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“Raising magic beasts?”

Using magic beasts to fight, Lo Ya’s words were indeed somewhat inconceivable.

Although humans had a long history of raising magic beasts, and some aristocrats would even specially train magic beasts to guard their homes, it was actually very difficult to use them on a large scale on the battlefield.

The main reason was that the cost of breeding magic beasts was too high, and the time spent was also too long. If there were too many of them, it would be very dangerous if a magic beast riot occurred.

“The rebel army tried to raise magic beasts on a large scale for the first time, and they used a professional method. In a very short period of time, they raised at least a thousand giant insects with the combat strength of Black Iron Level and above. These insects are like dogs raised at home. Not only do they have amazing combat strength, but they are also very powerful. They had helped them win a lot of battles.”

“Is there such a thing?” Many children of the nobility could not help but ask.

One of the girls revealed a worried expression: “There are indeed many rebelling civilians in the north, my hometown is there. If the rebel army can breed so many powerful creatures, will they be alright? ”

“Child, if what you said is true, then this matter definitely has an extraordinary meaning” The instructor looked very surprised and was already prepared to verify that matter.

Many people in the academic world recognized the difference between magic beasts and humans, and thought that it was simply impossible to breed a highly intelligent exotic beast on a large scale. If they did, it would be the same as directly overthrowing the consensus of the higher-ups.

But no one knew that Lo Ya deliberately revealed this bit of information.

Her words indirectly conveyed two points. First, it was not the soldiers of the rebel army that overthrew the count, but the magic beasts. Without the help of the magic beasts, it was impossible to defeat the nobles purely by relying on civilians.

Second, the magical beasts could be raised on a large scale, and could also be used as soldiers to participate in the war.

The competition among the nobles had always been very cruel, especially for some of the smaller nobles who lived in the cracks. If the method of raising magic beasts could be popularized, then whoever took the lead would be able to quickly surpass the other neighbors in terms of strength.

“Where did you get this news from? My father is a marquis, so he doesn’t know anything about magic beasts. ” A slightly younger male student questioned.

Lo Ya turned her head and glanced at him. “Because my family is a magic beast merchant, not long ago, I bought that magic beast infant from the rebel army. ”


Everyone was shocked.

“Alright, let’s not talk about this anymore. Let’s continue with the class.” The instructor realized that things were not as simple as they thought and hurriedly stopped all the students from discussing.

After the class ended, the excited instructor brought Lo Ya to an office somewhere. Then, at the table inside, they saw the dean.

“Is there such a thing? Did your family make a deal with the rebel army?” The dean, who had received the news, was very interested. “Since you are a magic beast merchant, you definitely wouldn’t mind selling that batch of magic beast infants, right?”

“Of course. Other than learning the Magic, I also came this time to find an opportunity to make a deal with everyone. You have to know that my family is a merchant without a fixed home. They trade among the aristocrats and commoners of various countries.”

“So that’s how it is. I think the upper echelons of the Blood Orchid family are very interested in the trade fair.”

The dean instructed a man beside him. A few minutes later. A gentleman dressed man walked in from outside the door and bowed slightly to Lo Ya. “Respected Miss, I am the butler who represents the Archduke of the Blood Orchid. Please follow me to the Duke’s residence.”


It went much smoother than expected.

Lo Ya admired herself. Through this method, if she could trade with the Grand Duke of Blood Orchid, she would definitely be able to expand the population of the tribe in a shorter period of time.

The development of the Insect Girl Clan not only needed to rely on internal energy, but also external forces.

Walking out of the house, she sat in a luxurious carriage and looked at the many expensive drinks in the carriage. Lo Ya could not help but envy the life of the nobles.

“This is the life of a princess, right?” She picked up a large bottle and drank a mouthful of wine. She immediately felt dizzy.

“Burp ~ I don’t seem to have any alcohol capacity. I won’t drink anymore.”

Putting down the cup, Lo Ya rolled up her tail and lazily admired the scenery outside the window.

The carriage left the academy and slowly walked for more than half an hour before arriving at a huge plaza.

The grand hall was like an imperial palace, standing a hundred meters away. Next to it were beautiful flower beds and fountains. The dignified guards were all Silver Level warriors, and a few of them were Gold Level warriors.

The carriage finally stopped in front of the hall.

“Miss, please.” The butler opened the curtains.

Lo Ya jumped out of the car.

She did not know etiquette, but it did not matter. No one here cared if the daughter of a magical beast merchant knew or not about that kind of thing, and no one asked for it. Lo Ya could also see that the rule of the Blood Orchid Family was quite peaceful.

When she came to the hall, she saw an old man saying goodbye to another man sitting in the seat. “Then I will have to trouble you.”

“It’s a small matter. After all, this is something beneficial to both parties.”

After the old man left, Lo Ya followed the butler and walked forward. A laugh was immediately heard. “I think you must be the daughter of that magic beast merchant. Please take a seat.”

“Thank you.” Lo Ya jumped onto the chair.

“You said you are willing to sell that kind of magic beast. May I know the price?”

Lo Ya thought for a while and replied, “The Duke probably does not know the characteristics of that kind of magic beast.”

” Oh? Please speak.”

” The rate of reproduction is extremely fast. As long as enough food is provided, within three days, the infant will be able to turn into an adult and enter the next stage of reproduction ”

“What?” The duke’s expression was shocked.

The butler beside him also raised his eyebrows.

“The rebel army in the north relied on this to grow a large number of magic beasts in a very short period of time. Because of this characteristic, they raised the price of a young magic beast to 10,000 gold coins. My father recognized the business opportunity and specially sent me to make a deal with them. In other words, any customer who wants to raise this type of magic beast in large quantities… As long as you buy one, you will be able to increase the number of insects to tens of thousands in a very short period of time.”

“Only enough food?” The Duke didn’t think that there would be such a strange magic beast.

But thinking about the insects in the mud, he seemed to understand. But with such a terrifying rate of reproduction, how did the rebel army control them?

Lo Ya said very easily, “Do you know termites? These magic beast insects called Sickle Insect are similar to termites. The difference is that every single individual in the Sickle Insect is the parent that can give birth to offspring. When they are born, they will be the first to touch the life on their backs as their parents. It was precisely because of this that the rebel army managed to nurture over a thousand obedient bug armies in just a few months. If they have enough food, this number will continue to increase.”

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