C159 Going to the Human World

After Lo Ya finished eating the roasted meat, she looked at everyone who was still leisurely and yawned.

“With the ability of the illusion realm and the damage caused by the Magic reaching the peak of Space Level, why don’t I mix into the human world and search for information?”

Only by personally experiencing something would one be able to understand the situation of the enemy.

Lo Ya felt that it was indeed possible to do so, so she bid farewell to the little cute girls who were full of food and took the Sickle Insect to the human town.

Along the way, she killed the half-dead creatures that the insects sent over. By the time she left the border of the forest, her level had already increased by 1.

The Magic’s attributes exceeded 100.

“Let’s see if there’s anything good in the human world. It’s best if it’s a Magic skill or something.”

The idea in her head was very wonderful, but when she truly arrived in the human town, the scene of her body being burned to ashes still made her somewhat sluggish.


Yes, because of the war, the town that was still considered prosperous not long ago had already completely disappeared.

She could feel that the situation at the front line was terrible. Currently, the rebel army was facing multiple invincible enemies at the same time. Being able to hold on for so long under the intense and crazy resistance was a miracle in itself.

But it was very obvious that they would lose in the end.

The Sickle Insect group that Lo Ya provided was also continuously losing. Although they made the other lords’ allied army feel very afraid, their numbers were too small. In a war of thousands or even tens of thousands of people, they could not play a decisive role.

Lo Ya used the illusion to turn into a lively girl. She sat on the back of the Sickle Insect and ran along the sparsely populated mountain area. However, she did not expect to encounter a group of bandits along the way.

This group of people suddenly jumped down from the high hills on both sides and landed heavily on the ground, blocking her path.

The leading axe-warrior let out a “yo” sound and revealed a sinister smile. “Let me see, it’s actually a little beauty who walks alone. At such a time, she still dares to wander around aimlessly. Aren’t you afraid of encountering danger?”

“Little girl, it’s your bad luck to meet us.”

These people were all rare experts, one Gold Level and five Silver Level. It was no wonder that they dared to rob someone along the way.

Lo Ya blinked her eyes and waved her tail helplessly.

In the eyes of these people, this girl with long black hair was quietly sitting on the back of a bug. Two long white legs were revealed from under the blue skirt, swaying gently. It was extremely alluring.

But unfortunately, Lo Ya was not a character to be trifled with.

She casually glanced around and raised her hand to point. 20 long and thin blue ice needle formed in the air.

The temperature suddenly dropped and the air began to fill with killing intent.

“F * ck, this guy is a Magic Master.” The leader spat out a mouthful of saliva and shouted loudly, “Brothers, attack immediately and control her.”

A faint red light burst out from everyone’s body. Among them, the leader of the Gold Level warriors was the brightest. It could be seen that they had practiced a very familiar Dou Technique, and their combat strength could not be underestimated.

Heroes appeared in troubled times, and the bandits seemed to have the potential to become one of them.

Lo Ya turned her head and glanced at the 30 cm long super thin ice needle, which looked like an elongated version of a water droplet. With a thought, she shot it out from the ripples.

More than a hundred units of attributes were a terrifying bonus to the Magic. Moreover, this was a Second Grade Magic. The ice needle itself glowed with a light blue light and was filled with energy. It was enough to penetrate most of the armor.

Pop! Pop! Pop! ~ ~

The two Silver Level men were hit several times. The first few were all neutralized by the light they released, and the last attack broke through their defenses and penetrated their throats.

However, in an instant, thick pillars of blood gushed out from their arteries and fell to the ground.

The Gold Level leader in the middle waved his battle axe. The ice needle hit his body and only made the light dim a little. When the three lights lit up one after another and hacked down, Lo Ya had no choice but to use the second skill.

Little Earth Wall!

Boom! ~~

A 1.5 meter tall earth wall suddenly rose up.

The battle-ax hit the top of the wall, and Lo Ya’s head was hit on the other side… It would be strange.

On the surface, it hit Lo Ya, but in fact, Lo Ya only hit 30 centimeters. The man only hit her illusion.

Lo Ya spat out a Wind Blade and an acid again, forcing the leader who released his combat power to retreat.

“How is that possible? Didn’t I cut your head?”

Looking at the wall that was gradually collapsing under the impact of the energy, the man touched his neck that had a bloody wound.

This was cut out by the Wind Blade.

Although it was only a small injury, the attack just now had directly exploded the Dou Technique that he had released with all his strength. Lo Ya only needed to release another technique and her head would fall off.

“You guys are very talented.” Lo Ya said faintly, “The Gold Level and Silver Level warriors I met before weren’t that powerful.”

The remaining four bandits looked at each other and swallowed their saliva.

They had used all of their skills, but the beautiful girl opposite them was calm and composed. The gap between them was obvious.

Lo Ya once again stretched out her hand and pointed. Another 20 ice needle floated around her body.

Second Grade Magic consumption was less than a third of Third Grade’s. With Lo Ya’s current Spirit attributes, she could release it 20 or so times in a row. Moreover, she still had plenty of potions in her space. She didn’t need to waste too much energy to let these fellows drink a pot.

“Calculating it, the ice needle floating in midair doesn’t consume much of the spiritual power anymore. The effect of training is pitiful. It really grows too fast, huh?”

Lo Ya weighed the gains and losses of this battle in her heart.

First of all, the defensive Magic was too weak. The small earth wall had to be raised to level 2 or even 3 as soon as possible. It would be best if she could learn more Magic. Theoretically, the Insect Girl Clan had a certain similarity with humans. Apart from drawing cards, they also had other skills. She should be able to learn the skill in a human’s way.

The Gold Level leader suddenly raised both of his hands and shouted, Surrender!

Unfortunately, Lo Ya’s ice needle had already been shot out.

All of them were instantly killed!

After doing all of this, she personally made a circle around the corpse and picked up a pile of things.

As usual, Leaf Ball, spiritual power, and Healing Potions. It was a Golden Treasure Chest that had a Skill Upgrade Card. Lo Ya directly pressed the small earth wall to level 2.

After doing all of this, Lo Ya lifted up the Gold Level man’s corpse and climbed onto the back of the bug, preparing to have a good meal.

At this moment, a hundred meters away, a man lying on the ground heaved a sigh of relief.

“Too strong, is that girl a monster? And she’s so beautiful.”

Who knew that just as he finished sighing, a Wind Blade cut over.

Puff ~

A man, dead, 28 years old.

The one who spat out the Wind Blade was a grey wolf dozens of meters away. It wagged its furry tail and excitedly ran up to eat the corpse.

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