C168 The Insect Race Had Participated in the War

The next day, in the Hojo Kingdom, in the area controlled by the rebel army.

“Retreat, retreat! Hurry up, damn it!”

“You guys hurry too, don’t stop for me, unless you want to be trampled to death by those knights.”

“Spear soldiers, spear soldiers, defend the intersection for me, don’t take a step back”

The heavy hooves trampled the ground, and the elite heavy cavalry covered in armor appeared at the end of their line of sight, emitting a holy white light, as if they were warriors from heaven.

The retreating rebel soldiers were mostly wearing the armor of the original count army. When they ran, most of them were wearing armor. The sound of metal clashing made the entire battlefield feel heavy and austere. However, compared to the Knights that were about to charge forward, these troops were more like Grass Bandits with broken equipment.

The soldiers in the first row kept swallowing their saliva, and their arms, which were holding onto their two-meter long spears, were also trembling.

That’s right. The true army of the Church was an elite army that possessed Third Grade combat techniques. They were the true elites of this remote church district. Even the royal guards of the kingdom would not be able to compare to them.

The rumbling of hooves drew closer and closer. The soldiers who only had crude wooden shields in their hands were not even two-thirds as tall as the horse. The cavalry in their eyes were like terrifying giants, equipped with high-grade equipment that were immune to First Grade Magic. The average strength of each of them had reached gold.

“Sickle Insect, quickly get Sickle Insect to help us.”

A certain general commanded the troops to retreat while looking at the Knights getting closer and closer. His tone was somewhat anxious.

For the first time, they could be considered to have truly witnessed the hidden strength of the Church.

But regretfully, the Sickle Insect this time resisted the noble alliance on the other front line. The battle report from a day ago showed that the situation on the other side of the battlefield was extremely terrible. Hundreds of bugs had died, and only less than 400 were still fighting with the enemy.

The leader of the other legion, General Victor, had also been killed in a battle. Now, there were only around 2000 of them left. Facing an enemy that was ten times their number, most of them could not see any hope.

“It’s coming, resist the attack!”

The military officers in the front row of the defense line roared at the top of their lungs. The cavalry rolled over like chariots and crashed into the spearmen in the front row.

In the exaggerated Strength, some of the iron spears pierced into the bodies of the warhorses. But when the almost crushing Strength came, the shining Judges were like steel and iron bones. Horizontal! They charged straight into the core of the line of defense and passed through the line of defense.

The strong horses seemed to have received the help of God, charging forward in the thick radiance.

“Hold on. The others, go up the hill. Don’t fight with these knights. Archers, support them from afar.”

Unable to fight at all, the general standing on the hill roared with all his might. It was as if he wanted to completely vent all the anger he had accumulated over this period of time. There were over a thousand soldiers gathered in this place, but they had experienced all sorts of fleeing and killing along the way. Now that they had encountered the elites of the elites, the advantage of numbers had been completely lost. Every soldier was like a broken boat in the storm, about to fall into the ocean at any moment.

What was even more terrifying was that thousands of majestic red armored infantry appeared in the direction of the retreat of the army.

They were the main force of the Thorn Baron in the south.

The V-shaped valley had now become the place of death for the rebel army. On one side was the Church Knights, and on the other side was the shocking number of Noble Army. Facing such an encirclement, it seemed like defeat was unavoidable.

“Damn it, is it going to end?” There was no way to retreat anymore. The commander felt a chill run down his spine.

He had clearly sent so many Sickle Insect to investigate the situation in the surrounding areas, but in the end, they were still ambushed. It could be seen that all the Sickle Insect they had sent had met with misfortune. The enemy had made ample preparations for this battle. There were even Magic Masters with extremely strong detection abilities who could easily eliminate the bugs lurking nearby.

He probably would not have thought that those insects had actually discovered the enemy’s situation long ago. It was just that Lo Ya had them hide underground and did not report the situation. She had deliberately put the rebel soldiers in a dangerous situation.

The noble sword-shield infantry formation began to advance forward. On the other side, the Judgement Knights charged past the spearmen in the front row and began to charge back and forth in the wide and flat canyon as if they had entered a place where no one was there.

The fleeing soldiers were utterly defeated and quickly fell into despair.

At this moment, at the top of the mountain.

“It’s about time.” Lo Ya looked at the 8000 Sickle Insect and the two Shooting Reproductive Insect that had finally arrived. She waved her arm and gave the order to attack.

The first wave of attack was naturally to throw insects.

400 small beetle fell into the valley in one go.

Their cost was low and their size was small, but their numbers were extremely large. Ordinary warriors would need to spend an astonishing amount of time to kill them all.

Although the small beetle could not deal a serious blow to the knight army below, it could force them to continuously consume an excessive amount of combat power.

When the black insects landed on the 200 knights, they were really shocked.

“What’s going on?” The knight captain cut the two bugs in half with his sword. He raised his head unconsciously and saw the second batch of bugs fly out from the cliffs on both sides.

“Captain, there are so many bugs. These monsters’ Strength are not small.” The adjutant at the side slashed out a long distance air blade and killed a few bugs at his feet. However, the hind legs of the horse were also clamped by the pliers at the same time. It struggled crazily.

The knights were experienced, and they were sure that the Strength of these bugs was comparable to a Black Iron Level. Although it was not strong, it was extremely difficult to deal with. Facing them, the combat power that could originally last for 20 minutes was probably only left with 4 to 5 minutes.

“Squad 3, dismount and go up the hill to block the enemies up there.”

The knight army began to retreat into the distance, but the captain still ordered 20 soldiers to rush to the side of the slope.

Lo Ya was lying on the side of the cliff, looking at the main force of the knights that had left. She frowned slightly and did not let the insects that were lying in ambush to chase after them.

20 walking knights rushed to the top of the cliff at an extremely fast speed. Countless armored insects went forward to fight, and like waves, they surged downwards.

The black insects spread down the cliff. The expressions of the walking knights who climbed halfway changed slightly. They were shocked by the scene.

“Where did this monster come from?”

The captain released his combat power and cut off a few insects. He used his hands and feet to quicken his pace and quickly approached the top of the cliff.

However, when he climbed up to 150 meters, the hundreds of Sickle Insect that he had prepared also jumped down.

Hum –

The blade slashed down, and a bug was unable to dodge in time. Its body was slashed into a deep bloody trench. However, this did not stop it from moving. The sickle waved and fiercely chopped onto the shoulder of the person who had condensed the Dou Qi. A shallow cut was left on the skin of the leader.

“Such an exaggerated strength.”

A Strength that was close to the Bronze Level.

Blue veins popped out on the captain’s forehead. He held onto the cliff with one hand and started a fierce battle with the insects on the steep mountain.

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