C171 This Is a Hunt

“So, no matter what, I want you to maintain the stability of the occupied zone. At the same time, increase the number of soldiers. It won’t be long before the news of the enemy’s defeat will spread throughout the entire country. As the ruler of power and the privileged class, the high and mighty nobles definitely wouldn’t allow civilians to take everything from them. Thus, in a few months at most, the nobles from all over the country would take appropriate measures. You will most likely face the wrath of the entire kingdom’s army.”

Lo Ya remembered some of the ancient revolts in her previous life. Many of them were filled with idealism. The mantis tried to stop a chariot, and the egg struck a stone. Compared to some of the failed cases, The rebel army could be considered to be very successful, but this did not mean that they could defeat this country in the end.

After all, they had developed for such a long time and only had two to three thousand soldiers. How could they face tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of elite troops?

“Although I am a little embarrassed, I do not mind working together at such a critical moment.” The general himself could not reject Lo Ya’s request. Insect Girl Clan was providing timely assistance. It was not like adding flowers to a brocade. It could be said that in the following battles, the only thing that could be relied on was the swarm of insects in Lo Ya’s hands.

“That’s great. I will completely wipe out all the nobles that have invaded within a week. After that, I will also transfer large troops from the territory to attack the enemy territory from three directions. I will completely take over the territory in the north of the kingdom. What you need to do is prepare enough manpower to receive and maintain order and stability. I don’t have any experience in management.”

Lo Ya finished explaining her plan to the map. With a light jump, she left the table and landed on the Sickle Insect’s head.

The soldiers present all nodded their heads. They basically had no objections.

In the following period of time, the swarm ate a lot, desperately reproducing. Meanwhile, the number of new tails in the territory continued to increase. The total number of Wolf Cavalry troops had reached an astonishing 1000. The main force of these heavy cavalry troops had already begun to move to the front line. They would display the terrifying war potential of Insect Girl Clan in the later battles.

As the absolute ruler of the race, most of the adult Little Insect Girl was still enjoying the wonderful life of insects. She was not very clear about what Lo Ya did. However, in the case of the expansion of the tribe, Lo Ya had actually given them a small portion of the command authority.

For example, Lo Xin, who made her the most assured, was also her biological baby. At this time, she also had the authority to command 1,000 Sickle Insect. After obtaining the authority, the little guy was just like Lo Ya back then. Occasionally, he would bring his troops to the border of the control area to expand.

Of course, compared to letting the insects fight, she preferred to search for food alone.

Although Insect Girl’s body was soft, the defensive power was actually very high. Now, when it came to hand-to-hand combat, even small dinosaurs could not do anything to them.

“Oh, there is a little tiger. Carry it home and raise it.”

Lo Xin hid in the pile of weeds and stuck out her head. In the end, she found a tiger mother walking on the grass with two newly born tigers.

The little tiger seemed to have just opened its eyes. It was furry and silly as it sniffed at the grass. Lo Xin wiped away the saliva that flowed out and decided to hunt the tiger mother. She then brought the little tiger back as a pet to play with the little Little Insect Girl.

“Wow, I’m here.”

With a swing of her tail, Lo Xin quickly approached her target.

The big tiger looked at the Small rushing over. At first, it felt strange, but later on, it felt an inexplicable sense of danger. It revealed its teeth and let out a low roar, as if it wanted to chase her away.

A few seconds later, seeing Lo Xin rushing towards its baby, the big tiger got up on the spot and rushed towards Lo Xin.

The tiger palm that was bigger than her fell from the sky and hit Lo Xin’s head with a bang.



Lo Xin grabbed the tiger’s palm and squeezed it hard. The tiger’s bones instantly shattered.

Under the intense pain, the big tiger wanted to retract its palm but found that its Strength was actually not enough. Lo Ya grabbed her with one hand and the huge rock beside her with the other. With a strong pull, the tiger fell in front of her. Then, she opened her teeth and took a bite of the meat.

“Wow, this tiger is delicious.”

Its mouth was bloody. The tiger mother was scared and wanted to run with all her might, but its strength could not compare to Little Insect Girl’s.

That’s right, this Small was a predator, and it was its pitiful prey. This kind of contrast brought about fear, and it made the heart of the king of all beasts suffer a violent impact.

Lo Xin knew that the neck was the vital point of most creatures, so she simply let go of her hand, jumped onto the tiger’s neck, and opened her mouth to bite down.

The taste of the meat made her swing her tail happily. The big tiger seemed to remember the scene when it was hunting and was even more frightened.

Biting her throat, sure enough, this little monster was going to eat her. Just like the prey it had killed before, the current Watcher was herself.

“Roar -”

The tiger’s roar echoed through the forest, but it was useless.

The two little tigers in the distance trembled as they gathered together. They had just opened their eyes, so they didn’t know much about this world. They simply didn’t understand what was happening around them.

After struggling for more than twenty minutes, the big tiger, which had lost too much blood, collapsed.

Lo Xin let the Sickle Insect lurking around to pick up the corpse while she wriggled to the front of the little tiger.

“Wow, cute, hug.”

Perhaps it was because of the cute tiger Little Insect Girl, Lo Ya did not reject these two cuties.

Pets were not only raised by humans, but also by some small animals. Lo Xin stuck out her tongue to lick the fur of the little tiger and carried them home one by one with each hand.

“Everyone, come quickly. I will give you pets.”

“Wow!” Immediately, two little Little Insect Girl rushed over happily.

The little tiger did not seem to hate the little Little Insect Girl and quickly played with the little cuties. Lo Xin was worried that the little pets would be eaten, so she especially told the two little fellows not to be greedy.

The territory control area was too big, so many little Little Insect Girl played in other places. Lo Xin went around and found a rabbit playing with it.

This guy seemed to have made friends with the little rabbits and even went to the other party’s house to be a guest. But Lo Xin knew that the little cutie’s memory was very bad. Perhaps the next time she woke up, she would forget her friends and then instinctively fill her stomach with bunches of rabbits.

This kind of thing happened more than once.

Lo Xin always felt that the little cuties were actually quite lonely and did not have any friends. That was why she found the baby tiger. Now that she thought about it carefully, no matter what kind of animal was thrown next to them, it would be very dangerous. Insect Girl was a natural predator. As long as it was a moving creature, it would be on their food list. An overly low IQ also made the adult Little Insect Girl worry too much. Perhaps they could only wait for it to gradually mature.

That night, the main army of insects in the southwest of the valley defeated the 2000 people joint forces of the marquis and the viscount.

After they returned to the town where the rebel army was stationed, they returned to the forest and bred their long tails.

At that moment, the alliance of nobles had already gathered the main force of 14,000 people and was approaching the forest in the south of the valley. The small beetle that Lo Ya sent out had long been hidden in the nearby grass. They quickly saw the important generals of the enemy.

“What? Count Bramble has been surrounded and killed?”

An old man got off the carriage and asked the half-kneeling knight in disbelief.

“Yes, Marquis. I suspect that the civilians have accumulated a lot of Strength and might even have the help of other nobles.”

“It seems that the problem is still with the magic beasts. There are too many of them.” The Marquis shook his head helplessly.

The scale of ten thousand soldiers was not small. They were vast and mighty, but they could not give him any confidence.

“In this war, the only thing we can rely on is the killing machine the Empire sent over.”

When he thought of this, he looked back. A group of people were trying hard to pull the two huge vehicles. Surprisingly, there was a heavy cannon on the vehicle.

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