled out from the distance. They had scarlet eyes and began to slaughter the poor fleeing infantry.

After splitting up, these soldiers were even more unable to defeat the powerful bugs. A small number of Bronze Level and Silver Level warriors faced the combined attack of the Sickle Insect, but they were unable to exert much of their strength. They could only be chopped to death by the sickle.

“Personal guards, come to my side and break through the enemy’s blockade.”

Almost all of the elite warriors were by the Marquis’s side. Gold Level, Silver Level, Bronze Level, and even a Diamond Level warrior. They formed the strongest square formation and charged in another direction.

The Insect Girl Clan had already invested 5,000 Sickle Insect, and they were divided into a few sections. The square formation of the Noble Army was also fighting on their own. This kind of battle scene… It reminded Lo Ya of a game called ‘comprehensive war’ that she had played in her previous life.

“Let’s settle this.”

Lo Ya gave the last command in her mind, and the thousands of insects lying in ambush in the direction of the Marquis’ retreat also appeared and charged at them.

“It seems like we don’t need to lose too many insects.” Lo Ya spat out a bad word and retreated from the battlefield command.

A few of the rebel soldiers standing guard beside her were looking at her, as if they were looking at a little pet.

It was only when a few terrifying skeletons from the Wolf Cavalry walked into the house and laid next to Lo Ya that they shifted their attention to the monsters.

Lo Ya was like a pet as she reached out and rubbed the Black Wolf Beast’s head. The black shell was covered with a layer of soft wolf fur and it felt very comfortable.

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